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How to use the little prodigy fully automatic washing machine:

First insert the power plug, put down or connect the drainage pipe, open the tap faucet, and put the clothes and laundry powder and additives to be washed into the washing machine. And turn the cover; then press the power switch to choose a good water level according to the amount of the washed clothes,

Based on the degree and material of washing clothes.

Select the program according to the situation, and then press the “Start/Pass” button to start the work of the fully automatic washing machine. After the final selection program is over, the bee tweee will make a bee sound, and the work will be cut off the power switch.

Knowledge expansion of the attention of washing machines:

1. When selecting the “washing” or “Rinse” program, the water level must be designed; when the dehydration program, the cover must be turned on, and the cover should not be opened often; Crossing, dangerous; at the same time, must not be washed or dehydrated, and clothing containing volatile substances.

家电 | 小神童全自动洗衣机怎么用?

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家电 | 小神童全自动洗衣机怎么用?

2. When washing hot water, you cannot use hot water above 50 ° C, and note that the water can not splash the wet control board, so as to avoid the internal electrical components, which is burned due to water.