Can I install air conditioners in the bathroom?


The answer is okay!

With the improvement of living standards, the area of ​​the bathroom area is getting larger and larger, and the function in the bathroom is no longer just a simple toilet function; in the current apartment, many times the bathroom also has the function of makeup, change, and meditation; due to the bathroom, due to the bathroom; The environment is relatively humid and sultry in summer, so in this environment for a long time, it will bring sweaty feeling; and this high humidity environment in winter is also very wet and cold, so you need to have equipment to cool down and heat up heating heat Essence

Tall bathroom

It is the easiest way to install a air conditioner in the bathroom, because it can cool down in summer, can also heat in winter, and can make it as possible to cool down and cool down quickly.


Which types of air conditioners in the bathroom can choose?


1. Hanging is that it is also good to use a model of 3 horsepower to use 3 horsepower, so it is also good to install a hook in some large toilets. Its advantage is that the installation is very flexible and can be carried out after the renovation. The disadvantage is that the beauty is not high, and the internal and external machines cannot be too far away. In addition, in a humid environment, it is easy to fail and the corrosion ability is not strong.


The use of wall hanging in the toilet

2. The shortcomings of the hidden air duct it to upgrade the launch of the hook and the distance between the internal and external machines should not be too far. The advantage is that the comfort is high, and the disadvantage is that it needs to be installed in advance during the decoration. In addition, in a high humidity environment, the machine is prone to failure, and the galvanized steel plate of the fuselage is easily corroded, and the life span is less than 15 years.

Gree Vaca

3. Special space for bathroom


It is a product that has appeared in recent years. It is a air conditioner used for the bathroom. Its body has a strong corrosion resistance and its waterproofness is higher than that of the above two. Its disadvantage is that it cannot be independent of one -to -one system. It must be equipped with a multi -connected system, and the cost is more expensive.

Sanitary ware installation effect

What kind of type is preferred in our bathroom?

If our bathroom still has other functions and the space is relatively large, it requires equipment to adjust the temperature. Some people say that since there are many above problems in installing the air conditioner, I can install a cool bulb. In fact, you will regret such a decision, because Liangba cannot change the temperature of the air. It is just blowing the cool air on the top. To solve the temperature problem in the space, you still have to give it to the air conditioner to complete.


Liangba’s actual installation effect

We can give priority to choosing a plan of a hidden duct, because the cost performance is very high and the cost is cheaper. Even if the maintenance is not expensive in the later period, it will not interfere with the air conditioners in other areas; if we do well in the exhaust fan in the bathroom, so as not to allow the water vapor to stay in the bathroom for a long time, the stability of the machine will be the stability of the machine, the stable performance of the machine will be A lot high. In addition, the issue of life span, even if the life span is less than 15 years, can be used for 7 or 8 years. I think it is also feasible. Besides the rapid development of the times, the air -conditioning technology of 7 or 8 years has long been updated. Why bother to entangle this problem? Essence

The brand of the brand is cost -effective


The air conditioner can be installed in the bathroom. It is recommended to use a hidden duct scheme. It is a practical experience that spends not much money and has a good effect. As long as we do not install the inner machine where the water vapor is accumulated, pay attention to the use of exhaust fans to do a good job of ventilation, and the stability of the duct machine is still very high.