2021 Christmas must be worn by the Ferk Island sweaters worn by Princess Beckham and Princess Kate.


Christmas is coming soon. Although this is a festival that comes, the Western things, but these years have risen to the theme festivals because of business promotions, which have become the most played days of young people. It is also known that wearing a variety of “ugly sweaters” with family and friends is a new tradition of Christmas.


From celebrities to celebrities, they use practical actions to list sweaters.

For example, the British Princess Kate Middleton recently participated in the end of the year of the year, and she also presented a special Christmas program to host the virgin show. I saw her wearing a classic “Christmas color” red and white sweater, which was just right. Gaoshi Q Beauty! In addition to being busy with Royal officials, Princess Kate and Prince William also set up the oil pipe channel in May this year to share their lives in the way they are closer to young people. The first -time talks from people rushed to 4.88 million people to browse. In response to the tradition of Christmas, Princess Kate recently went to Westminster Abbey (also known as Westminster Cathedral) to participate in the end of the year. In fact, there was another task. “(Royal Carols: Together at Christmas), she also became a host in it and presented the host’s virgin show. Princess Kate’s special “Royal Song: Christmas together” preview was exposed, and the sweaters were discussed.

In this series of premiere previews, I saw Princess Kate wearing a Miumiu’s gastrocity sweater in the front of the camera. The fresh red+white match is completely “Christmas color”. The small white lapel is official and elegant. The hair curls into a romantic big curl and a signboard!


This MIUMIU’s gastrobe sweater, the price is 1,400 euros, which is a more expensive item in the princess Kate’s wardrobe.


The British football star David Beckham is no exception, and it also showed the unique sweater. A few days ago, he and his wife “Bei” Victoria. The most attractive thing in the picture was the blue sweater on his body! This sweater contains a large earth pattern, and wrote “SpiceWorld” in a bright color; this inspiration comes from the name of the album released by the hot girl in 1997. Beckham also wrote it in the text: “Yes! I am a fan!” Beckham’s sweater came from his wife Victoria Beckham, the same name, which is equivalent to promoting his wife in person.

It turns out that this sweater is the design of the brand of the same name of Bei to be a brand of the same name; the hot girl choir ushered in the 25th anniversary of the debut this year. Bei Yan launched the slogan T-Shirt with the debut song “Wannabe” in June. This time, it will play again this time. The sense of humor creates a “ugly sweater” like retro concerts. And Beckham’s post is not only one of the members of the Hot Girl Choir, who takes a photo of one of the members of the Hot Girl Choir, obtained another member Mel C to leave a message, but also was forwarded to the official account of the hot girl choir. success.


In fact, the “ugly sweater” of Christmas is often not really ugly, but the playful and lovely and festive pattern often runs counter to the fashion sense of “high cold” and “modern”! These sweaters not only make you do not need to be “ugly”, but also can still be the focus of the party!


# Must be the most representative of the Pale Island pattern at Christmas is the “Ferk Island sweater” with a sense of festivals! This printed pattern comes from Fair Isle, Scotland. It was originally famous for its former British King Edward VIII (that is, the uncle of the current Queen). One of the patterns. Not only POLO RALPH LAUREN will launch a variety of designs with this pattern almost every year. This year, the New York Fashion Week brand RAG & Bone also has the style of launching a high -necked style. After Gucci and The North Face, after last year’s cooperation, the joint design of the recent surprise again in the joint design of the launch of the Fern Island sweater is also cleverly incorporated into the pattern of the words of the two brands with the seasonal elements such as the Christmas tree. The small design of the ingenuity is quite intriguing! (From left) Polo Ralph Lauren Snow totem knit sweater, Gucci × The North Face Multi -color sweater, RAG & Bone white chrome turtleneck knitted sweater.

# The most stylish design is not only color and pattern. In fact, the sweater can also attract attention by cutting lines with full personality or interesting small details. In this year’s festival series, LOEWE not only is inspired by the original patterns of well -known British architect Charles Francis Annesley Voysey. From owls, birds, fruits and flowers, they have become the protagonists in a series of design. Asymmetric outline creates a fun and fun shape! The MSGM with a full score of the trend is deliberately decorated with the design of the pumping and the simple plaid; just wearing this sweater, I am afraid to be careful. Special designs are destroyed! (From left) Loewe knitted sweater, MSGM checked color knitted hoodie.

# To sell cute and cute patterns is also a popular option when choosing a sweater! POLO RALPH LAUREN’s “Polo Bear” at home will be replaced with special shapes corresponding to the cold winter at this time, such as holding hot cocoa, wearing down jacket skiing, etc., the shape is cute and cute. Recently, the bear is also added to the American fashion brand Guess in the design. This bear comes from the special design launched by the brand in the mid -1980s. The pattern with a retro atmosphere can be easily integrated into the shape. The French fashion brand Sandro cooperates with many people’s childhood memories of “Mr. Qi”, which focuses on multiple classic comic characters now on a variety of clothing and accessories. If you like to take a step ahead, Brooks Brothers has also launched a new sweater for the upcoming year of Tiger! The cartoon tiger patterns inspired by the zodiac “Tiger” in 2022 not only playful and cute, but also can be worn all the way to the New Year all the way. The CP value is super high. (Upper left to the bottom right) POLO RALPH LAUREN Bear Circle Covered sweater, Guess knitted sweater, Sandro × Mr Men Little Miss Yellow sweater, Brooks Brothers Fuhu Shengfeng sweater.

# The eye -catching color grab mirror If the cartoon pattern is too naive for you, you may wish to use the eye -catching color to become the focus of the party! The Italian top cashmere brand Loro Piana uses the warm and impressive orange and yellow to create a variety of winter designs. The clever color block combination is more like a “magnifying version” winter plaid, with simple and modern shapes. It is also contrasting. MSGM uses irregular fluorescent colors to collide with each other to create a trendy shape. The French brand Maje uses soft pink color tones to form an elegant crossbar combination. (From left) MSGM neon knitted top, Loro Piana turtleneck knitwear, Maje horizontal striped sweater