The most legendary actress in Hong Kong: marrying a Hong Kong circle, derailment in the marriage, changing the lawyer, and then marrying the gambler family



In 1964, Leslie Cheung was 8 years old, Chen Bai was 6 years old. When Zhong Paul was only 5 years old, a girl was born in the distant Vietnam called Weng Jingjing. Her parents couldn’t think of it, and after many years, she would have entanglement with these superstars.

However, if we want to talk about Weng Jingjing’s love history in the future, three other men are more famous. Of course, this is all later. Before talking about Weng Jingjing’s love history, let’s talk about Weng Jingjing’s origin.

Weng Jingjing was born extraordinary,

Father Weng Ye is a wealthy businessman in Vietnam. His mother Zhao Xiaoyu is a “figure of the rivers and lakes”


Essence When Weng Jingjing was 11 months old, her parents divorced, and her mother took her to Hong Kong.

After removing Macau political figures Liu Yanquan



How does the stepfather know how Weng Jingjing is? Anyway, her mother is mainly used to make money and enjoy it. In addition, she has a lot of motherly love. Basically, she has given Weng Jingjing’s brother and brother.

Once, she rarely hugged her mother suddenly, saying that she would take her to the park to play, and asked her to sleep for a while. However, when Weng Jingjing woke up but did not see his mother.


She was sad and asked her mother why she was deceiving the next day. Running to the mother who did not go home, yawned, and said:

“This story educates you, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment!”

Weng Jingjing wanted to cry and didn’t dare to cry, because she was afraid of crying, but she was really angry, so she fell out of the door. Unexpectedly, a kitchen knife flew from the back, “Dang”, split to the door handle …

Happy childhood can heal a lifetime, and unfortunate childhood needs to heal throughout his life.


Perhaps because of the bitter childhood, Weng Jingjing was extremely lacking in love, so when she grew up, she chased love so terrifying.


In 1978, 14 -year -old Weng Jingjing sent his own jade photo to “TV Weekly”. As a result, the yin was wrong, and the photo moved to the director of Shaw’s company Liu Fanggang.

In addition to Director Shao’s identity, Liu Fanggang’s identity is also the director of TVB, the head teacher of the wireless artist training class, Zhou Runfa, and a large group of Hong Kong movie stars such as Liang Chaowei and Zhou Xingchi, all of which are his disciples.

When I saw Weng Jingjing’s photo, Liu Fanggang had already made a masterpiece “Family His Wife” and “Hong Kong Passenger”. He was planning the TV series “Young Man”. The actor set off Zhou Runfa, his Chen Yulian and Yu Anan, and a little girl.


As a result, because of fate, Weng Jingjing, a young age, was invited to appear. He started to play with Zhou Runfa and stepped into the Hong Kong performing arts circle at a high starting point.

By 1980, the 16 -year -old Weng Jingjing partnered with the famous “Central Third Prince in Central” -when Zhang Guorong, who was 24 -year -old, 22 -year -old Chen Baiqiang, and 21 -year -old Zhong Paul, starred in the movie “Applause”.

In the movie “Applause”, Chen Baiqiang and Weng Jingjing played couples. The following year, the two played the TV series “Breakthrough” and played another couple. Once, the spark of love between the two spread from the play to the outside of the play.


In front of many friends, Chen Baiqiang picked up the guitar and sang Weng Jingjing “Tonight Tonight”.

Tonight more treasure Chen Baiqiang -my heart (treasure collection)

As a fan of Yamaguchi Baihui, Chen Baiqiang also compared Weng Jingjing as Yamaguchi Baihui, comparing himself to Miura Yuhe, who was married to Yamaguchi Baihui this year.

However, the subtle feelings extended in this drama appeared with a man of a 30 -year -old Jingjing, like a firework, and after the extremely gorgeous, ruthlessly extinguished in an instant.



