Nani? What kind of ghosts do you miss milk after giving birth! This little trick allows you to stay away from embarrassing 5 anti -overflow pad evaluation


The leakage of milk is a hurdle that every breast milk mother can’t get around. When I went out, I suddenly found that I was wet on my chest … emmmmmm. This embarrassment may only be understood by being a mother. Is there any way to prevent this embarrassment? It must be, the emergence of anti -filled milk pads is to solve this problem.

So, what kind of anti -milk pad is a good product that is really suitable for mothers? Today, the PCBABY product evaluation room will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of 5 hot -selling anti -overflow pads. Whose performance is better? ? Let’s evaluate!

Dang Dang Dang Dang … This evaluation product appeared!

In order to make the entire experiment more scientific and fair, the PCBABY evaluation room will join hands with well -known domestic testing institutions-

Hua Test Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

For the five anti -overflow custards of this review, just

Absorption performance (leakage, recovery, water absorption rate)


纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Safety performance (pH value, migrant fluorescence substance, free formaldehyde, microorganism)

The important performance of the two major items conducts laboratory testing.

When professional evaluation encounters professional testing, what sparks will it collide? Look forward to it!

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Why can it be tested by Xiaobian’s “Devil”? Please look down!

First round

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Lightness & breathable, which one can make mothers light up?

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

1. Lightness

In the sultry summer, a light and light anti -milk pad, more comfortable. So who is thinner and thinner? Let’s measure it with a precise cursor and electronic scale together.

PS: We first measure the total thickness and total weight of the five anti -overflow pads, and then calculate the average of the thickness and weight of the single piece to reduce the error.

The measurement results are as follows ↓

Lightly ranking:

*Early> 嫚*>*pro -dear, wow*> ten*knots*

From this point of view, the first anti -overflow cushion is a veritable “slim” ~

2. breathability

The breastfeeding breasts are most afraid of being stuffy. In a humid environment for a long time, not only is it bad for the skin, it is more likely to breed bacteria. Based on the attitude of being responsible for the Baoma, the breathability test must be available!

testing method:

A cup is built upwards above the anti -overflow pad, and the time of the start of the fog is recorded. Observe the water vapor situation in the cup in 1 minute or 5 minutes. The faster the water vapor is full, the better the breathability.

The result is as follows ↓

Ranking of breathability:

*Early> Ten*Jacking*>*pro -pro -proxy> 嫚*> Wow*

Summary of evaluation:

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Based on the two test results of this game, the ten*knot*and wow*performed well in breathability, but the lightness appeared slightly weak. In comparison,*at first in both aspects of breathability and lightness, especially in the thinness of lightness, it occupies a significant advantage. Moms are also very comfortable to use in summer. You do n’t need to worry about it. You do n’t need to worry about it. Cover the skin ~

The first light and light & breathability scoring results:

second round

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Look at the packaging material, are you get in these hidden information?

1. Sealing & convenience

If the sealing of the product is not good, the anti -overflow pad is easily polluted. If it is inconvenient to use, the novice mummy will take the baby to be more busy. Therefore, let’s take a look at the packaging of five products whether the packaging is sealed to prevent pollution ↓

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

After comparison, the first, ten*knots*, 嫚*, wow*are all in the form of carton OR packaging bag+independent small packaging, which are well sealed and easy to carry! It is easy to pull out, and it is inconvenient to use secondary.

Then, compare the internal packaging degree of the five products ↓

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Ranking degree:

*Early,*pro -pro -pro -proof> ten*knots*, wow*> 嫚*

2. Material

Choosing anti -overflow pads, the texture is important.

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Under normal circumstances, choosing a high -absorbing polymer and non -woven material is the best choice, because the polymer absorbing polymers absorbing layer can quickly absorb breast milk prevention. Essence

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

What materials do these five products use?

The ingredients of these five anti -overflow pads are surface non -woven fabrics, the middle polymer absorbs resin, etc., and the bottom PE film is worth mentioning. Like silk, mothers wear more comfortable and breathable!

3. Back glue viscosity

A mother of Baomi went out to go shopping, and seemed to have fell from her body. It turned out to be anti -overflowing pads, which was embarrassing. Essence Essence Therefore, it is important to choose a anti -overflow pad that is firmly pasted and the gel without marks. Next, let’s do a test of product viscosity.

First put the anti -overflow pad on the inside of the breastfeeding underwear, press it to sticate it, and then shake the breasts to observe whether the milk pad will fall.

Immediately after many tearing 20 times to observe the stickiness of the product and whether there will be a gel back on the breastfeeding underwear when the several products tear it off.

Test results ↓

Good news! Five products are firmly posted, and they can be torn off completely, and no back glue remains on breastfeeding underwear when it is torn off.


According to the national standard “QB/T 5049-2017 Milk Pad”, the gel viscosity of the milk pad should be moderate, and the clothing should not be damaged when peeling with the underwear.

