Western Data 1TB solid -state hard drive is only 779 yuan


Generally speaking, the price of solid -state hard disks is higher than the mechanical hard disk, which is especially true for larger and higher -performance solid -state hard disks.Today, I recommend this solid -state hard disk for this Western data. The bargaining is 779 yuan, and 50 yuan E card can be sent after the order. It can be said that it is very cost -effective.The solid -state hard drive capacity of this western data is 1TB, which can easily meet daily storage needs.At the same time, it has a good performance in terms of transmission speed. The sequential reading speed is as high as 3600MB/s, and the sequential writing speed is 2830MB/s. It can be said that it has a good performance.Generally speaking, the solid -state hard disk of this western data has a good cost -effective, and it is recommended to buy it.