I heard that the boy wore a white shirt, and the return rate was 100 %.


Sometimes I fall in love with someone because you have a car and a house, but that the sun is very good that afternoon. You wore a white shirt.

Many girls should have imagined such a picture. In a sunny afternoon, a teenager wearing a white shirt passed by by you. At that moment, it was stunning and warmed the years.

I saw a netizen before saying:

Men wearing a white shirt are all aphrodisiac.

Although this is a bit exaggerated, it also directly illustrates the charm of the white shirt.


The man wearing a white shirt is indeed very attractive.

Cai Xukun

Put on a white shirt and a small curly hair. It is the best spokesperson for the salt boy.

Speaking of a white shirt,


The three small only do n’t wear less, and each time I feel different, I feel full of vitality.


However, the white shirt is not that you want to wear it, you will wear it, you can match it, otherwise you will have a breath of soil even if you wear it!

Today I will bring you a few kinds of white shirts of boys. They are simple and handsome. Boys who want to improve their face value through white shirts this summer, hurry up and learn!

1. White shirt + shorts

The weather is getting hotter, and the shorts with white shirts may be the most refreshing wearing boys!

It is best to repair the body with a shirt, avoid hypertrophy or too tight, and roll up the sleeves; the choice of shorts should also pay attention. It is not beautiful to be about 2cm above the knee. Cotton or linen.

2. Standing collar white shirt+light -colored denim crop

The strong pushing the stylistic shirt is a more favored style in the past two years, and it gives people a more clean and capable feeling. White shirts and jeans are almost perfect, no matter how you make it, it will not be ugly. Of course, the light -colored nine -point denim will be younger and younger, and it is super dazzling in the sun in the summer! Everyone is suitable for a dress.

3. White shirt + trousers


In all fairness, white shirts with trousers are recognized as the highest value.


Especially for business men with good figures, wearing this is so handsome to have no friends. Of course, the premise is that you have to wear it. For example, the nine points of the pants are popular, exposing the ankle, and do not let the legs pile together; you can not be too fat or too thin; , The width of the band should be appropriate, don’t be too wide; the color of the leather shoes should be consistent with the color of the belt; there are also, remember to wear a mechanical watch!

4. White shirt with black casual pants


White shirt with black casual pants is definitely a classic of black and white. Simple black and white matching, simple style combined together, it feels very simple and clean, and it will never give people an outdated feeling. In addition, this black and white matching can give people a calm feeling, and it will not look frivolous and naive.



The collar of the shirt should also pay attention to a lot. For boys with long necks, try not to choose a round neck shirt, because the round neck will only stretch the neck. For boys with less perfect necks, they try to choose the shirt collar as hard as possible when choosing a shirt, otherwise the too soft material will make the neck look thicker.

It is said that men wearing white shirts are all male gods. Boys act.