However, during the test, the editor found that when 嫚*and Wow*were peeled off the underwear, the surface of the breastfeeding underwear would have a little hair, which may be because these two models were strong.

The second pack material scoring results:

In this PK, the ten*knot*is not an advantage in the sealing & convenience.*It is not convenient to use it. *The initial sealing is better and easy to use, firmly paste, no marks, the material used is soft, breathable and dry

Third game

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Talk about the trial experience and feel that it is really good to let the mother say good!

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Which brand of anti -overflow cushion is good? I believe: those who have used anti -overflow pads are the most right to speak! The lactating mothers say good anti -overflow pads are really good! Which brand of anti -overflow pads can receive breastfeeding mothers What about praise? Look at the following ↓

The results are sorted as follows:

The test results show,

The brand that has been well received by breastfeeding mothers is:

*Early, 嫚*.


The highest praise rate

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Anti -cream pad brand is mainly


The mothers who participated in the evaluation all feedback that it is moderate thick and more comfortable than the thick ten*knot*. It feels smooth and soft, and the absorption ability and dryness are very good. The 嫚*anti -overflow cushion is also comfortable and breathable, but the dryness and water absorption are still a certain distance compared to the beginning.

Specific mothers who want to buy anti -milk pads may wish to learn more about well -known brands that have been well received by breastfeeding mothers, such as*Chu and 嫚*, so as to choose the anti -overflow pad that suits you best.


Core performance competition! Who is more powerful?

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

In addition to safety, it is not easy to leak milk for anti -overflowing milk pads? Is it not enough to dry enough? Is it more sucking? These are also the targets that Baoma pays attention when buying anti -overflow pads. And these professional terms are expressing

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Leakage, recovery and water absorption rate

These three key points.

In the national standard “QB/T 5049-2017 Milk Pad”, there is no relevant regulations and detection methods on milk pad leakage, so we refer to the same type of product-domestic diaper standards (GB/T 28004 2011) to detect the leakage The two items are measured in this project, and the two items of recovery and water absorption are tested in accordance with the detection method in the light industry standard “QB/T 5049-2017 Milk Pad”. What is the final result? Hurry up and lock the test results below ↓

Test Results:

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

The five anti -overflow pads of this evaluation have reached standards for the recovery and absorption multiplier items.

In terms of recovery volume, the four pouring quantities of the four models of the beginning, ten*,*, and the kinship wow*are all 0, and the dryness is great!, 嫚*is slightly insufficient compared to the other four.

In terms of water absorption, the first performance is excellent and far ahead! Ten*knot*and wow*follow it, ranking second. Although the affinity 虽然*has also reached the standard, there is still a certain gap compared with the previous models.

Finally, look at the leakage. The amount of leakage of the five anti -overflow pads is 0.1, and the leak -proof ability is good!

In this game, the performance of the beginning, ten*, and wow*all performed well. Oh, in addition, the ten*knot*, wow*love achieved the good results, that is, the amount of sucking milk is not as good as the beginning ~

The fourth core performance score result:

Fifth game

The knockout is launched! It is safe without passing PASS!

As a personal product on the “baby granary”, many Baoma is most worried about the safety of anti -overflow pads. Our attitude is also safe and not to talk about everything! So, let’s take a look at whether these five anti -overflow pads can be. This hurdle after safety performance testing!

According to the detection method in the national standard “QB/T 5049-2017 Milk Pad”, the professional testing agency conducted a mild test (pH value), migrant fluorescence substances and risk substances (free formaldehyde, microorganisms) of the five anti-overflow pads (pH value) Test.

The result is as follows ↓ below ↓

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

The skin of the five types of anti -overflowing milk pads is very good. The pH value meets national standards, and no migrants and risk substances are detected.

Fifth game safety performance score result:

Five anti -overflow cushions are all qualified, safe and pass!

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

The ultimate summary comes!


Win the championship with high scores! Comprehensive ranking first, sprinkle flowers ~

It is worthy of praise that the five professional test results of the five anti -overflow pads participating in this evaluation have reached the standard, which shows that the five products are safe and reliable, praise and praise!

Although the performance of the five anti -overflow milk pads is not bad, it

Judging from the results of all evaluation items,*the comprehensive strength of the first anti -overflow pad is more prominent.

Independent small packaging is clean and hygienic, and it is also convenient to carry with you. Light and comfortable, and the inner surface material is soft and smooth, dry and breathable, and the reputation is also recognized by mothers. It is confirmed that the eyes are worthy of the anti -overflowing dairy artifact that is worthwhile to start!

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

testing method:

Summary of evaluation:

Summary of evaluation:

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测

Summary of evaluation:

Summary of evaluation:

Test results ↓

纳尼?产后漏奶什么鬼!这个小妙招让你远离尴尬 5款防溢乳垫评测