The insulation pot that can burn the water is light and easy to carry. Mom no longer has to worry about the hotel’s kettle.


The days of school are in front of you. Are the children used in school to be prepared? Our Chinese parents love to tell their children to go out to “drink less ice drinks and drink more hot water”, so this equipment must be matched. As a mild cleaning patient, I strongly recommend that parents prepare a convenient electric kettle for their children, so that children can drink clean hot water at any time in school.

I always saw all kinds of news about hot kettle hygiene in public places. You never know what the public can burn before. This is definitely not alarmist.

Some netizens burst out before. A female leader of a tour group witnessed the old lady in the same house.


Hotel boiled kettle boiled its own “dirty underwear”


After discovering, although the leader also stopped the old lady, it was too late, and the underwear had been cooked … I really want to know how they drink water in those days.

In fact, this kind of thing is not the first time it has been burst out.

You can see some netizens posted on the Internet and say that there are “love clean” girls around me, and they are accustomed to boiling panties in the hotel teapot.

Some people have to cook every night, and some have seen others cooking with my own eyes

Anyway, I won’t drink water in the pot.

This kind of situation is not a minority. Before the “hotel hot kettle boiled underwear”, it has been put on

Weibo hot search

, The hotness discussed by netizens ~

Many friends commented that in fact, there are not only the situation of cooking underwear, but even the condoms and drunk tenants in the kettle. When they are unclear,

Put the pot as a vomiting bag

, And cooking crabs and tea eggs in the kettle …


Not much better abroad

Australian News Group post: “Some hotel guests will use electric kettle to boil panties”

The British Sun reported: “When you know what some hotel guests have done with hot kettle, you may never want to use a hot water pot”


In 2015, Japan’s Sirabee website conducted a survey, whether you pee in the hotel’s kettle. Among the 326 netizens interviewed, 12 (about 3.7 %) admitted that they really did so. That is,


Among the 100 people, 4 people urinate in the kettle

Essence Well, very incredible


Seeing this, it is estimated that your heart is like me, it is collapsed

The dirtyness of the hotel’s kettle seems to be a cross -border. We have not worked hard to delve into this person why these people do this. What we can do is to go out and prepare a portable kettle for ourselves and family members. There are clean hot water everywhere.

Today I want to recommend a portable electric hot kettle that I will travel and travel on a business trip. It’s the following way


The lines are smooth and simple. The vase of the vase with a sense of design is clean. Even if it is usually placed at home or on the desk, the face value is absolutely online.

As a portable kettle, of course, the most important thing is to be exquisite size.


Put it with the thermos cup, you can’t see much

In the luggage, you can put it in one corner,

Probably the position of a pair of shoes

You can pack and take it away easily.


Weighing only



Lighter than the lightest and thinnest Apple notebook computers

, Put in the backpack and box, basically do not increase much weight.


Although the kettle is small and exquisite, the capacity is not ambiguous. The large capacity of 500ml,


2-3 people drink more than enough

Boil once, rinse instant noodles, soak milk powder.

When you want to irrigate and boil water, press the automatic button on the kettle lid, the button will bounce up, pull the handle, and you can open the water cover.


After pouring the water, insert the power, press the switch on the pot, and start burning the water. The time to burn water is quite fast,


It can be burned in 3 minutes

When the water temperature is lower than 85 ° C, it will be heated again, allowing you to drink boiling water.

Of course, if you don’t want it to heat it, you can close the power button.

I like it very much, it is its cool water outlet design,


360 ° can be reversed in the circle of water

It is particularly smooth to use ~

If you use it as a whole, you will feel that it is a particularly textured. The design details are very thoughtful. It feels very comfortable to use. It is like a friend with a friend. kettle.

In fact, I have been using a portable kettle a few years ago, until now,

The most on the market is the following kind of folding silicone kettle that can be folded, and I used it before.

Silicone folding kettle

Naturally, it has its advantages. The biggest advantage is that it can fold and not occupy the place. However, what,

After a long time, you will find that it also has a lot of shortcomings, such as smell, easy to do, not insulation, and so on.

But the electric kettle I used to solve these shortcomings perfectly

Let me show you a careful display ~


The biggest disadvantage of silicone kettle is the taste

The boiled water has a silicone flavor

Tea and milk powder change the taste, and it is very wronged to drink directly.

Go to the Internet to roll the evaluation of a silicone folding kettle, and some people really complain about this problem.

Why does the electric kettle made by silicone?

This is because the silicone material needs to be produced

Add catalyst


There may be there in it

Vulcanizing agent

There will be a unpleasant taste.


If you accidentally buy a pot with poor ingredients, the boiled water may have a bad effect on the body ~


I don’t need to worry about this problem with this electric kettle I use

Because of its


The inner tendon is made of 316 medical -grade stainless steel, which has no taste yet

You know that ordinary electric kettle, the inner tendon is generally used for 304 stainless steel. Compared with 304 stainless steel, 316 added 18%chromium and 10%nickel to make it

Stronger corrosion resistance,

So in the industry, 316 stainless steel is safer and durable than 304 stainless steel.

The electric kettle made of it is naturally better.


Many friends who have used this hot kettle, also said that it has no odor to use, and more at ease ~


There is a dangerous place in the silicone kettle, which is easy to scald. Many silicone kettles, after the water is boiled, the surface will be hot, and the temperature may reach 80 degrees. If there are children beside, pay special attention.


