Cabin -free toilet, bathroom handrails are essential


With the intensification of aging, my country is taking a series of measures for aging, and the construction of barrier -free facilities is one of them. The construction of barrier -free facilities includes the layout and installation of facilities such as barrier -free handrails and collision armrests in the bathroom. So why should you install barrier -free handrails? What is the effect of installing bathroom safety handrails?

For elderly people and disabled people of different health conditions, toilet armrests generally have the following functions:

1. Easy to take care of yourself. The safety of the bathroom armrest reduces the danger of falling down in the humid environment of the bathroom;


2. Medical help. In addition to safety, with the help of the bathroom handrails, the elderly can use both hands and feet, decentralize force, easier, easy to go to the toilet, bathing;

3. Help care. In a lot of nursing scenes, the elderly need to stand in a short time. With the help of the handrail, the caregiver can save effort, and it will be easier and more comfortable.

The bathroom handrails are not only commonly used in the barrier -free design of the bathroom, but also use extensive use in other public areas such as indoor and outdoor. The correct choice, installation, and use of bathroom handrails are very effective to improve the quality of life of disabled people and the elderly and reduce the burden of caregivers and family members.