This summer is not popular in sunlight clothing! Take a look at the simple and comfortable air -conditioned shirt, fashionable and versatile


When it comes to summer, let us love and hate, it must be the air conditioner. The large sun is raising the temperature straight up, and the air conditioning in the room seems to be separated from the world. Although the coolness is very comfortable for a while, there will definitely be a coldness in this environment for a long time. Girls sitting in the office are most experienced, and they will choose to prepare blankets. However, there will be some extent that this will be a little bit out, so now the air -conditioned shirt is considered a big fire.

The air -conditioned shirt, as the name implies, is the clothes worn in the air -conditioned room. In fact, it is not just to keep warm, because in the summer, girls will be more cool when wearing it, so there are many places to show meat. At this time It can play a good role in sunscreen. And now the clothes of the clothes are more fashionable, so you can also add a lot of trendy models to wear. Casual and comfortable and versatile are really worth starting.


In fact, the air -conditioned shirt has a lot of fabrics and versions. Today we are talking about knitted fabrics. The thin knitted fabric is not only more comfortable to wear behind, but also very good breathability. The most popular way of dressing this year should be BM wind. This short, tight, and exposed item is very figure. This air -conditioned shirt is combined with BM wind and the most popular taro purple this year, with light -colored straight jeans, the fresh and girl’s breath comes.


The most popular colors in summer are actually this light blue, light green, and it is a real small fresh in matching. It is also a knitted version. This piece of Jennie’s body does not look so obvious, but the arms and hem are clearly designed, so even the solid clothes will not look too monotonous. It is also paired with light -colored jeans, which will look more in summer.

In fact, many girls want to turn white in summer, and sunscreen work is very well -in place. In fact, it is also a good choice with a white clothes. The dark green on Yu Shuxin is very white. Although the color is darker and not suitable for summer, it can be paired with some other accessories. For example, this red bow on her head will feel very young, but The dark green air -conditioned shirt really need to try it, maybe there will be different surprises.

Light -colored clothes are always very suitable for summer, but this camel is not so good. The hooded version is more biased towards the sports style, and the overall looks more comfortable and casual. The upper part of the version is relatively loose, the sleeves have a kind of lantern sleeve, the design is very good, and the hem has a tightening feeling. The slender waist is looming and sexy. White is really a panacea, and it is very good to match. If there is no way to control white, black is also a good choice.

Compared to these solid items, girls who can match them can try some of this color that looks more fashionable. Most of the background colors on this dress are dark purple, so girls with white skin can be well controlled, and then the color of different shades will look more fashionable. Some. I have to say that light -colored jeans are really too versatile.


The air -conditioned shirt is actually more convenient to wear a cardigan, but you must pay attention to the color matching while matching. Otherwise, it will not only show black, but it looks really strange. Like this dark ginger, even if it is more difficult to match the color, the color color is very important. Since the coat is dark, then the selection should be light color, so that the impact force visually is visually. It will be stronger.

Like this body, it looks very bigger. The beige and brown belong to this warm color color, but when you wear it, pay attention to the dark color matching, and it looks very harmonious. The brown vest is paired with beige air -conditioned shirts and light -colored shorts. The overall effect is very good. The light -colored air -conditioned shirt is also decorated with lace, which looks simple but not monotonous as a whole.

Do you find the one that suits you with so many air -conditioned shirts?

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