The unique leggings dress up the beautiful temperament, match the girl’s pretty posture, unique style


There is no fixed rule for the mix of leggings. As long as you have a personal style, leggings can make your personal style highlight. First, choose the length of the leggings skirt 2. The longest style of the leggings selection of leggings is ultra -long. The advantage of wearing the ultra -long base pants on the body is that the length can just be the same length as its thighs, which can lengthen its proportion and comfort.


3. Do not choose the color of the skirt color to choose the color of the leggings, because white can make yourself too fair. Don’t choose too yellow, because yellow can make your skin too yellow. Orange, yellow, red, etc. can be selected, but the color that cannot be seen at a glance. This color is either average, or it makes people feel the color of your Low at a glance.


3. Bottom pants matching medium -long leggings and pants such as denim, micro -lata. The loose top or clothes will be very different from the feeling of leggings. But don’t wear too much black, white leggings, white is the most versatile color. If it is paired with white, it will make people feel that you are dirty and low.


It is best to choose light green, dark green, do not choose pure white, a bit gray is more suitable. Belo pants with 1. Straight skirt is the love of women. It can be said that it is omnipotent clothes. Try to wear a straight version of the black leggings when paired with the pants. Compared with the straight short skirt of the straight version, the length will have a certain looseness and more slim. 2. Straight skirts are more slim than short skirts, and there must be a sense of line.

3. Do not exceed the root of the thigh. You need to know that it is more appropriate to buy from 2-10 cm. The length of 5-10 cm belongs to the A-line skirt, the length between 5-10 cm belongs to an umbrella skirt, and the length to the top of the hips also belongs to the umbrella skirt. If you feel that the leggings are too loose, you can choose some belt, which can neutralize the looseness of the skirt.

Second, leggings with strap skirt skirts are a summer youth. With fresh white basic T -shirts, it will not look so sweet on the basis of fresh and natural. The upper body is bumpy. Of course, if you want more sexy, you can choose simple T -shirts with skirts.