In 1982, 18 -year -old Weng Jingjing played the dragon girl in the film “Rugao God Palm” starring with Er Dongsheng and Hui Yinghong, and cooperated with 26 -year -old Leslie Cheung “Yang Guo and Xiaolong Girl” to play the little dragon girl.


At that time, there was a rule in Shaw’s filming: the actor must be “long live.”

The so -called “long live” is not for the emperor, but to ask the staff of the whole crew to eat and drink, the expenses are very large.

At that time, Leslie Cheung had just switched to Huaxing Records, and it was a year before the launch of the famous song “The Wind Continue to Blow”. He was very “long live” at hand. This offended some people and caused him to be bullied.

This is the role of “Yang Guo”, and “Little Dragon Girl” Weng Jingjing is naturally not much better. She was young and beautiful, because she was remembered because of her beauty, the “martial arts director” of the drama attempted her attempt and got revenge.

There is a drama of hanging Wei Asia. The “martial arts director” does not know how to design, which led Weng Jingjing and Leslie Cheung to hit the stone pillar. Fool……

In this way, Leslie Cheung thought about it. He ran to find Liu Jialiang and diligently,

Call Qiye (Godfather) directly


, Tell him about his admiration to him, like a surging river, stretching …

At first glance, Liu Jialiang looked at this talent and was very comfortable to speak, so he agreed to accept his son. At this time, everyone in the crew knows that Leslie Cheung has a backing, and no one dares to bully him in the future.

So who is Liu Jialiang? Why is there such a great deterrent?

Liu Jialiang’s father is Liu Zhan, and the teacher from Huang Feihong’s disciple Lin Shirong, Liu Jialiang also followed his father to learn martial arts and devoted himself to the film industry

, With “One -arm Sword”, “Shaolin Thirty -six Room”, etc.

“Master of Martial Arts Film”


The “gang owner” who was embraced by the call where he went, even Shao Yifu, the owner of Shaw’s company and TVB, had to give him a three -pointer, let alone the average person.

However, although Liu Jialiang is so awesome, he also has an annoyance:

When he was a child, he raised a eight brother and loved it very much. As a result, he was negligible for a while. The elder brother flew away. He was sad and hoped that it would fly back every day …

He never expected that the flying eight brother would actually be more than 20 years later, when he just accepted a sons named Leslie Cheung, he shook “change” and looked like a beautiful and beautiful woman. , Back to him.



Seeing that Leslie Cheung, who was filming together, had a backer. Weng Jingjing was very envious and said to Leslie Cheung, “What do you do, what can I do?” Leslie Cheung thought about it, or you should take a fart!


I knew Weng Jingjing was very thoughtful. She didn’t shoot a fart, but ran directly to Liu Jialiang:

“Since you become a godfather of Leslie Cheung, don’t you play with my boyfriend? If I am your girlfriend, no one dares to ask me anymore!”

When Liu Jialiang saw that this girl was so beautiful and so young, she was not only 30 years younger than her, but she was 1 year younger than her eldest daughter.


Liu Jialiang, born in 1934, was very romantic. It happened to catch up with Hong Kong before October 7, 1971. In terms of marriage, the “Great Corporation” was used.


Therefore, he legally owns many wives and concubines.

Based on this, 18 -year -old Weng Jingjing and 48 -year -old Liu Jialiang became a male and female friend on the face, and many people advised her not to waste a good future, and she was a little scared in her heart.

So when Liu Jialiang came to her for the first time, she refused. Liu Jialiang said sadly, “Have you already have a boyfriend?” After saying, he turned away.

Looking at Liu Jialiang, a cattle person didn’t need to be strong, but left her a lonely back. Weng Jingjing suddenly couldn’t bear to bear it and immediately shouted him and told him that he had no boyfriend.

After that, Liu Jialiang asked her to warmly, and when she took her to buy shoes, she would gently press her shoes to see if she was on her toes.

In the native family, Weng Jingjing only felt the kitchen knife flying from her mother, and never felt such warmth.


