How can we wear a fashion and luxurious fur vest?


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When you don’t say anything, the clothes wearing it on your body are your expression. It represents your aesthetics, your attitude towards life, and your personality and lifestyle.

Every winter, fur is always indispensable, and fur vests seem to be more popular with the tide girls, and the fashion essence has already been unable to wear it.

The biggest feature of fur vest is sleeveless, so that the upper body shape will not be too bloated.


If you don’t want to wear a “upstart” and you don’t want to hit the car with the “local tyrant”, you must do your homework in matching.

Let ’s take a look at the low -key and foreign daily wear of the fur vest!


The gentle temperament, with the same color tactical high -necked bottom shirt+wide -leg pants, elegant and temperament, is the favorite of street shooting people.

But girls with some fleshy body recommend that the bottoming shirt choose a dark color!

This year’s popular water drip -like fur vest, with high -necked bottom shirt+smoke gray jeans+over -the -knee boots, simple and stylish, will not give people a bloated and exaggerated feeling!

Rice white fur vest gives a very warm feeling.


With a dazzling bottoming shirt and slim dress, they are very beautiful and delicious!

Girls who like women who like women can try such a match.

The long style in the fur vest covers the length of the hips, and modify the shape.

With a bottoming shirt+high -waisted jeans, the fashion retro fan ~

When it is cold, the vest can be paired with coats and leather jackets to make you stylish and warm!

The apricot vest is very popular with bloggers, and it will not be old -fashioned.


With a knitted sweater+skirt, it is suitable to be cool and sweet, light luxury style ~

There is no piece of clothes that can highlight the high -end texture than fur vests. For environmental protection and ecology, cheap fur vests are also a good choice! Let the beauty change higher ~ Use fur vests to match your wardrobe’s beautiful clothes!


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