Five shirts that must be worn this spring, beautiful and temperament, high -level beauty


I have been chasing the drama before. After watching so many episodes, I found that He Fanxing’s shirts really have a lot of shirts.

Pure color stripes, stitching


Wait, there are, and there are

Silk fabric


Shirt skirt

There are also, in fact, the styles are very simple, and they are well matched ~ She put on these shirts with sexy and innocence of girls ~


Yes, the shirt is not very picky,

Student party wear is also suitable

But literary and artistic girls, but playful and cool! , And whether it is single or inside, it is very suitable in spring and autumn. The lower body is covered with skirts!


So, I have to give you Amway ~ And the recommended thing is

Suitable for little fairy

Oh ~

It is known to improve the waistline to wear a small one. It can be good.


Improve the proportion of the body ~ both legs have long legs and thin waist,

As soon as you wear it, give people a good body proportion ~

Even the waist design is not the tighter waist, the better! If you have a small belly too tightly, it will highlight your small belly, it is best to

Let the body and clothes keep a gap between 1 finger width,

Not only is it thin and can be moved freely ~

In addition to this high -waist short shirt, sisters with waist fat troubles, you can also choose

Turn on the shirt of lace

Can stretch the ratio!


You can adjust the lace tight or drawing line length at will,

Just cover our flesh to achieve a thin effect


If you wear a short shirt, you can install it like He Fanxing

With flared pants, the proportions can be pulled infinitely, and the lines are modified ~

Of course we usually match

High waist cropped pants

This effect can also be achieved

It is both tall and thin! Intersection Intersection

For girls with width shoulder width, you should choose

Varication and smooth lines of V -neck shirts

V -neck can stretch the ratio visually

, Modify the width of the shoulder

At the same time, the beautiful neck lines are displayed, as well as modifying the face shape,

His face is small, his neck is long ~

So even if He Fanxing is not wide, he loves to wear!


Pay attention to sisters with width of the shoulder ~ A design -like shirt like this sleeve or shoulder, although it feels like the court style, with a long half skirt, the whole looks formal and elegant, it looks very expensive!


But girls with width shoulder wide back are not friendly!

Don’t choose this kind of sleeve when choosing a V -neck shirt ~ Instead, sisters who slip should be pick ~

If you are bold enough to recommend you to try

Oblique shoulder half off -shoulder


The style to modify the shoulder shape, revealing a little clavicle is beautiful and fashionable ~


Student party wearing V -neck shirts can also look good!

Striped shirt

It is sweet to salt,

He Fanxing can often see it in the workplace matching. At first glance, there is no characteristic at first glance, but it is worn

Lighter and temperamental



Girls with flesh

Then you need to choose a vertical stripe shirt, because

The vertical stripe can be visually stretched out ~

Sigh and proper!

And striped shirts are not only a simple model in your impression, but also other styles of striped shirts, so striped shirts can also be

Wear a sense of fashion and age reduction!


With skirts, pants are available!


I like He Fanxing’s dress the most, and the shirt is stitched with a lace underwear

, This younger brother design, I serve!


Big chest or neck is relatively short

Sisters I recommend choosing


French blouse,

He Fanxing and Yuan Song are worn when they go to date! Following the collarbone can transfer the sight to modify the plump chest ~

Like this

Blouse of Fang Ling/Chicken Heart Ling

Highly palace style, Song Qian also loves to wear in private ~


The court blouse from last year to the present,


Female stars are almost one hand


It ’s not to tell me you are not get yet? Intersection

But I recommend trying to choose


Well, so don’t worry about the action of the action that causes the buttons to collapse, but like this

High collar or conservative style

Big breast sister paper

Go away

Right ~


The tall man must be an oversize shirt in spring and autumn! After all, such a large loose shirt should be a season and be careful.


Exposing long legs and eye -catching ~

If it is a soft girl with a lot of flesh on the hips, waist, and belly, let alone worry about it.


This one can cover everything

, Minimalist and comfortable laziness mixed with some temperament,

You can wear it alone or you can wear it


, Very practical ~



It is also often worn by He Fanxing, which can be used as a




Can be used as

Out of the street,

Tall sisters can easily control ~

The loose style does not pick the figure, adding a belt to highlight the body to add a little femininity ~


He Fan Star Wardrobe

Just take a look at it here, I hope the sisters can

Get a shirt that suits you


Inspired with some early spring ~



Shirt skirt