Zhang Yuqi has finally worn the right this time, black bread clothes with small foot pants, bird legs are too thin


A few days ago, Ms. Zhang Yuqi searched because of her relationship again. I have to say that the young lady who is beautiful and wears can indeed become a love queen in the Mainland. The lower body is very slim and skinny. This time, she uses black bread clothes with slim -style small foot pants, with the effect of avoiding strengths and avoiding weaknesses.


Zhang Yuqi’s styling analysis:


Black down jacket -simple versatile

Zhang Yuqi finally worn the right this time. The black bread clothes with small foot pants, the bird’s legs are too thin. Basic black down jackets are the most common in winter matching. This basic color is very friendly for women of all ages, simple and low -key and very practical. Basic black can also wear thin and practicality.

Fluffy bread clothes -comfortable and warmth


Zhang Yuqi wore a relatively loose black bread in the upper body. The bread down jacket is a bit like fluffy and soft bread in style design, so the name of the name of the bread, the bread suit in the style design generally maintains a certain sense of space, so it is comfortable to wear on the body. , Comfortable and warm.

Match the same color -reduce color matching difficulty


The color matching of the same color in the color matching of the body can largely reduce the difficulty of color matching to a large extent. Using a basic black dress can show a very good visual delay. It is very simple and low -key, and the sense of harmony is also very strong, but if you want to wear a black clothes to wear enough high -level sense, you also need to wear a chic feeling on the details.

Blackfoot pants -show the superiority of the leg shape

Zhang Yuqi is paired with a very slim -fitting black pants on her legs. The basic black with the design method of small foot pants is more slim on the version of the cutting. The slender ladies are very friendly.

Panasonic tight -wear out comparison

Zhang Yuqi’s clothes with the upper and lower body use the more classic upper Panasonic tight matching method to present enough contrast. The loose bread down jacket on the upper body looks simple but warm enough. The effect can be worn again.

Analysis of other styling of bread clothes:


Bright noodle clothing+short boots

The bright bread clothes look very foreign. Although it is very simple and low -key in color design, it will not be very foreign, but the design method of using bright faces can show a sense of superiority and eye -catching. The dressing method can also show a slender sense of origin. The lower body is paired with black pants and short boots of the same color. The neutral style matching effect is very charming.

Bright color bread suit+wide -leg pants

The bright bread clothes are very eye -catching in color design, but the test of controlling ability is very strong. Most people are really not easy to support it. When using bright colored bread clothes, they must be matched with basic colors. The combination of color combination of light and dark is used to present complementary matching effects.

Gray bread suit+white wide -leg pants

The gray bread suit is very simple in color design, but it feels very atmospheric. The lower body is matched with the basic white wide -leg pants, which is very routine in color presentation. Simple casual and comfortable.

Waist bread clothing+white pants

Under the premise of ensuring the comfort and warmth of the bread suit, the waist style can also add the waist design method to show the effect of outline the waistline through the design method of the waist. This method of dressing can be Use very simple accessories to wear the finishing touch effect. The lower body with basic white pants is simple but foreign.


If you want to wear foreign style and warm enough in winter, the bread is a very good choice.

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