Objective trench coat selection guide! How can I choose to buy a style that suits you


Yesterday I shared the autumn and winter stacking skills. When I recommend the outer layer to match items, I chose one




One must not meet the needs of everyone. Today, I will come while hot and tell you how to choose to buy the trench coat that suits you best.

I think the reason why the windbreaker is essential is three points:


The first is its own elegant temperament, which is almost becoming

Fashionable, classic, atmospheric

For synonym, the upper body will have a sense of high level that other items cannot compare;

The second is it

There is no restriction on style


, The same windbreaker, no matter what kind of route you usually take, you can wear your own taste;

The third is it


Not to pick up


Regardless of work, dating, shopping, vacation, wearing a sense of violation of them.

A good windbreaker will be the “evergreen tree” that loves the more love in the wardrobe, but it is not easy to choose the one that is perfectly matched with yourself. Because the change of any tiny details will affect the overall effect.


When you buy a trench coat online, you must not just look at the overall effect of the model map.

Length, fabric, style, color

They all studied all over, and then decided whether to start.



The popularity of trench coats in recent years has always been

“The longer the more fashionable.”

I personally prefer long trench coats. After all, long enough to go through the feeling of walking away;

And the long model is not high in the next load, it is very good to match it, so you don’t need to worry about it.

The supermodel body can follow the principle of “longer and more fashionable”, but it is not so simple for us ordinary people.


The windbreaker that grows to cover the ankle or even mop the ground not only looks sloppy, has no beauty, but also presses a special crush. It seems to be a walking “windbreaker monster” instead of a beautiful “fashionable essence”.


Like the following


Just to the length of the calf belly


It is the most suitable for most people.

The upper body is both tall and thin, but also very fashionable. Even small people can easily control.

For specific length data, you can refer to the effect of this model, and then add and subtract according to your height.

The model is 165cm tall, wearing a 107cm trench coat to the lower lower belly;


Based on this, if your height is 160cm, if you want to buy a trench coat in the middle of the calf belly, you should choose 102cm in length.

(Allowed an error of 2 ~ 3cm, and it is not necessary to die in the middle of the calf belly, and the calf belly to the ankle is OK)

This kind of knee is 10 ~ 15cm mid -length, but most of the models and bloggers are paired with short skirts/shorts to show their legs. You should feel frozen legs in your daily life.

I’m afraid that the cold star can be good


H -shaped jeans


, Slender and highly skillful skills are still online.

I am afraid that the middle and long models are too serious, and I can’t wear a sense of fashion with pants, you can try

Just cover the short hips.

With jeans, Martin boots/knight boots, and wearing a beret, it will look delicate and cute.



The fabrics of trench coats are very diverse now, cotton, linen, silk, blended, nylon … all can be found.

Do not deny that linen and silk are great materials, but it is best not to choose these trench coats.

The advantages of linen are obvious, skin -friendly, soft, and breathable; but the disadvantages are also fatal:

Easy to wrinkle,

After sitting for a while, there is all folds.


Not to mention silk, it is smooth, expensive, and difficult to take care of it. It is still used on shirts and skirts to play its advantages.

The more common is




Cotton fiber

Must be selected for pure cotton

High -precision cotton


Although the cost is high, the anti -wrinkleness is better and it is not easy to wrinkle;

Cotton fiber blending is more cost -effective, especially cotton content

Around 60%

The style, it has both cotton skin transmission, and at the same time, it is not easy to wrinkle.

In the past two years, leather trench coats have also been very hot, especially long.

The leather comes with a handsome coolness, and the upper body looks special


Right -free.

However, the large area of ​​luster is too solemn. Girls with small skeletons and weak air fields may not be able to control it. Be careful to place orders.

Recently, the entertainment industry has been set off

Denim windbreaker

Many female stars are wearing.

This kind of fabric comes with a young rebellion, you can wear it out

Street fan

, Tired of cotton fiber, and HOLD can’t hold the cortex, you can try it.



There are many classic trench coat elements, including shoulder -shoulder, gun gear, wind and rain cover, belt buckle, D -shaped ring, and so on.

The fashionable sophisticated people, because it looks capable and atmospheric, wear it up


Elegant and refreshing.

What if you are

Flat body

You can rest assured to enter the classic model. These decorative elements will make your body look more upright, adding a lot of points for you.


Round body with a lot of upper body


It is not recommended, or this simplified Japanese trench coat is more suitable for you;

It is clean and sharp, has a strong tolerance for figure, and is thinner upper.

Small people wear large lapels and double -breasted buckles, it is easy to have a feeling of stealing adults’ clothes. If you want to reduce the probability of thunder, you can also choose a simpler


Shirt collar, single buckle.


The entry color of most people’s trench coats is



This color is too versatile, and often wearing it, it is indeed a “necessary wardrobe.”

There are many kinds of khaki, which is a little shallow, brighter and darker, and there will be different feelings to wear.

Light khaki near beige, apricot,

Fresh and gentle, don’t pick skin

Even if it is black and yellow, the upper body will not seem to have no spirit.

Dark khaki, and similar dark tones and olive colors will be compared


, But only the name of white skin is written, and the yellow skin like me is barely coming.

The trench coat design is very different. If you want to stand out in the crowd, starting from the color will be more efficient than the style.


A bright trench coat, grabbed the eyeball instantly.

Morandi’s trench coat is also very clever, gray blue, bean green, mint green, light powder … the appearance rate is relatively high.


This year is still very popular


The two colors are combined together, the sense of fashion is full, no other single items are blessing, and there is this one, it makes people feel that you can wear it.