Mountain scenery and water scene shooting all strategies


The most particularly layered use of photos of the mountain view. If the shape of the mountain is an irregular triangle, then shooting close -up is not the best way. Here you can use mountains to cut part of the environment during the shooting, so that the mountains are stacked. The inverted triangle composition formed not only makes the picture more active, but also adds a mysterious atmosphere to the snow mountain.

If photographers can often walk with outdoor sports enthusiasts, they can shoot a lot of rare masterpieces. Because outdoor sports enthusiasts often avoid the routes that ordinary tourists often take, choose or develop a new adventure route, and even climb the peaks of non -tourist areas. If the photographer has such an opportunity, he must carry lightweight equipment and large zoom lens in order to get the beauty. However, before traveling, you must purchase the necessary outdoor equipment according to the requirements of outdoor athletes, as well as a photography bag that is convenient for equipment access.

When shooting the scenery of the mountain view, the filmmates often think that the telephoto lens will not be used to use it. In fact, this is not the case. The telephoto lens can not only take a long picture, but also help special composition, but also play a role in compressing the picture. In this way, the mountain photos taken will appear closely in the form. In order to keep the screen clarity, you can choose a multi -section folding tripod when shooting, and cooperate with the shutter line to assist the shooting.

The advantage of the digital SLR camera is not only the moment that can solidify the high -speed moment, but the record of “slow” is also its good play. When you want to shoot water views, if you adopt a normal automatic exposure mode, the effect will inevitably be sparse and common. If you use long -term exposure, the water flow is described as a smooth white silk thread, which will make others look at your shooting technology. The shooting of this kind of water is just the opposite of daily shooting. It is required that the environmental light is darker as possible. Only in this way can the exposure time be extended, so that the camera records the process of water flow. The commonly used method is to use the aperture of the camera to give priority to the exposure mode, reduce the aperture of the camera, reduce the amount of light in the lens, thereby extending the exposure time of the camera. If the ambient light is too bright, you can also use a gray mirror (ND mirror) to reduce light. Such a long exposure time is obviously not suitable for handheld shooting, so the camera must be fixed on the tripod to ensure the clarity of other elements in the photo.

Water is the source of all things. When taking photos of water views, you can find the scenery that matches it in the environment, such as the strange stones or shallow beaches on the shore, the moss stones in the water, or the flowing water plants in the water. The shooting of water view sketches is different. Do not include too many subjects in the screen, but this does not mean that it cannot be included in too many elements, but that each element must have a certain unity in form or color. Such a photo should be used. The combination will not appear messy and disorderly.

The color of the water is ever -changing, which may be the impact of ground minerals, or the blue reflection of the sky, or the reproduction of the beautiful scenery around the water. Grasp the color of water is the essence of scenery photos. In different seasons of a year, at different times of the day, the surface may show different colors. The most obvious is the effect of color temperature changes on color, followed by the effects of surrounding scenery on color. The best suggestion is to shoot sooner or later, because at this time, the light and shadow surface of the water surface will show a completely different color temperature effect, especially when using the sunlight balance mode of the digital SLR camera, the faint blue of the shadow will increase the color color to add a lot Essence In order to prevent the color of the water from being too monotonous, the silhouette can also be added during the shooting. During the shooting, the exposure compensation was deliberately reduced, so that the outlook in the darkness became an abstract line. At this time, you can also turn on the “reverse” mode of digital SLR cameras, or “gorgeous” mode to strengthen the color of the water.


When shooting by the water, try to hang the camera on the neck as much as possible to avoid the camera from falling into the water. If possible, you can also buy a wristband for your digital SLR camera. In this way, the two bands can ensure the safety of the camera to a greater extent. If you shoot in a rushing place, you can bring an additional lens UV protective mirror, so that even if the lens is splattered on the water, immediately put on the spare UV mirror to avoid missing the timing of shooting. When shooting a lot of water scenes, especially like waterfalls, you can find a shot of shooting to avoid the water mist eroding the camera in the air. When wiping the UV protective mirror outdoors outdoors, it is best to use a high -quality 3M wiper cloth. Before using it, go to the dust left or sticky dust to avoid scratching the coating on the lens. After shooting with a large humidity, you can use the sealing drying box to dry with a neutral silicone desiccant to dry the photography equipment to avoid excessive humidity affecting the electrical performance of the digital SLR camera while avoiding the lens of the lens. Given mold.

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