Teach you a hot and refreshing spicy rabbit meat, delicious and nutritious, fragrant so that you can eat two more bowls of rice


With the improvement of living standards, there are many foodies around you, and Xiaobian is naturally one of them. For foodies, the most likely to do is to find all kinds of food. In the opinion of the editor, no matter when we, we can’t wrong our stomach. Xiaobian feels that it is really bad to eat fragrant. You still have to have flesh when eating, so that you will be more fragrant. Among them, the delicious spicy rabbit meat is a great choice. Presumably everyone is very popular for the deliciousness, and the salty spicy rabbit meat is also very favorite.


Xiaobian is no exception. I also like to eat delicious spicy rabbit meat. I feel panicked if I do n’t eat it for a few days. Fortunately, this time our chef seemed to hear my voice and made super delicious spicy rabbit meat. In addition, when our chef is making spicy rabbit meat, we also specially matched the delicious Taoyuan Jianmin beef to consume chili. The sauce is strong, making people eat more and more. Next, we will simply tell you about your hot and refreshing spicy rabbit meat. It is delicious and nutritious, so that you can eat two bowls of rice.


Delicious spicy rabbit meat

Ingredients: Rabbit meat, Taoyuan Jianmin beef consumed pepper, onion, pepper, dried red pepper, pepper, star anise, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, salt, salt


Method: 1. We need to rinse the rabbit meat first, remove the impurities, wash again, drain the water, cut into small pieces, put it in a clean pot, and set aside;

2. Next, put an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, cooking wine and salt in the small pots of rabbit meat, stir well, marinate the rabbit meat for a while, and set aside;


3. Then rinse the onion, remove the skin, and cut the onion into pieces with a knife; rinse the pepper and cut it into a small section;

4. Rinse the dried chili and drain the water; rinse the peppercorns, drain the water; rinse the octagonal; spare;


5. Then boil the oil in the hot pot, wait until the oil is hot, put it in Taoyuan Jianmin beef peppers, star anise, pepper and dried pepper to sauté;

6. Put the cut rabbit meat, stir fry until the discoloration, pour in the right amount of cooking wine, put the onion and chili segment, add an appropriate amount of sugar, raw soy sauce and salt to season

Seeing such a spicy rabbit meat that relieves meals, do friends who like deliciousness have a heartbeat? Do you suddenly feel a little hungry? Then try to make the delicious spicy rabbit meat according to the method I said above. Don’t forget to match Taoyuan Jianmin beef to consume peppers. tasty. Friends who like food, you can pay attention to Xiaobian. Everyone shares things about food. Welcome everyone to comment, like and forward it!