It was shocked by Hong Kong bloggers, the “minimalist wind” of the earth came to capture, and the walking textbooks of walking


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Among the many fashion bloggers,

Asian face


The fashionable essence is not much among the appearance of European and American looks. For a long time, we have been shared with European and American faces.


Especially deep

Earth color system

There are not many yellow skin people who can wear feelings. After all, the influence of natural skin tone is not so easy to wear fashionable.

However, there is such a Hong Kong fashion blogger who controls the minimalist European and American style without pressure, and it can be called a yellow -skinned textbook. How amazing is it? Follow Luo Wei’s look at it.

Hong Kong fashion blogger TSANGTASTIC’s appreciation

background analysis

: This fashion blogger is obvious, straightforward, thin, thin, and standard. The minimalist European and American style is of course suitable for it, but how did she wear fashion and show style?

After Luo Wei analyzed her match, he found the most important magic weapon:



Intersection Below, let’s take a look at the specific use.




Coat/trench coat/coat article

Minimal wind wear, reduced elements, embellishments, plus strength and silhouette, reflected in the contour lines of the straight line, emphasizing the sense of spontaneous power, that is, the refreshing strength.

It requires clothes and wearers


After the combination

Gas field

Show, lack of one. If you don’t understand this truth, you will never feel it. So how does the gas field express quickly? Secret is

Personal shoes


This is the case for her set. Please see: Pink long trench coat with a beige sweater and straight pants, is it simple? The whole is brilliant because of personalized white zipper boots. Sip and zipper are all fashionable and delicate elements.

The dark blue long coat in autumn and winter, wants to wear a minimalist atmosphere, the longer the better, it is best to reach the length above the ankle, which is beautiful and beautiful. The same color light blue tall -collar shirt and jeans inside,

Same color

High -level sense is self -evident.

But if you want to strengthen your style, you still need a white personality


Boots and bags

Come and complete. They drew the finishing touch and unexpectedly.

The same white zipper short boots are just as wonderful with khaki color trench coat. With a haze blue sweater and small white pants inside, it is simple but fashionable, khaki+white, successfully resolved dull and fashionable.

Camel double -sided cashmere coat

I believe your wardrobe has similar styles. How do you make it brilliant? The black color inside is not wrong, but it is different, but a pair of black zipper short boots are different, giving the fashion value, and immediately show the unique tone.

Golden decorative toe echoes the necklace. This combination


Be careful

The reason why the minimalist wind is good -looking, are you get?

Suit/short coat/sweater

Card Brown Wool Western Jacket, necessary items for commuting. She used beige and white to match, with a delicate turtleneck shirt inside, and a oat -colored sweater on her shoulders to create a focus on bright spots and weakened the effect of khaki.




White trousers

The brightening as a whole is the most classic resolution of the earth color system. The brown bag and gray black boots are embellished, highlighting the texture and the atmosphere.

Please note that her pair

Square boots

The same personality, obvious fashionable items, even have personality than clothes.

Big sweater+cigarette pants


Is it particularly familiar to seeing such a combination? I believe you must have matched it like this. The lazy and comfortable model of the big sweater is full of the same color pants.

When the color of the clothes is simple, the accessories must not be simple. Even if it is declining color embellishment, it is fashionable.

Black double -sided short coat

The cape -type design itself is full of highlights, with a classic high -grade gray cigarette pipe pants, simple atmosphere, and texture with texture to make black color.

Indispensable personality

Black boot

The unique zipper design can be extended vertically, and it can also be tall and thin.

Denim jacket+black inside, a daily set. Personal denim jacket, unique fabric printing makes it full of nature, with black sweaters and small black pants inside, very simple combination.


Bags and black boots

, Cingard’s back method is the focus of the collocation of autumn and winter bags, which can liberate the effects of both hands and achieve fashionable embellishment. Together with personalized boots, add highlights to the overall.

The weight of the shoes in her matching is not light. Almost every set of matching is equipped with a pair of characteristic shoes. Because of this, the minimalism has a component, forming a bright style, and it looks fashionable and advanced.

As shown in the figure below, this brown match is also based on


Personality sandals

Victory. The loose shoulder -pad T -shirt is all the rage in the past summer. With brown wide -leg pants, the color is slightly different to create a contrast conflict. Holding the pants and belt methods, the random scattered hair is not a fashionable manifestation?


Many times, we have been pursuing a kind of “fashion in the distance”, but we don’t know that we can make fashion all every day in daily life. A bag and a pair of shoes are its perfect manifestations.

Well, the above is the minimalist style of this fashion blogger. Although it is also yellow skin, it has not become her fashionable shackles.

The color itself is not wrong, the mistake is not to use it


,What do you think?

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