The husband’s crystal curtain is used to do a partition to keep the entire space interval and save the space and money


This design case is mainly based on young, brisk design orientation. The rationalization of the overall architectural pattern reduces the amount of project volume of the overall transformation. The integration of the overall customer restaurant enables each space to be as possession as possible.The division is to use the advantages of the original building to highlight the atmosphere and lively space, and reflect the lightness and vitality of the space with the simple shape.

Decoration method: full packaging decoration

Decoration style: modern minimalist

Community apartment: 130 square meters, three rooms and two halls


Decoration cost 100,000


Designer: Ren Shuaijie

Porch decoration, make simple and round door holes to reflect the perfect structure of the original apartment, focus


Decoration of the guest dining room, the crystal curtain is made of a partition to make the entire space interval and keep constantly

The use of living room decoration, gypsum board and wallpaper highlights the clear overall decoration




Plane layout plan

Master bedroom

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