The high -end solid cashmere scarf, one person is not without reason!


Recently, the flu is very serious, and many people around them have been infected. It feels too embarrassing and ugly …


Meibao remembers the cold prevention, wear more, and the wind is relatively large. Don’t forget to wear a scarf to block the cold wind. Speaking of fashion and warmth, I suddenly envious of fashion bloggers


Pure color scarf,


It is a little more high -level than the printing plaid model. It is simple and atmospheric. Based on the basic items in winter, add scarves, and it is more foreign.


The texture of cashmere is very soft and comfortable. It is a good accessories in winter and a good partner that makes people warm, so it is recommended to buy it.


In the most classic Amway this winter, starting with a solid cashmere scarf will not be out of date!

White, earth color, black, red pear color

It seems to be very popular. Let’s take a look before chopping your hands. The matching scheme of solid color scarf.


Clean and simple white scarf

This winter,

White is even more popular than summer,

It is generous and bright.

Chic’s cream white boots, white jeans, and white sweater are all explosive models this winter.

Different saturated white mixing and matching makes the shape particularly bright, and the white -colored method inside is thinner and reduced to reduce winter.


The white coat with black stockings is very advanced ~

So I think, the white scarf is ranked 4th! It is not difficult to find that the blogger’s INS is not difficult to find that a white scarf and the romance of winter are in the details

The milk -white oat color scarf is paired with a white coat, and there is a feeling of putting Kabucchino on the body.


Essence With the same color pointed boots, the high -level sense is self -evident.

White and Morandi’s pink are also very harmonious. The scarf can also be surrounded by surrounding, shooting a large texture.

Pick a white scarf for your black coat ▽



Black and white


, The simplest and most classic, the least picky dress, will not be out of date in which season!

The whole body is dark -colored, a white scarf is particularly prominent,

Xian, skin, white


It is definitely a fashionable weapon in winter.

The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to dirt. But I recommend cream

Oat white than white

More practical, hurry up and get up!


Mysterious sexy black scarf

Black is always full of extreme sexy temptations. A investigation research by a BUYTSHIRTSONLINE company in the UK shows that the common quality of people who like black often: confidence, intelligence, and sexy. Bei Yi likes black!


Therefore, the black scarf must be in a fashionable shopping cart, which can be matched

metallic feel


The earrings echo. No matter how the jacket and top change, the black scarf can be held easily.

The black scarf is the best with your white coat! Up and down my body


Two colors


, Minimalist, easy to get fashion.


Di Lierba’s recent street shooting demonstrates this combination, which has formed a great contrast with the shape of the fairy in Reba activities. The private server is still very individual.

The goddess Tang Wei used a black scarf with a white sweater, very young. So pay attention to the same white sweater,

Black scarf

Definitely a good partner.

In addition, both black and camel belong to

Low -key color,

The shawl -type wearing method highlights the sense of layering, and the natural gas field is full.

The goddess Jessieca’s recent street shot made a simple demonstration. The black scarf is the focus of the entire look.

The winding style is suitable for short jackets. Two laps are just right.

So, no matter what you are, black items will look a lot of atmospheric.


Black mix and match that is not allowed to texture, still temperament online ▽

All black is simple and fashionable,

But afraid of boring

Essence Use the mix and match of different materials to create a sense of layering and the jump of texture to make the matching more chIC. The black humble and arrogant temperament is manifested.

However, friendship reminds that it is better to use the bright color system as much as possible.


Long skirt with a scarf shape


Appearance rate

It is also very high. The refreshing shirt skirt is mixed with a black scarf with a black scarf, which surprises differently.


Silent for a while




This year, it became a big fire again.

Camel color is not outdated. It can be seen that the camel scarf is in the fashion circle




Quite high ~

The young lady who loves to wear a card camel coat is cool, and belongs to the type of nonsense.


The black wearing with a camel scarf is the same as the color matching above, but the same




Bella Hadid’s recent street shooting style, patent leather coat jacket, pilot eyes, camel cashmere scarf


Hardcore it girl

Wardrobe must -have.

When wearing a black jacket, wear a khaki sweater and match the khaki scarf.


Moreover, Khaki is still not picky. Whether it is yellow skin or white skin girl, the matching is very harmonious, and there is a sweet feeling of a caramel girl.

With a checkered long plaid coat, the gas field is two meters and eight!



The system is warmer, and the neck is warm in winter.

Asian fashion blogger

Aimee song

Recently, a camel coat has a very high exposure, with black, white, and jeans, respectively. Each set is very fashionable and wearing it, but the camel scarf cannot be less.


The joyful red scarf

At the end of the year, the red red must be arranged,

New Year’s Red Luck

Very festive atmosphere! In the autumn and winter weather, the color of red fire can always make people feel enthusiastic and hot.


If you just start with red items recently, you can turn over our previous articles, and there are special arrangements.

Today’s focus introduction


Red scarf,


If it weren’t for fashion, I wouldn’t believe that the red scarf was so popular. The gorgeous red, youthful age reducing the age.

With basic models, it will not be too charming.


Dark -colored wear, a red scarf, very eye -catching. The small area of ​​red embellishment is more extensive than the large red use.


It also complements the white, and has a kind of self -confidence.


Sometimes more red than right red

Red pear


It was the popular color released by Pan Tong last year. I wonder if Meibao remembers? There are less Zhang Yang madness, and there is a trace of calm and charm red pear color, which can always reveal some noble and dignified temperament. The most important thing is super white!

Crystal Crystal Crystal


In the match, the black coat ICK has a red pear scarf.

In the matching of supermodel fur jackets, a red pear scarf is very eye -catching, the cashmere texture weakens the thickness of the fur, and it is easier to match.


Therefore, do not miss it in the lip color scarf, and there are red. The school fashion blogger is so popular, and the red and red are not hot. David still remembers that the red scarf is often a good thing in the Spring Festival gift delivery items, whether it is sending

Girlfriend, girlfriend, mother

They will readily like it.



Colorful other color scarves

There are too many good -looking colors. David introduces other colors with high solidity and fashion. First of all, this year



The increasing shots of scarves have increased.

A yellow scarf into the winter


the little sun

, Asian blogger Amiee Song, the scarf does add a lot of scores.

Gray is the basic model that must not be missed as ever,


Supermodel Gigi

The nearest street shot pants and denim jackets with gray scarf increased the warmth. Power interpretation of the increase in nine -point pants ~

How versic the gray scarf is, you may not need to say more.


Also, the blue scarf this winter is also in the street shooting

Inexplicable popularity,

Many bloggers used it to put on a black jacket, the blue cold feeling, and turned into a cold and beautiful girl.

The suit jacket on the street, the blue scarf allows your shape to get rid of it from it, not to be ignored.

Therefore, the blue scarf is also worth buying. Especially with black, negative black


Make the shape more vibrant and more charming.

Single product recommendation

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Texture scarf


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Black cashmere scarf


¥ 150


The winter shape is too boring, just pick a scarf to solve the greasy. The pure color scarf of the temperament looks like a color system!

Clean and simple white scarf