It is mature and protects themselves. This is probably the biggest attraction of a man in his 40s.

Soon after, Weng Jingjing passed the 18th birthday, and Liu Jialiang held a grand birthday party for her. Just like when Cai Shaofen was 18 years old, Liu Xiongxiong had a birthday banquet for her, and the scenery was unlimited.

In 1983, 19 -year -old Weng Jingjing went to watch the movie “Wrong Car”, which was the theme song “If the wine is not sold”. I kept crying and immediately called Liu Jialiang to coquettish.

With such a little girl with a beautiful girl, Liu Jialiang quickly reduced his “36 room” to “no room”.

But Weng Jingjing was not just a bitter. When Liu Jialiang and a Hong Kong actress were rumored later, her methods made the female star who was in her body could not afford.


Hui Yinghong, who was born in the “legendary shadow”, was 4 years older than Weng Jingjing. He was promoted by Liu Jialiang and starred in many movies.


Over time, Hui Yinghong and his 26 -year -old teacher Liu Jialiang reported gossip (see Wan Xiaodao’s public account in the past in the past: “” After the “After -the -Activities”).

After knowing that Weng Jingjing knew, Hui Yinghong quickly drove Hui Yinghong out of the Liu family. After a long time, Hui Yinghong was still worried in an interview with the “One Weekly”. It was unable to provoke reporters not to mention Weng Jingjing.

Liu Jialiang took Weng Jingjing on “No Defense Tonight”. Huang Zhan, Ni Kuang, and Cai Lan all said that Liu Jialiang was a stunt and should publish this book. Liu Jialiang said that he had no culture and could not do it.


When the three are planning how to help Liu Jialiang publish a book, Weng Jingjing said: Why don’t you produce a set of videos, so that there can be more profit … Huang Zhan praised her as a lot of time and asked Liu Jialiang He De. Blessing.

Weng Jingjing held Liu Jialiang’s arm with shame, saying that she was actually the eighth brother that Liu Jialiang flew away when he was, and now he flew back to find him …


After falling in love, Weng Jingjing almost followed him like Liu Jialiang’s assistant.

In the past, she saw that she was dirty and she was disgusted, but Liu Jialiang was born in martial arts and did not mind. She also taught Weng Jingjing to have a chivalrous spirit.

Someone was ridiculed and said that Weng Jingjing was so young but sticking to Liu Jialiang’s old man all the time, just wanting to be red. Weng Jingjing shouted unjustly, in order to show her innocence, she was officially checked.

After the shadow, life is becoming more trivial. For example, she is also responsible for sending money to Liu Jialiang’s mother.

When I first went, Weng Jingjing was panicked. Because of Liu’s outside number “Wolf Yaqiong”, the famous Hedong lion roar. At that time, Liu Zhan and other women went to watch the show. She once shot two guns and rushed to the theater roar: “Who dares to touch my husband!”

Unexpectedly, Weng Jingjing coaxed the elderly with a pack of chocolates. No one dares to let the old lady eat chocolate, but this little girl’s mouth and appearance look as sweet as chocolate, and Liu Jialiang’s mother likes it very much.


Later, Liu Jialiang caused a little trouble, involving the law, Weng Jingjing’s nodes to find Liu Jialiang’s wife He Xiuxia to help,

Unexpectedly, He Xiuxia apologized to her, saying that she was sorry, she would take care of Master Liu when she was so young!

The two of them were like it. Liu Jialiang went out to shoot, and Weng Jingjing stayed with He Xiuxia, and they woven sweaters together. He Xiuxia was sick, Weng Jingjing accompanied her to see a doctor …

Liu Jialiang went home, and the three of them went out to eat together. Hong Kong media immediately posted the news, describing them as the “triangle”.

Later, Liu Jialiang left Shaw Company and went to the Mainland to make a film. Therefore, he lost the Taiwan market and his income was greatly reduced. Seeing that the situation in the family was getting worse, Weng Jingjing actually made a move that surprised everyone.



