to be frank! Wearing “pants” in summer is still more loose and better, and the meat is thin and fashionable


In addition to wearing skirts in summer, it is also a season for wearing pants, and at this time, the style of pants we wear is generally thin and thin. The version is generally loose. Compared with tight pants, this year’s fashion circle is still more popular in the fashion circle. Slightly loose pants, if you don’t believe it, you can look at the demonstration of these fashion bloggers, which can make you beautiful, and it looks really thin and thin.

First, do you know which loose pants are popular this year?

① Understanding wide -leg pants


If you want to say that this year’s popular pants, there are really too many. In terms of materials, suit pants are more popular. This suit pants are well textured on the body, and the wide -leg pants of the suit are also wearing. It is more loose, and it will feel comfortable in summer, and it is really worth starting for people with thick legs.


② Nine -point cone pants

Compared with ordinary wide -leg pants, cone pants are slightly gathered, but because the thighs are relatively loose, it is also suitable for girls with pear -shaped figure and width. In this way, your legs can be stretched, exposing your ankle without feeling too much heavy.

③ denim wide leg pants

The daily match I want to wear a leisure, I suggest you put on this kind of denim wide -leg pants. Everyone knows that jeans can be called classic in the fashion circle. After so many years of popularity, denim wide -leg pants are also many people with tide people. Very favored clothing, loose pants legs modify the figure, the denim fabrics are relatively stiff, not easy to deform, and the young lady with thick legs must start.


④ White wide -leg pants

If you want to wear pants in spring and summer, don’t always focus on the black style. Black pants are a bit dull. At this time, you want to wear good -looking, maybe you can use this white wide -leg pants concave shape, refreshing Pure white is more age -reducing. And white wide -leg pants will not expose the problem of thick legs, after all, its wide pants can cover the legs.

Second, loose pants matching ideas

1. Slip color matching stretch ratio


Many people will worry that loose pants are too bloated and too tired to wear on the body, you can try to wear the color system, so that your proportion is stretched, such as white pants with white tops. It belongs to a relatively uniform dress, which can make the whole look look more coordinated, and ensure that the matching cannot be wrong.

2. Color echo method

If you feel that the color is too monotonous, you can also try the color echo method. For example, when we choose this kind of wave dot jacket or a striped top, the pants below can take one of the colors. For example, a black and white dot shirt with black wide -leg pants, this dress is more coordinated, and the colors echo each other to ensure the coordination.

In addition, you can also use this contrasting color to match. Like the classic black and white matching is a color match that many people are favored, black and white are combined with each other. It can also enhance the sense of fashion of the wearer.


Third, the pants matching that is worth learning from


① Shirt with cropped pants


For office workers, you can wear pants or skirts when wearing shirts. If you like to wear pants, don’t wear it too procrastinating, this nine -point straight pants and wide -leg pants are worth starting. It will look lighter on the body, and you can put on a short shirt on the top, and the proportion of the waist decoration.

② Wide -leg pants with high heels


Many people like to wear wide -leg pants, but some people think that wide -leg pants matching will look too burdensome, because it has too many fabrics, it is a bit procrastinating to wear. At this time, it is recommended to match flat shoes and high heels. Otherwise, you will feel dull, like these summer sandals and high -heeled designs to modify your legs in summer.

If you want to buy pants this year, it is recommended that you do n’t wear tight pants. Tight -fitting pants are already past. It has been outdated for a long time. If you want to wear it, loose pants are the best choice. It can cover the meat and be thinner, and it is more versatile than you think, whether it is matched with a shirt or a T -shirt in summer. Disclaimer: Original text, the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9