This spring, “Oba” suit -still the protagonist of Hanfeng


Korean dramas, they are very good for clothing design and very beautiful. I also watch Japanese dramas. I think Japanese dramas are also filmed very well. I watched other people’s dramas that will give me some inspiration, and I will learn a lot.

The climate in the spring has begun to be a little hot, and the restless fashion girls have excavated the items and are ready to show a good show. The neutral sweet Han Feng is naturally indispensable for the “Oba” suit.


Why is there a big and bigger suit jacket for the heroine of Korean drama? Most of the Korean dramas are the plot of the overbearing president with counterattack Cinderella. The perfect “Oba” always put a suit that is worn by the heroine after being cold or wrong. Over time, it has evolved into a trend of dress. It has also achieved the protagonist to introduce today, “Oba” suit.

The mainstream of Hanfeng is popular and neutral. Therefore, most of the choices of Korean girls are to buy a big version of the suit, or to choose a men’s clothing as their own jacket. Large suit jackets, with exquisite inner T -shirts, the female lead’s feeling of caring is created.

In addition to the men’s suit, most of the Korean girls still choose a large version of the suit to match it. After special cutting, it can show the waistline more. The loose version gives people a retro feeling. I feel a little weird, why the suit is so big, but after the effect, it will look more and more, because there can be a lot of shapes that can be concave. Rolling sleeves, wearing it, you can wear off your shoulders.

This set is very praised, and everyone can try it. Baseball caps and sports shoes, with a sports leisure style, the T -shirt inside is also the same color, it feels very clean. The “Ouba” suit is comfortable and casual. There is another lazy retro style. Such a mix and match is also very advanced.

The big “Oba” suit is equipped with simple white inside, plus the wide -legged wide -leg pants, casual style. With a trace of unruly and indifferent. The gentle material has a sense of vertical feeling, and has a young woman with a young woman. Therefore, when matching, the expression of materials is also very important. If a pair of black pencil pants, it will be a minimalist European and American style.


The pink is too cute, loose top, with seven -tenth pipe pants, the whole person feels salty and long -term. Inject the length of the pants when choosing such a suit, because once the length of the pants is too long, it will appear loose and old -fashioned. The choice of color should also be selected according to your skin color. In short, choose a set for you. Meimei put on the street, amazing.


Khaki is also popular in 2020, both men or women’s clothing are very popular. The retro color and the trendy fabric make this “Oba” suit look full of texture, and the pink shirt has a cute style. The stacking of pants in the pants improved the waistline, which seemed thin and long, and wearing a sense of layering and space. Han Chao’s neutral and cute style. Girls can try this kind of matching, simple and easy to match and suitable for many occasions.


The long suit of the flat plane played the careful machine of “disappearance of the bottom.” The light gray grid is also the color that many girls like this year. Special intellectual and neutral style. The purple and white inward are very good, so that the suit is not old, and it can brighten the feeling of the whole person. This set is simple and casual.


The light -colored “Oba” suit with denomination, this kind of match is more suitable for taller girls. At least there are many friends around the author to wear like this. With some smaller jewelry or small bags, the standard Korean style.


The matching of the “Ouba” suit is definitely enduring. At least the Korean Liu does not disappear, and the matching does not stop. Therefore, girls can add some such items to the wardrobe, which can resurrect a lot of clothes that have never been worn again. Take out Hanwei and take a neutral style. Well, this is recommended, I hope to bring some of the most beautiful you and some inspiration.



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