Photos of the internal organs of the Japanese Seven -Three -1 bacterial forces anatomical experiment exposure


Source: CCTV National Memory


On one side of the exposed wall of steel, three large chimneys stood by the wall.This is one of the iconic buildings of the Japanese Seventh -three Bacterial Force, the site of the boiler room.This base is the core institution planned, organized, and implemented the Bacterial War.The internal organs, razors, and specimens of the internal organs, razors and human internal organs of the seven -three ruins have brought us an unforgettable history.In that dark time, the person who continued to be transported was an anatomy for the “material” as an experiment.4500 incubators for breeding fleas can be cultivated every three or four months.The experiments were tied to a stake with frozen stakes and arranged into a circle.Died by the experiment or died on the spot, or infected with bacteria torture in the torture of the disease.At least 5,000 people were killed for 13 years.The cruel facts should not be tampered with, and history must never be forgotten!