What are the fabrics of amino super soft velvet cloth? What are the characteristics?


The clothes we wear, the sheets, tablecloths, etc. we wear all kinds of fabrics. The use of the items made by different fabrics will be very different. The spandex ultra -soft fabric is one of many fabrics. Let’s take a look at the spandex ultra soft velvet cloth together!

The spandex ultra soft velvet is also known as the island velvet fabric. The surface of the spandex ultra -soft fabric surface is dense, soft, strong, and has a strong sense of hair. High, suitable for the inner bilots of clothing, can also be worn directly.


The vertical velvet cloth of aminotransmo is divided into two types: single -sided velvet and double -sided velvet. The single -sided velvet tissue is mainly oblique, also known as beep velvet. After the velvet, they will appear fluffy cotton fabrics.

The velvet of the velvet is repeatedly used by the tip of the pilling machine, and it is formed by pulling some fibers on the blank cloth surface. The fluff is short, dense and uniform. The printed velvet cloth pulled the velvet before the print, and the bleaching and the mixed color velvet was pulled at the end. The meridians used in the puffy cloth should be fine; the weft yarn should be thick and less. The cotton fiber of the weft gauze should be thick and has a good degree of neatness. The fabric is small and the weft dense is large, so that the weft gauze will appear on the surface, which is conducive to the formation of a plump and uniform fluff for the formation of weft gauze cotton fibers.

The spandex ultra soft velvet cloth itself is relatively soft. It is also more comfortable to wear on the body, and the warmth is also better. It is more suitable for winter underwear and pajamas. The velvet cloth is also divided into two kinds of velvet cloths in printed velvet cloth and color woven barcuffs. The velvet fabrics are printed on the shape of animals, flowers, etc., which are also called Beibei velvet, which is more suitable for children. Many of the dolls we usually buy are made of this kind of velvet, soft skin -friendly, and it is not easy to inhale dust.

There are many benefits of amin ultra -soft velvet fabrics. It has a wide range of use. It is not only appropriate and comfortable to use. Therefore, the market space of this fabric is very large, which is a very good of many fabrics at the moment. Shaoxing Keqiao Bitfu Needle Textile Co., Ltd. from yarn to finished products, for more than 20 years, has been controlled by layers of experience quality. The spandex super soft velvet fabric mentioned above is one of the company’s main products. The production is fine, soft and skin -friendly, and can be used to make luggage, toys, pillows, etc.