The car broke the news that the master teaches you to buy long -term machine filter!


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I wrote an article about the purchase of oil last week. Thank you for your support for all the friends. The first time I wrote an original article to get a warm response from everyone, it made me a little flattered. It seems that it is worth buying. In terms of car maintenance.

I noticed that there are valuable friends mentioning the problem of the purchase of oil filter in the reply. From this I also thought that many riders attached great importance to the choice of oil, but often ignored the importance of machine filtering, such as the day The maintenance suggestion of Korean cars is 5,000 kilometers per time, but because the full synthetic motor oil has been extended, the maintenance interval has been lengthened to 10,000 kilometers, and the original machine filter is not so suitable. So I decided to write another article about how to buy articles.

Popular science: What is the oil filter?

The oil filter, as the name suggests, is used to filter the oil. During the operation of the engine, the oil will continue to become dirty. The source of pollution is mainly from: first, the dust, water and other foreign impurities entering the air intake of the engine; the other is the metal dandruff generated by the cylinder wear; the third is the various types of oil oxidation produced by the oil oxidation. Organic acids, focus asphalt, carbides, and so on. These impurities will deteriorate the lubrication effect of motor oil, produce mud, and even cause engine wear. The role of the oil filter is to filter out these harmful impurities and allow the oil to maintain good lubrication performance in the working life. Simply put, machine filter is equivalent to the kidney of a car. Isn’t it important to say weight?

A ideal oil filter should have the following characteristics:

1. Large traffic, small resistance, and meet the needs of the engine oil on the engine;


2. The filtering accuracy and filtration efficiency are high. In short, it is to filter the impurities particles of various sizes as much as possible;

3. Life is long, and the life span is more than 5,000 kilometers.

However, in fact, these three performance indicators often restrict each other. If the resistance rises when the flow is large; the high filtration efficiency is often accompanied by the rapid rise in resistance and short service life. Therefore, the characteristics of actual products can only be based on demand. Treating.

Which long -acting machine filter is worth buying?

Here are some brands that are easy to buy by mainstream domestic e -commerce companies. The following cards are not necessarily suitable for your car. You can consult e -commerce to confirm that you can buy it before you avoid trouble.





Mann Manpai W610/6 Machine Oil Filter

Manpai belongs to the German Manhomar Group, and is the world’s number one machine filter brand in the world. Mando filters sold in China are divided into two types: imports and domestic. The materials, workmanship and performance of imported Man are obviously better, but the price is much more expensive.


1. Complete categories, high, medium, and low -end full coverage. Most models can find adapted machine filter models. Even in order to facilitate your selection of models, other brands need to tell you what the corresponding Mando model is.

2. Stable quality, more than 70 years of old brand, the quality has not been disappointed;

3. Good performance, especially imported Man. There is no pressure of 10,000 kilometers, which can meet the performance needs of most household vehicles.




If there is any disadvantage, it is that imported Man is too expensive and the price is not high.


Wix (Wix) oil filter WL7171


Wix is ​​now the same as Manpai. It belongs to the Hutan Merl Group with a market share second only to Manpai, the second in the world and the first in North America. The origin is mainly divided into American production, Polish production and domestic production. The differences in products in different produces are not very different, and American products will be slightly better.

1. Like Manpai, the category is very complete, and most models can find the right model;

2. The price is high, the general model price is only 20-30 yuan, and will only cost more than 10 yuan when engaged in half-price activities;

3. Good performance, the life expectancy of the ordinary model has reached the level of 10,000 kilometers. If there is a higher demand, there is a high -end Wix XP for you to choose.

Wix’s ingredients are relatively thick and large leaves (typical American goods), and the quality is still worse than Manpai.


Good price


Mahle (Mahle) oil filter/machine filter OC1196


Male is also one of the four major filter brands in the world. The product positioning is relatively low. The relatively good materials in the low -end filter are 8,000 kilometers. The advantages are very cost -effective. Even less than 10 yuan, you can choose to choose from a value for a low requirement for the mileage.


