The milk box lifts my hands and threw it too much, teach you 10 hidden useful uses, saving money, beautiful and practical


Buying milk at home is a box of boxes. If the carton accumulates more, you can sell money, but few people know that the milk boxes are also useful. Here you teach you the 10 hidden usage of your milk box. The money does not say that it is beautiful and practical, let’s take a look together!



Milk box lifts the curtains

After a long time for curtains, it will inevitably be lost. At this time, we take off the milk box’s handle and use it to tie the curtains. It is beautiful and easy to use!

2. Master of a mask rope

Due to the epidemic reasons, we must wear a mask now when I go out. It is a whole day when we wear it, and the ears are red for a long time. At this time, we can use the milk box to lift their hands to tie the mask rope. The method is very simple. We will mention it. We will mention it. One end of the hand is put on the mask rope, and then wearing the kick on the other end on the mask, so that even if we wear a mask for a day, the ears will not be red.

3. Replace the door handle or drawer handle

The door handle or drawer have broken, and the right replacement cannot be found in a short time.


4. Make toilet lid hand


We can also stick the milk box with hot melt glue on the toilet lid so that we can use the hand to contact the toilet lid directly when using the toilet.

5. Make a pot hook

When there are too many large and small pots in the family, you can stick the milk box to the pot and hang it up, which can save space.

6. Sticking to the kitchen and putting a rag

Stick your hand on the wall of the kitchen for rags. The space is neat and beautiful, and you can use a few more can also be used to put kitchen utensils such as spatula.


7. Putting umbrellas such as umbrellas in porch

Put the milk box with two hands on the porch wall. The umbrella is placed in place. You don’t have to worry about water stains on the ground. You can also use a mop or broom in the bathroom.

8. Reservation data cable


In the era of a mobile phone per capita, the charger is also one person, and the data cables seem to be more messy. We poke a few small holes with scissors on the milk box. Open it, and then stick to the charging place with hot melt glue, so that you can put various data cables, which is very convenient.


9. Fixed garbage bag


The garbage bags in the trash can always be fixed. At this time, we cut the raised hands into two sections and stick to the trash can, so that the bag will not slip off.

10. Make effort to use hands


Occasionally I buy a lot of things when we go out and shop. The plastic bag is very handle. We use a milk box with a glove on a plastic bag, so that it will not work with it to lift the bag.


I am a wonderful girl, share my family wonderful tricks every day!