This summer’s “pleated pants” are popular? Also ocean! Significant and higher than wide -leg pants


There can be no sweet floral or retro wave dots in summer, but there must be no fold elements. No matter what the trend is popular this year, fold elements will never be outdated.


The most classic manifestation of fold design is pleated skirt. So, have you heard of pleated pants when wearing a pleated skirt?

The latest popular items this summer -pleated pants!

The pleated skirt is usually a type A or loose straight tube type, but whether it is a long pleated skirt or a short pleated skirt,


Its fold width is wider than the fold width of pleated pants.

Big folds mean more obvious visual folds, but it is also easy to cause bloated and bulky.

The folds of pleated pants are more delicate and straight, and they are all straight. With loose pants, it can easily solve the problems of thick legs, poor leg shapes, and short legs.

The longitudinal lines that are not easy to detect, as well as a strong visual extension effect, can extend the body line vertically, making your long legs longer and more thinner.


Extract the version of the pleated pants, its characteristics and advantages are clear at a glance! In terms of version,

The pleated pants are usually loose straight or A -type pants legs, and the waist is usually designed with elastic waist.

There are nine -point pants that just show your ankle, as well as trousers that just go to the instep.

In terms of design, the delicate straight line fold design of the pleated pants is very thin. No matter how thick legs, you can restore the devil’s figure with pleated pants.


In terms of material,

The fabrics used in the pleated pants are full of drape,


Only the material of elasticity and lightness. Only such materials can still be light and thin when the trousers are loose.


In terms of color, solid color pleated pants are popular styles,

And the light -based light color system, the most basic black and white, the Morandi color system, and the high brightness of the low -purity macaron color system.

It is enough to grab three points for choice of pleated pants:

Pants, color and high waist style.


1. The legs of the pants are mainly observed. Choose a straight type of trouser leg width from about 3-5cm from the leg.

It can cover the meat without causing.

The normal length is selected for the nine -point pants that can expose the ankle, and the trousers are just to the instep or the length of the ground.

2. The main color and pattern are mainly selected.

Black and white, gray, earth color, navy blue wild -colored blind selection will not make an error.

Select the color that is similar to the background color to avoid all high brightness color patterns.

3. The thin and high -waist high waist near the navel line


Just say more, you know the effect ~


After successfully starting a piece of pleated pants, how do we match it? Then look at it, the popularity of these pleated pants will definitely be amazing to you ~

1. The key to grasp the color matching of two -piece matching

2. Three -piece set must grasp the key

3. The overall effect must be grasped the key

Part1. Two -piece and color color matching

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1. The color system should be selected as the main color that can not be selected as the main color

, White, light blue, camel, who looks good in black.

2. The similar color matching should be distinguished by the shades of color and light and dark. Be sure to follow the shallow, shallow, shallow and deeper, upper and lower dark / upper and lower light.

3. The combination of color and colorlessness allows more diversification.


Same color matching

A clean and refreshing white, a ordinary white T -shirt with white pleated pants, uses a brightness to distinguish the level, use a small area and the shirt pattern to echo each other. A sense of breath.

However, a black match is not dull at all. The long -shaped pearl necklace is embellished on the black shirt, like a star in the night sky. It is elegant and mysterious with the straw bag.

Approximate color matching


The hue belongs to the same color system on the color ring,

Only the difference between gorgeousness and depth, that is, purity and brightness.

The combination of shallow smog blue hanging neck straps and milky white pleated pants are super thin, and they are particularly age -reducing. Both the top and the trousers ensure the cleanliness of the lines, and the partially dotted with silver jewelry is a combination of a beautiful dress.


There are colored+white

There are more colors and white combinations. It seems that the macaron color is full of sweet taste throughout the summer; with Morandi color, the cheap top becomes advanced …

On the left is the eye -catching avocado green needle weaving short sleeves with high waist pleated pants. The lower body is matched with the same color system, which is super high. On the right is a lower -key light blue with white pleated pants, but the irregular hem of the T -shirt brings a sense of design to the whole.


The three -piece combination, which is the combination of inner coats, pleated pants and loose jackets.

Never choose a thick wide jacket to match with pleated pants,

This will destroy the overall balance and make the upper body look particularly fat.

Long loose jacket and long pleated pants that can cover the hips

The match is yyds!

Vertical short coat+slim -fitting skin inside

The combination of gray tube top and zebra pattern pleated pants is cool enough, and then a vertical short jacket and handsome Martin boots, which is too fried!

Instead of the overall suit design, the overall is more bloated, but it has more abstinence. The thick suit material and elegant pleated pants are contrad with each other. Is my sister worse a girlfriend?

Loose mid -length jacket+high waist short inside

This set is more daily commuting. I chose a loose shirt with almost a hand as a coat. It is paired with long taro pleated pants to open the long and short gap, which is particularly layered.

When the jacket is long, the inside should follow the shorter and lower length or high waistline to modify the proportion.

part3. Overall and details

The details of pleated pants are mainly depends on shoes and accessories.


Do not choose the bulky and bright styles, the closer the color of the pleated pants, the better.

The choice of accessories is the opposite of the shoes,

Select the texture, the sense of quantity, and the color, and the lightness of the pleated pants.

Bare pleated pants+transparent shoes

The longer the pants legs of the pleated pants, the lower the shoe you choose


In this way, you can show tall and long legs.

On the matching map,

This kind of nude pleated pants is best to choose transparent shoes or nude shoes that are close to the skin color,

Even with high heels, it will make people feel that your legs are already very slender.

Low -key color clothing+bright color bag


And if the clothing is used in a large area, it is not wrong.

The small area of ​​bright color accessories will make people shine.


The matching here is simple white and gray color blocks. Boldly using mint green handbags to brighten the whole, does it become young and lively at once?

The pleated pants not only have the agility of the pleated skirt, but also the covered with wide -leg pants, and your ideal effects are available. What other bicycles do you need?

This summer’s thousands of winds are not as elegant and fashionable as a piece of pleated pants. Go and try it quickly, you will never regret it ~

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Look at dry goods >>