Perfect coffee time on the balcony


Recently, my teammates and I have a perfect coffee time (coffee time) at the weekend afternoon. The location is on the balcony at home. Between the square inch, the unlimited leisure, the sun is covered on us like a tulle, making the small days golden.

Memory is naturally decorated for a round, so the blue sky that day will be Klein blue; then Baiyun will become pink and tender, sweet macaron -I want to eat it; then The breeze with the aroma of wood and flowers adds romantic colors. Occasionally, there is a common taste of cooking and cooking. It is comfortable.

We carefully cleaned the ash and dead leaves on the balcony bucket cabinet, and the stool saved and sat directly; the doors and windows of the whole house were opened, and the curtains were hung up. The window glass that is brighter, facing the sun that enters the summer in advance, is enthusiastic. At the foot of the cabinet, there is a pot that has just been hugged home for a few days. Although it is not suitable for being shot directly in the shadow because it is not suitable, it can pull the brain every day.

The long -handed silver spoon in the coffee cup is also lit in the sun. When stirring coffee, the silver spoon and porcelain cup friction made the sound of “squeak — squeak — lack”, like a small step dance.

What I drank that day was hanging ears: shake the coffee bean powder in the bag first, so that the hot water of 90 degrees Celsius can penetrate and flow through the coffee powder more fully; when you see that the coffee powder is wet, stop quickly, stop quickly, Wait for 15 seconds -this process is the so -called “sullen steaming”, and finally gently injected the water … Looking at my coffee powder ups and downs, concave and convex, like a “grunt”, not only not to breathe, not only I felt interesting and was healed inexplicably.

Maybe someone wants to laugh at me: Isn’t it just a cup of ears? It is not particular about the practice, and the taste is even more interested or strong!

Oh, I remembered that the coffee also had a “contempt chain”. Hanging ears have always been convenient. The status may not be better than the three -in -one speed. But brewing always requires spending. The world and realm. Besides, this is still my “half -day leisure”, I must be “arrogant to the end” -the grilled toast just released from the air frying pot, apply a large piece of butter and jam to harvest the satisfaction of uppercase!

There are also honeydles in the kitchen. I accidentally noticed that the little bug hovering over it -haha, its tiger is definitely urging me to quickly eat the honeydew melon. The three kittens at home are usually sleeping on the bed, and they will not care about it when they fall. But it may be that the fragrance of coffee is strong and novel. They all appreciated their faces that day, and they were swaying in the living room.

As if the whole family “lived”.

I can’t remember when it starts, coffee has become a new need in my life. To deal with monsters and internal consumption at work every day, coffee is an indispensable wake -up water plus chicken blood agent; the place of production is actually not very picky, regardless of Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, or Yunnan, only to open the working mode smoothly; During reading, during a rest, or dating, I always long for a cup of oil -rich fragrant Italian, and the fruit acid SOE or fragrant nuts switch — “Nothing can be solved by a cup of coffee.”

But for coffee production, I will undoubtedly be a novice. There are really too many knowledge of coffee. The temperature, particle size, time, water injection method, etc. The subtleties are changed. Nevertheless, the last return is still personal taste preferences. It is no problem to “self -consumption”, and if you are sweet and tired, you may not be able to endure the pace with the pace with the pace.

From this point of view, there are no people in the coffee industry and no experts. Some people have said that “there is no drunk”. As far as me is concerned, coffee is a button, a kind of folding, switching mode from daily life, entering the inspiration of images, literature or life, and colliding out of my novelty and throbbing, everything becomes a new It’s.