The Chinese wedding on the two screens won the Golden Bear Award on the same day Night Ask


Answer: A/B/C.

In 1988, Zhang Yimou became the first Chinese director to win the Golden Bear Award for Berlin International Film Festival for “Red Sorghum”. In 1993, the works of two directors of Xie Fei and Li An won the award at the same time, setting a record in the history of Chinese movies. In 1996, Li An won the Golden Bear Award again with “Law and Emotion”. In the 21st century, in 2007, Wang Quanan won the Golden Bear Award for “Tuya’s Wedding” and Diao Yinan because of “Day Fireworks”.


The Golden Bear Award is the highest award at the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. It was founded in 1952. The Golden Bear Award is the Golden Lion Award at the Golden Palm Award of the Cannes International Film Festival in France, and the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy.

The Golden Bear Awards have made many “double yellow eggs”, in 1963, “The Cruel Story of the Samurai” in Jingjing and the “Devil” of Ji’an Lugi Randy, 1980 Richard Pierce’s “Pioneer” and Wo Wo Na Schroder’s “Palesto or Wolfsburg”, 1983 Mario Kamus’s “Honeycomb” and Edney Bennter’s “Fatt in 1920”, David Black in 1985 Er’s “Strange Men” and Lena Simon’s “Women and Strangers”, 1990 Jerer Minzer’s “Lost Wing Spirit” and Costa Garvas’ “Eight Sound Box” in 1993 After the movie double yellow eggs, in 2002, Hayao Miyazaki’s “Away” and Paul Green Glas “Bloody Sunday” won the Golden Bear Award again. Essence

Although the “double yellow egg” does not seem to be uncommon, the two Chinese movies are recognized by such international awards. Interestingly, there are two weddings in the two films, which presents the Chinese’s understanding of marriage, family, and human nature from different perspectives. In “Fragile Girl”, her mother -in -law is a woman who is persecuted by the old ethics, but she has also become a person who continues to persecute her daughter -in -law unknowingly. She uses unjustly means to make innocent girls marry her mental retarded son. The absurd behavior of the son at the wedding made people sigh. It was not until the end of her mother -in -law, but it seemed late. There is also a absurd Chinese wedding in “Happy Banquet”. The groom and groom have become a tool for maintaining the face of the man’s parents. In addition, the vulgar wedding scenes make the whole wedding a farce.

Written Wu Longzhen

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Source: Beijing News