Zhang Yiyi appeared with her husband. The sweater with jeans and jeans was thin, but it was grabbed by Yuan Hong’s green baseball cap


There are a lot of loving couples in the entertainment industry, and many stars like to show affection, so the airport has also become a place for their dog food. Zhang Yeyi and Yuan Hong are a very loving couple. They are also very eye -catching at the airport together. In addition, the two are very fashionable, and at the airport, they have become a beautiful landscape.

When Zhang Yiyi walked the airport, he chose knitwear and jeans. Although it was a relatively common item, V -neck sweater, because of the large neckline, revealing a charming swan neck, and then wearing a simple necklace to make the neck look at it. It becomes more charming. Moreover, she pulled the neckline slightly, which not only created a sexy taste, but also increased the sense of fashion. At the same time, the simple sweater has become particularly individual.

Below is paired with a pair of black porn jeans, and the two trousers’ legs are designed. But the fashion charm is very obvious, and the ripped jeans are one of the most popular pants. Without the need to do more, it can reflect the fashionable taste, especially the ripped jeans. Ethical. And she chose a tight style, which is more conducive to showing the length of the legs.

Looking at Yuan Hong’s dress is also very fashionable. The outside of the printed shirt is paired with a long gray trench coat, which will give people a delicate image, and then with a pair of light blue jeans. It made him look particularly young, but compared with the green baseball cap wearing on his head, he was even more noticeable. It also blocked the light of the clothes and attracted people’s attention to the hat. This combination is also difficult to understand.

Many people see Zhang Yiyi wearing a V -neck sweater to reveal the enviable collarbone, and they will think that her figure is very good. In fact, she had fat after giving birth. But then insisted on losing weight and let herself have a slim figure, plus she would wear clothes, so she looked particularly thin. And her dress is very friendly to a little fat woman. If she wants to look like she is thin, she can learn her dressing method.


The first: Choose the right style


Many women have a more fleshy figure, so when choosing clothes, try to choose clothes that can cover meat. It may be that in the eyes of most people, it is thought that if you want to cover meat The fat will be hidden. In fact, such an idea is not completely correct. Like white bubble sleeves with pink pleated skirt, the first impression will appear to be particularly thick, not only will not be thin but it is counterproductive.

Although the bubble sleeves are very old, they can cover the thick arm. But be sure to choose the right style. For women who like bubble sleeves, it is recommended to choose a dark color, because the two sleeves of the bubble sleeves are highlights. If you choose light -colored like white, it will make people look fatter. This will cause the proportion of the upper body to the lower body is particularly uncoordinated, and the dark tolerance will be better, and the body will look slimmer visually. Then go with a pleated skirt to wear more perfectly.


Second: exposed the slender part of the body


If you want to be thinner, it is recommended to reveal the slender part of the body, such as the neck or ankle, which will make the overall look more bright, and there is the effect that can eliminate the sight. Then go with a skirt or nine points or nine points. Pants can give people a lean illusion. And it looks playful like this, and at the same time, it will add points to the overall image, and it will not expose the shortcomings of thick legs.


Third: dark color is the thinnest


The dark color will be thinner than light colors, but if the whole clothing is matched with dark colors, it will give people a sense of mature and old. Especially people with a full body, only choosing dark clothes, although it can achieve a thin role, but also adds a rustic breath. Therefore, if the fat people do not want to make their bloated figure look bloated, it is recommended to match light -colored clothes in dark clothes, which can be thin and brighter, and it will make people look younger.

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