Tile Cold Knowledge -Private Tolls Putting Tibetan


Private tiles, as the name suggests, are tiles produced by private throwing plants. These private throwing plants are supplied to brick embryos by other factories, only polishing and packaging lines.

Causes and backgrounds of private throwing plants. In the 1990s, the real estate industry began to rise. The tile industry has also begun to develop on a large scale. The market space is getting bigger and bigger, and they all want to share a share here. However, the tile production industry is another high -funded investment industry, which has led to the emergence of private throwing plants. As long as the back -end processing line and brand packaging are made, it will begin to open up its own market. This is also related to the law of ceramic production. Once the kiln is opened, it cannot be stopped. It must be produced all the time. If it is not consumed, it can only be sold to other factories. With the development of the market, many companies also have problems with difficulty in operating and overcapacity, and they have to consume their production capacity to private throws. Later, there was a professional factory for private throws. In the ceramic land, Foshan, and even a spectacular scene of private throwing streets.


Private throwing plant operation logic. Low fixed asset investment, small market risks. Enterprise organizational structure is simple and efficient. Market and cost -effectiveness are the operation logic of private throwing plants. The price advantage of private bricks is mainly reflected in several aspects. First, the processing efficiency is high. There are only processing lines, few production categories, and efficient production. Second, the brick embryo is controlled. Of course, the price of brick embryo cumulative voltage goods is of course lower than normal, and the brick embryo supply channels are diverse. Third, the marketing cost is small. The proxy channel is simple, generally the agent of the manufacturer directly managed the final end. There are fewer business and market personnel, and four or five people can operate a brand. The brand propaganda costs are low, no activities, no promotion, and almost no advertising costs.

Brand and products of private throwing factory. The general brand building of the private throwing brand brand is relatively backward, and the sales organization is simple, that is, naked products. There are many brands of private throwing plants, and they should account for more than 20 % of the industry. The relatively famous private throw companies include Anji enterprises, in the direction of enterprises, famous emperors, and Huibang enterprises. Private toll -up products are not fashionable. There are fewer colors, and they are generally popular in the market. The original new flower original factory is generally unwilling to do it for private throwing plants, so the color update always cannot keep up with the rhythm. The quality of private bricks is extremely unstable. Because the sources of brick embryos are diverse, and the quality of the brick embryo determines the quality of tiles, the quality is also good and bad. As the private throwing factory eats the original market, many originals are unwilling to supply high -quality brick embryos for private throwing plants. Furthermore, some enterprises in private throwing plants compete for vicious low prices, and the quality of tiles is not as good as before.


The size of the private throwing plant. At present, private throwing plants still occupy a large market size. The second -tier and third -tier market share is very high. In particular, most of the county -level markets, most of the tile wholesale is privately throwing products. Although the national environmental protection policy is tightened, many private throw companies have become more and more difficult to hold brick embryos, and even some private throw companies have begun to build kiln and began to move towards the brand road of “original original throw”. However, as long as the ceramic market exists, the private throw industry will not die.