Capa casual shoes, with comfortable and stylish dual performance, will not feel fatigue after we wear it for a long time


The first glance of this shoe is versatile. There are two colors of black and white, and they choose a younger white. It has not only followed the simple and versatile style, but also has rich visual effects. The contrasting outsole and the upper form a strong visual impact, which looks more eye -catching. Good finishing touch effect.

Highlights and details

The first one has to talk about this sole, the design of the contrasting color is really love to die, but there are many advantages in addition to the color. The first is the material it uses, which has very good wear resistance. At the same time, it is compatible with comfort and protection effects in terms of softness and hardness. The outsole is more stable than the soft steps. Fatigue.

The upper body of this shoe uses leather material, but it is also very particular. It is not the same. The matte process is used at the front foot and the mouth of the shoe mouth. It also enriches the layering of the upper and will not look too monotonous. On the other hand, this leather stitching upper can bring better support, and it will not collapse after a long time.


As mentioned earlier, the reflux skin on the outside of the shoe mouth makes the feel more skin -friendly. In this regard, it also works on the inside of the shoe mouth. It is paired with a soft sponge package design on the inside. It can reduce friction of ankles. The sponge material has good breathability, so this effectively enhances the comfort of the foot.

Trial process and experience

The first feeling of the top is comfortable. For casual sports shoes, it cannot just talk about appearance, but also has the comfort of sports scenes. Because it needs to carry daily sports loads, such as urban hits, shopping and other daily light sports scenes. A comfortable foot feeling can be applied to a wider wearing scene, making the body more energetic and reducing fatigue.

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Kappa Capa Parabi Standard Couples, men and women casual board shoes, canvas shoes, small white shoes 2020 new model | K0AW5VS03

¥ 439


The second feeling on the top is exquisite. Unlike many casual sports shoes, this shoe will not look large and will not feel bloated. Especially when pairing with small pants, it is still a very good choice. It is more fit with women’s temperament, which looks small and exquisite, and has a simple color model, which is more age -reducing.

Personally, I personally feel good to choose. In this small foot pants, it is a perfect combination. If you belong to the literary school, the jeans are also a good choice; if you are a sports madman, daily sports pants are also a good choice. It also has a wide range of choices in the season. For example, in summer with shorts, it looks very vibrant. Essence

Wearing in the light sports scene, the breathability of this shoe is also very good. It will not feel sullen, and the leather material has a good windproof effect, and it will not feel too cold in autumn and winter. Therefore, the four seasons attributes can also adapt to a wider range of matching requirements. One shoe is more saved, so it is very versatile.


In addition to comfort and fashionable and versatile effects, the experience is also very special on the other hand, which is its lightweightness. It is not as bulky as other casual shoes and is very flexible. And the voids also perform well, and they will not grind their feet when they exercise. It is easy to switch easily in daily leisure and light sports scenes.

Trial experience

Advantages: This shoe has both comfortable and fashionable dual properties. It looks very vibrant visually, and does not pick clothes when matching; it has a comfortable foot feeling and lightweight flexibility in terms of functionality. It will not feel fatigue, and it is suitable for many light sports or leisure scenes.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of this shoe is also one of the advantages of this shoe, which is its coloring; because the pure white is not resistant to dirt, especially the anti -fleece skin is not easy to clean, and it is easy to look like a dirty, daily maintenance, daily maintenance, daily maintenance, daily maintenance. It will be more troublesome.