How can you wear a sandals in summer, it is very comfortable to relieve the heat and relieve the heat, showing the temperament with merit


There are some seasonal wearing items every season. Many people will focus on clothing styles. This is a very important part, but it cannot ignore other wearing, like

Bags, shoes


Very helpful effect

Well, especially the matching of shoes is more important.


When it comes to the wearing of shoes and in summer, it is difficult to want sandals.

Sandals design



To dispel the heat

In order to make the experience feel more cool, but with the continuous development of the design,

The style has become more and more

There is more space for selection and matching.

How can you wear a sandals in summer? It is very comfortable to cool down the heat. It shows that the temperament is contributed. Many costumes have strong charm, but

Put the wrong shoes



It affects the overall style.

A pair of sandals with 8 different styles, boldly choose,

Make the summer cooler,


Don’t know how to match the sisters, don’t miss it. The dry goods are here, and you can easily show a sense of fashion.

Many clothing options need to


According to the body and appearance

, Even carefully selected the skin color, but the shoe categories are different, except

Calf line

There will be some influence,

With the style of clothing

It will not make an error in dressing.

Different styles of sandals

White human character drag sandals

Human characters are a more individual design, but not everyone likes this style of clamping toes. Sisters who can accept

The fashion effect of human characters is stronger

, And with a very distinctive sense of lines.


White human character drag

If you wear it, you will have a very clean visual effect. The most important thing is white

There is a versatile special,

Not only can it be effectively matched with black and white, but even the red and green printing design can be used peacefully with white sandals.


Therefore, when choosing the color, you can give priority to trying white, no matter what style it is better.

Blue slope knitted sandals

Knitted sandals are undoubtedly a very designed style, but this relatively special material has more limitations when matching.

Light blue


Clean and beautiful

In addition to the blue clothing, it can only be matched with white, black, gray and other colors, not a practical style.



There are also many people who cannot wear them. Some tall women do not need to match high heels. They have a strong momentum. Some friends who never wear high heels are also difficult to accept.

One word broadband thick bottom sandals

The design of a word is more common in sandals. It is better to say that the style of sandals is better to be closer to the style of slippers. Slippers are necessary to wear everyone,

Home in daily life is essential

, Can bring very much


The sense of dressing, and even more

Whatever you want,

Make action convenient and flexible.

The design of the slippers style as a thick bottom is also a product that combines popular elements and classic things on the side. The simple design does not have any decoration and matching, but it is charging

Full of fashion.

Thick base sandals

You can have a loose dress, you can have

Full of holiday wind

The leisure and comfortable life scene came into sight.

Different styles of sandals wearing display

White hollow long skirt + plaid design sandals

Long skirt is a popular style in summer. The smart and elegant skirts have a strong soft effect. Pure white skirts have

Clean and elegant

The charm and multiple highlights make the skirt look simple.

Waist position adoption

Bilateral hollow design,

This makes the skirt more refreshing and design. For some good sisters, it is a choice to wear, which can make

Vest line and waistline

More clearly visible, it is very revealing



Short suspender with a half -body pleated skirt

The dressed effect of the suspender with a skirt is very leisurely, with strong casualness, more like going out on a weekend. The short suspender top with black,

Stable and refreshing

The temperament is just right, so that the charm is also

More layered.


Skirt use


It is very eye -catching, but the overall white print is decorated. The picture is full and

Very vivid

, Similar to the scroll with ink effects.

The skirt adopts a pleated design, which will make the single product more fashionable and more




Can effectively show the wearer more charming charm.

Light khaki color suit set + thick sole leather sandals

There are many casual styles for suit suits, in

Hot weather

More people are willing

Choose shorts

Matching, the loose version makes the overall clothing more comfortable, and the light and thin fabrics are used for matching, not only

Will not be sultry,


Strengthen the dignified and formal temperament.

It is better to match thick -soled sandals

Extend your legs

In, the cortex black is quite satisfactory, but it is a classic and long -lasting style. It contains a deep charm, making the overall retro effect stronger.



It is one of the shoe categories, but the design of the sandals has many branches. According to different clothing styles, you need to choose different styles of sandals, broadband or thin band, high heels, or flat heels.