After the beginning of autumn, the daughter -in -law no longer wear skirts, only recognized this “chiffon shirt+cropped pants”, which is particularly beautiful


After the beginning of autumn, the skirt should still be worn less. After all, the streets are full of dresses. It is easy to hit the shirt. It is not new to wear every day. Beauty. It is very suitable for wearing women 35-47 years old, and it is quite temperamental when going out. Let ’s take a look at whether these bottoming shirts are suitable for you.


This simple fake two chiffon shirts are particularly thin, and any figure can be controlled. The simple round neck is very versatile. With small freshness. Loose the meat to hide the meat and is particularly foreign, especially suitable for a slightly fat woman to wear, with seven -point white pants, which is very elegant.

This bright silk striped chiffon shirt, the small square collar design, the western style is reduced. The design of the single deduction of the body is concise and clear, very textured, the ruffled cuffs design, specially covering the excess fat of the arms, usually a piece of jeans with a seven -point jeans to go out and go.

This printed splicing chiffon shirt is elegant and elegant, the neckline design in the wood is very age -reducing, and the design of the body fold stitching adds a lot of colors to the entire clothes and no longer monotonous. The exquisite tailoring hem is very designed, and it is beautiful to put a piece of pants casually.


This fake two -piece hood, especially versatile art. The design of the classic lapel looks particularly capable, suitable for the dresses of women in the workplace, and the upper body is also particularly fashionable. With a seven -footed pants, it looks particularly casual, but it is fashionable.


This solid splicing chiffon shirt is light luxurious and elegant. The comfortable and elegant version is very classic, particularly stylish, and you can easily wear a casual style with a piece of pants. Xiao Song’s tight cuff design, especially small and fresh. The exquisite hem of lace lace looks very stylish, and it will not make an error in how to wear it.