The days that the mothers cannot miss, the autumn and winter children’s underwear that will be grabbed in the counters


It was another year of autumn wind, and Putian Tongqing Double Eleven. I don’t know when it will start, the annual Singles Day has become a shopping festival for the whole people. Singles have protested on this: even the right hands of single dogs have been chopped, how do you let us spend Singles Day … Okay, now saying that the weather is getting colder, the weather is getting colder, and warm clothes in autumn and winter are essential. Well, have moms for your baby to stock up?

Adults’ clothing can sometimes be vague. Baby’s clothes and pants will definitely choose carefully. When choosing underwear, some mothers favor the style of clothes. There are each washing. However, when choosing underwear for children, is there any specific selection criteria?

1. On the fabric comfortable fabric, you must pay attention to its comfort. See if the child’s underwear fabric is soft. When you buy it, your mother can put it next to her face. It is the underwear collar, underarms, and under the crotch. If the feel is more comfortable, the child must not have any restraint.


2. The style is probably the happiest thing that the children are dressed in their children. Although the children’s underwear is worn inside, it will occasionally wear it at home and sleep. There are a lot of cute, casual, cartoons, etc., which depends on their own eyes. 3. The smell clothing smells a uncomfortable taste. When it is right, doubt the residual formaldehyde or other chemical additives. This dangerous clothes must be far away from the child’s body. 4, accessories

Children’s underwear has as little flowers and accessories as possible. If it is available, it depends on whether it is safe, easy to wear, and does not hinder the child’s actions. So, next, I recommend some good products that I can choose for the baby on the occasion of Double Elements.

Selected high -quality fabrics, skin -friendly and comfortable. The breathability fabric allows the baby to breathe freely. Three layers of protection, not afraid of the cold, can resist low temperatures at minus 20 degrees. 13 cm high waist, protecting the baby’s stomach is not cold.

Baby high waist care navel child care warm underwear


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The touch is warm and delicate. Cartoon pattern, fashionable and generous. No restraint pants waist, give your baby the experience easily.


Children’s underwear suit pure cotton autumn

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Made in 2016 Schonglong cotton, one -sided hair grinding design, which feels excellent. Perfect touch is warm instantly. The product is excellent, stretched freely, wearing a sense of no restraint, the new darling of the underwear market.


Children’s warm underwear sleeve pure cotton

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Baby thickened and warm skin set, comfortable and warm, preferably Xinjiang natural color cotton. The formaldehyde -free is safer. There are two types of air -layer shoulder buckle suits and two air sweater suits. It is stylish and generous, and you can choose.

Antarctic children’s children’s clothing children’s warm underwear

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Class A quality, born for picky! The feel is super good! Zero formaldehyde is not stimulated! Soft and skin -friendly! Do not deform after washing! It’s time to choose a set of good underwear for your children, a little more expensive.

Children’s clothing children’s underwear suit spring and autumn pure cotton

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Class A fabric standard for infants and children, fiber’s hygroscopic, humidity resistance, cotton softness, warmth, cute Mickey environmentally friendly printing, protecting the baby’s skin, warm golden velvet, humidity and breathability, not easy to deform.

Disney new winter children’s warm underwear

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