Back to the future: Following Nike, Puma also pushed self -lace -up sports shoes PUMA FI


In mid -January, Nike Nike released the popular version of the self -use lace -up system basketball shoes Adapt BB, which can control the adaptive lace system through smartphones such as iPhone. Now, another large sports brand Puma Puma has also released a self -control system sports shoes PUMA FIT Intelligence, which can be controlled by iPhone, Apple Watch, etc., referred to as PUMA FI.

再回未来:继耐克后彪马也推自系带运动鞋Puma Fi

After 3 years, Puma has developed PUMA FIT and adopts a full black color design. There are blue LED lights on both sides of the lace -up system, which has a sense of future technology. Users can use gestures to slide their own lace -up system directly on the shoes, and can also loosen the tightness control on the upcoming iPhone and Apple Watch supporting applications.

Richard Lai, who is addicted to technology, was fortunate to get on this shoe for the first time and released a video of the initial experience.

再回未来:继耐克后彪马也推自系带运动鞋Puma Fi

Before wearing, you can adjust the three different loosening degrees. Unlike Nike Adapt BB, FI cannot automatically adjust the looseness during the dressing process.

PUMA FI is expected to be priced at $ 330, which is 20 US dollars cheaper than Nike’s similar products. The earliest lace -up system appeared in the classic science fiction movie “Back to the Future 2” in 1989. The system is amazing. Nike then started to develop a realistic version of MAG shoes, and then released Hyperadapt 1.0 in the lace -up system sneakers in 2016, but the price of $ 720 is not suitable for real wear. 2019 may be self -lace -up sneakers really realized popularization. One year.