Xi Qingzi is not a comprehensive Zhang Zhizhi, wearing coral velvet short sleeves with jeans, the gas field is super strong


Xi Qingzi is not a gas bag Zhang Zhizhi! Wearing green coral velvet short sleeves with jeans, sharp eyes


Recently, the TV series “Dear Self” is currently being broadcast. We all know that Xi Qingzi plays the role of “Zhang Zhizhi” in the play. I have to say that Zhang Zhizhi is really too difficult. Bullied, such a role also made many netizens feel distressed.

Recently, Qing Qingzi also issued a lot of new wear. These are really fashionable and trendy, and A are again. Finally, they are no longer the “Zhang Zhizhi” in the play! Let’s take a look at Xi Qingzi’s fashion dress together!

Xi Qingzi Fashion Dress Awards


1. Green coral velvet short sleeves with blue denim trousers

In fact, the original appearance of Xi Qingzi is relatively beautiful and characteristic, so when wearing, there are many styles that can be controlled. In this dress, she chose a very fashionable coral velvet short sleeve. This year, many brands are making such cloth clothing, because it looks really textured!

Therefore, if friends who are pursuing texture and wear can still try such cloth clothing, but it is worth noting that the color of such clothing is generally bright, so it is not particularly suitable for friends with yellow skin. We are wearing.


When we match, we often choose a more versatile color to wear, or the color looks very comfortable, so many people in the color with higher saturation are actually more rejected.

However, this dress of Xi Qingzi made us see the retro and advanced sense of greenness with high saturation. In fact, if it is a girl who is more attractive to attract people, you can really choose to wear such a highly saturated color. You can really see you at a glance in the crowd!

The hairstyle that Xi Qingzi chose this time is also a very popular semi -dry and wet hair recently, and it looks like it can make people feel full of offensiveness.

Although the lower body match this time is still very versatile jeans, this can allow us to focus on the upper body, so that our wear can be more fashionable and natural.

Second, China Ling sweater with white shorts

In fact, Xun Qingzi is still very able to control such sports fashion styles. In this dress, Xi Qingzi chose a Chinese collar sweater with white shorts. It looks like a very strong sense of sports. It is very suitable for us to wear it. take.

However, it should be noted that although the Chinese collar sweater can more reflect our fashion trend than the low -neck sweater, it is still not friendly for people with short necks, so I hope everyone can buy it carefully according to their physical characteristics. Intersection

In the entire dress, the red and blue color of the sweater is undoubtedly the most eye -catching. It can not only bring us enough visual impact, but also bring an endless fashion trend to our wear.

This kind of Qing Qingzi really looks like a street fashion cool girl. Just like this, who dares to bully casually? In fact, we can also show the aura we wear through wearing!


Third, basketball uniforms with loose denim trousers

This kind of Qing Qingzi really looks like a fashion cool girl with a neutral style and very personal.

In wearing, she used a green basketball suit with a white T -shirt, and the lower body was selected from a very loose denim trousers. This kind of dress is really good! What the cool girl is full of personality is our Qi Qingzi!

In addition, Xi Qingzi also uses a lot of details to reflect her cool girl image, such as silver metal chain necklace and silver earrings, black baseball caps and sunglasses. With personality, it is not easy to mess with.


In fact, we must also pay attention to the matching between various elements when wearing it, so that we can make our wear more personalized.


Although Xi Qingzi looks like a lady, she also has the side of her fashionable and cool girl! Therefore, when we wear it, we can also pay attention to discovering our different wear styles, and we can also be a variety of personalized girls!

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