Li Xiaolu is lazy to remarry rumors, bringing her daughter to make desserts at home, the longer the left -handed sweet Xin Xin, the more like a mother


It is because of the recent impact of the epidemic. From the New Year to the present, it seems that it has not been as played as before.


However, she also happened to have more time to develop, recording the “daily daily” of herself and her daughter Tianxin. Just a few days ago, Li Xiaolu just posted a photo of his long -not, and was picked up by netizens that he was very similar to his ex -husband Jia Nailiang.


So that there are rumors of “two people remarried” on the Internet, but neither party responded, and the authenticity was doubtful.

This is not just her hair on Valentine’s Day. On February 15th, Li Xiaolu released another dynamic. This time, there is no connection with the video content to the ex -husband Jia Nailiang at all. The main one is the daily life of her baby daughter Tianxin at home. In this video, Tianxin should be a tutorial on her mother and made a small dessert step by step.

The mother and daughter cooperated, and the sweet stir and the noodles were quickly burned. Don’t forget to call Mom: I protect you! It seems that her daughter is really a small cotton jacket for parents. However, everyone obviously did not put their eyes on the sea bream, but the more and more beautiful faces of Sweet Xin.


For a moment in the picture, Tian Xin looked up and looked at her mother, which was exactly the same as the young Li Xiaolu. Whether it is the outline of the face or the distance between the facial features, it is completely copying and paste … When her mother Li Xiaolu debuted as a child star, she also won countless audiences by relying on a pair of innocent and innocent eyes!


Especially the picture above, isn’t it really sweet? A long time ago, when Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu had not divorced, he took the girl to variety shows and could be questioned by a group of people. Why did Tian Xin not inherit the advantages of his parents? Now that the Eighteenth Women’s Eighteenth changes, Tianxin has completely become a little beautiful woman. It can be seen that the power of genes is still very powerful.

However, in this video of Tianxin Xiaoxiu’s cooking, attentive netizens found that she took the mixer and noodles with her left hand. As the saying goes, the left -handed people are generally smart. Because the left and right hands are used to develop the brain to balance, some people also leave a message saying: Sweet Xin must be smart when he grows up!


Looking at Li Xiaolu’s life, it seemed very happy. The mother and daughter became more and more like sisters. However, due to the frequent sunbathing, some netizens questioned whether Li Xiaolu changed the route after experiencing a derailed storm. Want to rely on the “good mother” line to recover the losses of the past?


But this is just a speculation of netizens, after all, which mother does not love her daughter! Of course, if the rumor of remarriage on the Internet is true, Tianxin should be more happy with parents. I wish the mother and daughter “protect” each other as the video, after all, the child is innocent.

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