Washing milk recommended: can improve the moisture of the skin, create a healthy clean skin for you


Ben’s bright white series Mii Runbai cleanser


Applicable skin: All skin types are definitely the first choice for “slum boy”, and Fuli Fauses are gentle amino acid cleansing, and the price is definitely surprised. This product is also very respected in the cleansing of girls. Mildness is not tight, it is very suitable for sensitive muscles and all skin, which will never make your skin damage, is the highest price performance in the top ten rankings of men’s facial clean milk. It’s better to say.

Cerave moisturizing foam cleansing milk

Applicable skin: oily skin, sensitive skin Cerave moisturizing foam cleansing is also a cleansing of a price, is a brand of the United States, a bottle of capacity is super large, 355ml can make you use it. Moreover, it is also an amino acid cleavage, absolutely a gentle product. Don’t ask why the sister is recommended by the amino acid toilet milk, and you will know the Baidu amino acid to wash the milk and the soap group.

Clinique washing

Reference price: 230 yuan


Men’s activated carbon cleansing series, the price is 230 yuan, using strong activated carbon, suction cleaning ability is more than your imagination, solve your face’s rough dud, and the pores are thick. This cleansing sapon is flexible, gentle and refreshing, flexible, suitable for ultimate dry skin, gentle, dry, refreshing, suitable for oily, mixed pearut oil. It is neither a soap group is not an amino acid washing, it belongs to SLS / SLES (a surfactant agent that depletion power) is very clean, and it is not seen after washing. I bought a gentle type, and there is no pressure in summer, and there is a tight sleeper in winter. It is really gentle, sensitive skin can also be used, and it is very labor-saved, and it can take a lot of bubbles, and the bubble is also delicate. If you want to say a shortcoming, you will feel it. I have always feel that it is not the same as being cleaned and not cleared. Especially when I didn’t wash it, the water was naturally dried on my face, and my face would be very tight. I really don’t like this feeling. This kind of bottle of Clinique is seated, I have seen it in other people’s notes, I can use this kind of little sweet potato note seeming to say this suitable dry skin. Some people say that I have finished fake, I don’t know if it is not false, but it does slip if it is finished, I feel a certain cleaning effect, the guns and decentralizable strength cannot be better than. I am a big dried skin, the burst of Fulifang’s explosion, I will feel dry every day.

Flower set amino acid washing milk

Efficacy: Missing deep cleaning refreshing brightening skin tone improves acne muscles

This flower is called the amino acid toiletries. It is called the light of the domestic product by the majority of netizens. It is a cleanser for cleansing makeup. Its small molecule amino acid can deeply depth in the deep pores, absorb impurities in the pores, deeply remove daily dirt and Face makeup, conditioning rough dark skin, makes the skin present the original clean and refreshing. While cleaning, soothing tired skin, making the skin to reflex the skin and soft, bright and bright. Cleaning is enough and not sad, can prevent acne acne. Rich lamb and nano-pearl powder ingredients, not only clean effect, but also balance water oil, acne, converge pores, go to blackhead and closed acne, whitening skin! Suitable for any skin use!

I am a sensitive muscle that can also be used casually. This washing


After the hair, it is very thick and very comfortable. The face is very comfortable as the spa, it can remove the garbage in our deep, and if I use it for a long time, I found that the effect of controlling acne growth is quite a lot.


It has been used for such a long skin and no longer as before, the pores are clean and delicate. It is really happy every day, and the skin is getting more and more white. Now Su Yan goes out the door is also a small fairy.

Washing milk recommended: can improve the moisture of the skin, create a healthy clean skin for you