Sofima Sophma S3494R oil filter


Sophma may be a little lower in the country. It is a Italian brand with a high sales volume. The main domestic OEM market may be the best in low -end machine filter, which is very cost -effective.



Hengst (hengst) H97W13 motor oil filter oil filter oil grid

A German brand with a very good quality generally supports German cars. The products are also divided into two types of domestic and German production. Essence


——The segmentation line of high -end filter–


Here are some higher -end unpopular import machine filters. The common features of these high -end machine filtering are: the filter element uses higher -level synthetic fiber materials, the filtering accuracy and efficiency are higher, and the indicators of pollution capacity are higher. It generally reaches 15,000 miles.


1. square graph XG

American imported square brand TG/XG4386 synthetic motor oil filter element

Full synthetic fiber filter element, the price is about 60-80 yuan, the most affordable high-end filter is worth recommending!

2. Purple crown long -acting machine filter

Royal Purple Purple Crown

Full synthetic fiber filter element, the price exceeds 120 yuan, too expensive, and the price is not high.

3. Mobil EP

Original imported Mobil No. 1 Long-Effect Machine Filter M1-104

The semi -fiber filter element, the price is about 100 yuan, the cost performance is average.


4. Wix XP

Victor Long -Effect Machine Filter

Full synthetic fiber filter element, the material performance is similar to the square XG, the price is about 90-100 yuan

5. K & N PS/HP series

American K & N silver medal high -performance car oil filter

K & N is a competitive machine filter brand. There are two series of PS and HP series. The PS series focuses on high -traffic design, which can make the engine have better performance. The machine filter is almost the same.

Generally speaking, in addition to the square grades XG and K & N PS, these high -end machine filtrations are very expensive. Because domestic riders have rarely exceeded 10,000 kilometers, from the perspective of cost -effectiveness, individuals are not very recommended to buy vegetable cars. Use, high requirements for machine filtration performance, riders with a oil exchange cycle of more than 10,000 kilometers can consider buying.

Where should the machine filter buy it?

1. First choice


The category is complete, and the mainstream models recommended above are basically available, covering the vast number of models. The price is very cheap, and there will be a 199-100/299-150 activity of the car accessories every 1 or 2 months. The filter is usually the original price to participate in the promotion. The amount of 2 or three years can be paid to, and the needy riders can usually pay more attention to the type of car category that is worth buying.


Suning Online Market

Do not catch up with JD promotion and rush to filter with machines. You can buy it in Suning. There are often 2 20 % discounts, 3 40 % off such activities, and the price is also good.


3. Unpopular high -end filter can only find universal ones


Some of the well -known Taobao stores selling imported oil and machine filtration are still more reliable. The boss usually understands it. When the model is not allowed, you can consult customer service more.


The correct installation method of machine filter:

Generally, riders to change the oil by themselves, they all go to local auto repair shops. The problem is that many small workers in auto repair shops have not undergone professional training. Many installed filters are screwed into death. It is light to damage the rubber sealing ring of the filter, which causes oil leakage. If it is severely damaged, the screw of the thread is filtered, and even the next maintenance is difficult to remove the machine.


The correct installation steps should be:

1. Check whether the appearance of the filter is damaged, especially whether the shell and sealing ring are damaged.

2. Apply a new oil on the sealing circle.

3. Rotate the machine to the machine filter sealing ring with the hand to contact the seat (that is, when it is twisted to start hard).

4. Turn it with a wrench for 3/4 laps.


5. After installing the filter and oil, the ignition empty gear steps on the throttle to allow the engine to run for about 1 minute. Observe whether there is any oil leakage.

In order to think of the safety of the car, the riders still have to stare at the small work of the auto repair shop. If necessary, you must guide yourself. Don’t be afraid to pull your face.


As the saying goes: “Good horses should be equipped with a good saddle”. I hope that while caring carefully selects the oil, do not ignore the importance of machine filtering. Choose a good machine filter to give full play to the performance of the oil and let your engine get your engine to get your engine getting your engine. The best protection.



Good price

Good price