Zhang Jiani wears a khaki trench coat and tied a pink scarf. This is what it should look like in winter


Zhang Jiani is also a winner of life in the celebrities. He has a husband who loves her and has a good popularity. In addition, Zhang Jiani is the kind of girl who prefers to dress up. From her own private server, you can see it. Come on, this is not, we see Zhang Jiani in the airport, and I saw Zhang Jiani wearing a khaki trench coat and tied a pink scarf. This is what it should look like in winter! Look at what it is like.

We watched Zhang Jiani’s head wearing a round hat. It seemed very literary and artistic. Such a hat brim is relatively low. Therefore, Zhang Jiani’s low -key side was set off, and a mask was put on. The protective measures were quite in place.


We continued to look at Zhang Jiani’s dress, which was really bright. I saw Zhang Jiani wearing a khaki trench coat. After putting it on, Zhang Jiani’s complexion was quite good. It’s still very suitable for wearing a trench coat.

We also saw that Zhang Jiani’s waist was tied with a belt. In this way, Zhang Jiani’s waist was very thin, and his figure would look better. Moreover, Zhang Jiani’s shape was very generous.


Continue to see the shoes on Zhang Jiani’s feet, I saw Zhang Jiani wearing a pair of boots on his feet. After putting it on, Zhang Jiani was quite aura. Moreover, when Zhang Jiani put on these boots, Zhang Jiani’s legs were really. It is very long.


However, it is a shore that the neck on Zhang Jiani’s neck. This is not an ordinary bib. We can see that the neck on Zhang Jiani’s neck is pink. Beautiful.


Seeing again, our Zhang Jiani carried a bag with a bag, and this bag was still very casual. The color of this bag is still very matched with this suit, but if it is replaced with a white bag, maybe maybe it may be a white bag. More appropriate.

Winter clothes do not need to be so delicious. It only needs to be more concise. The private server like Zhang Jiani looks particularly suitable, low -key but decent, and it is particularly appropriate to wear during life and work.

Well, Zhang Jiani’s look is like this. Zhang Jiani, who looks like a trench coat and cervical shape, still looks quite stretching. So, what do you think of Zhang Jiani’s private server? Do you like Zhang Jiani?