But Mofei electric kettle is just

Not hot at all

, There are just boiled boiling water in the kettle, it’s okay to put your hand up ~

This is because the body of this electric kettle is used

Double -layer vacuum design


, Cold inside heat. Even if the water temperature is 100 °, the pot body is still not hot ~

There is also a disadvantage of a silicone kettle that makes people’s brain pain, which is relatively easy to dirty. Silicone is easy to dip the dust in the air, placed in the suitcase rubbing with clothes, and the surface is easy to get ashes, especially the creases of the folding storage are easier to hide dirt, and finally slowly become gray. ~


If you want to keep it clean and look good, you can’t do without repeated scrubbing of rags and cleaners.

But the electric kettle I use is smooth stainless steel outside,

Do not stick to gray, usually use paper towels to be cleaned, just like the new one!


Some old -style silicone hot kettle, although the pot body can be folded, but the small tail with a power cord on the buttocks cannot be removed, which not only affects the face value, but also the storage is not convenient. Someone on the Internet is talking about it ~

The new silicone kettle improved the design and made the power cord into disassembling, but when I pack it, it is easy to lose it. I put it in a kettle in vain ~

But a good design will not make you have these troubles. You see this electric kettle I use,

It has a groove that stores the power cord, and the power cord is circled one by one in it

Just pull it out when it is used ~

Then stuck the wire in the groove, so that the pot can stand smoothly on the water. You can see that the bottom of the pot still has non -slip bottom glue to increase friction, so that you don’t have to worry about the pot accidentally dump.

When it is not used, put it back, it does not take up the place at all, because it does not need to be disassembled, so it will not lose it.

Therefore, sometimes a good design is in the most details, which is convenient for you.

As a must -have portable kettle for travel, it uses it

110V ~ 240V wide voltage configuration

Whether you go to the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States or Australia, it is okay to use it ~

Remember to match the suitable local conversion head.


Small and convenient, there is no place, no odor material. If the full score is 100 points, I can give 99 points for this portable electric hot kettle. The remaining 1 point is to keep it humble ~


Even if it is so perfect, it still has a big hidden skill, that is


In addition to it is a delicate portable electric kettle, it is also an easy to use the insulation pot. Its double -layer vacuum design can lock the warm warmth in the pot.

I specifically measured its thermal insulation effect. When I went to work in the morning, I boiled a pot of water, and it was still warm when I got off work in the afternoon. So, with it,

When you travel outside, boil a pot of water in the car, and drink hot water all day ~


It is attached to its official heat insulation time, 6 hours and 50.8 ° C!



You have this portable electric heating kettle, which is equivalent to a thermos that is convenient to carry with you.




There is a whole day of the meeting to be opened

If it is not convenient to pour water at any time, you can bring this thermos pot, and you can drink it at any time.



Travel abroad

The hot water must be prepared. You can put the pot in the car and the backpack. It comes with a velvet bag, which is also convenient to carry it in hand.

Spring is suitable for drinking some white fungus, peach gum and the like


You can cook in the morning and put it in the insulation pot and bring it to the company.

There are delicious sweet soup all day long

They all say that the savvy housewife is the most attractive, such a good thing like a top two is definitely to give himself “Page” ~

My super powerful portable electric hot kettle, yes

Home appliance brand Morphy Richards Mo Fei Electric


Essence Mo Fei Electric was established in 1936,


It has 83 years of history

, Products are best -selling in more than 40 countries around the world.


In 1957, the company’s 21st anniversary party

His small home appliances must be a good and beautiful design. It was sold well before. Many friends started the multifunctional cooker. This electric kettle also crushed a lot of portable kettles in terms of face value and function. Won the name of the design industry Oscar

German Red Dot Award


Open Xiaohongshu, you can see a lot of beautiful girls and hot moms. They boast that it is good to use. It is a must -have for traveling!

However, the size of a pair of shoes, putting a little in the luggage, it does not take up the place, and it is not heavy.

The hotel’s kettle dare not use it at all, rest assured if you have this

The taste of silicone is somewhat taste, there is no odor at all


Do not take up space, go out and play with it, it is not heavy

With this portable insulation pot,

You can make a cup of tea at ease in the hotel

Enjoy a good time after a day after a day, a good time after a day,

No need to stare at the water -stained teapot for worry

It can also be

When traveling in a foreign country

, Bring it in the luggage, or put it in the car, and a cup of warmth of heart and stomach at any time.

Warm your hometown of Chinese stomach


When you are driving for a long distance


, Boil a pot of water before going out. Its thermal insulation function can make you


Do not delay coffee, bubble noodles, and giving children milk powder.


With its high value,

It’s also good to put it on your desk


Then you have you

The exclusive beautiful kettle, no need to queue up and other public water dispenser bovid water

, Boil if you want to drink, drink, drink, and comfortable.

On the coffee table at home,

Make a separate small kettle for customers

When the weekend sun is bright,

Chat with girlfriends and drink flower tea

, It can keep boiling water, it is a very good companion ~

Usually we buy a folding boiling kettle for silicone, which basically requires about 200 yuan, and there will be a silicone flavor. It is difficult to drink water. If the material is not good, it may be harmful to the water in the water, then it is not good to be good It’s right.

Let’s be the material of the stainless steel of Mofei Portable electric kettle,

The burning water is safe and pure, and it is not hot or occupied. The most important thing is not only to burn water, it is a reliable insulation pot, so you are equivalent to spending money and buying two, which is very cost -effective!

Usually buy


A portable hot kettle is about 200 yuan

A long -lasting thermal insulation cup, 150 yuan up and down, add up to 350 yuan


, But a Mo Fei can burn water and heat preservation. The daily price is 328 yuan.

During the event, only 278 yuan!


I want to drink clean water when I go out. This pot is a very affordable choice. If you want to place it quickly!

For more products that children can use in the opening season, you can click the figure below to buy it.