When Liu Jialiang was lingering, Weng Jingjing not only did not receive the opportunity to seduce the old man from the old man, but instead made money to make money for Liu Jialiang and He Xiuxia’s child.


In fact, Weng Jingjing and He Xiuxia’s children are similar, and her eldest daughter is even one year older than her.

However, Weng Jingjing had no regrets. She went to the sweater to formally study sweaters, and gradually woven the magicalization. Then someone placed her order to her, and she rely on this craft to support her.

In the sweater store, Weng Jingjing met a wife engaged in the insurance industry. In order to make more money to support his family, Weng Jingjing entered the insurance industry under his introduction.

She is talented and very hard, and she has become the company’s global TOP10 in the year. Then she went to the professional qualification certificate of the insurance artist. One of them was a law. Many people were inaccurate. Weng Jingjing scored 92 points!

In 1986, the 22 -year -old Weng Jingjing gave birth to the first daughter Wan Yi for Liu Jialiang, a 52 -year -old Liu Jialiang. He Xiuxia decided to divorce and let Weng Jingjing and Liu Jialiang formally form a husband and wife.


Weng Jingjing said that He Xiuxia did not say a bad thing from the beginning to the end, she was grateful.

Three years later, 25 -year -old Weng Jingjing gave birth to the younger daughter Xingyi for Liu Jialiang, 55. same year,


Zhong Paul, who had starred in “Applause” with Weng Jingjing, committed suicide at the age of 30.

After another 4 years,

Chen Baiqiang, who starred in “Applause” with Weng Jingjing, died suddenly at the age of 35.

In 1994, Liu Jialiang, 60, found lymphatic tumors from lymph glands. Fortunately, the treatment was timely and the condition was controlled.

By 1996, Weng Jingjing, who opened the insurance consultant company, saw that both daughters grew up, and Liu Jialiang was also stable, so

At the age of 32, he went to the Law of the University of Hong Kong’s Professional Training College


At school, after all, she was an actor or Liu Jialiang’s little daughter -in -law. Many people stared at her. For this reason, she chose to sit in the first row every time she was in class, so as not to pay attention to her distraction.

After the exam, Weng Jingjing was approved by the professor beforehand and could answer with a pencil. But after doing the question for 45 minutes, the examiner allowed her to answer with a pencil and refused to give her a new answer.


Weng Jingjing watched the examiner’s face with contempt, and his face wrote “You are just a drama, what qualifications to read the law”, endure tears, wipe off the answers I wrote before with rubber, and rush to all the time before the 3 -hour exam. Finish.

As a result, she scored a full score in this exam, the highest score in the year!


In 1999, 35 -year -old Weng Jingjing went to the lawyer’s bank to be a trainee lawyer,

The following year, he received a master’s degree in law from the University of Hong Kong and received the “Lifetime Learning Outstanding Student Award” issued by the Director of Education.

When both academics and careers were opened, there were some fragrant episodes between Weng Jingjing and Liu Jialiang.



On November 2, 2001, Liu Jialiang, 67, pretended to go out. Soon after going out, he quietly returned. At the door of his house, he heard the voice of his 37 -year -old wife and a strange man in the house.

Liu Jialiang suddenly stretched his nerves, opened the key to open the door, but the door was against Weng Jingjing, and after a few minutes, he put him in. After Liu Jialiang entered the house, he asked Weng Jingjing: “Is there anyone in the house?” Weng didn’t admit it.

Liu Jialiang also said, “You call him out, the old and old are honest, the male and female love, it doesn’t matter …”

Weng Jingjing was at a loss for a while, at this moment, a loud noise, a man fell, the skull was broken, the lower body was bruised …







This person is not someone else, it is Lin Jingjing’s boss Lin Jingye. Later, Lin Jingye was taken to the hospital and died of rescue.

So, is Weng Jingjing ashamed of Liu Jialiang?

In fact, after the two were together, although Liu Jialiang dissolved “Shaolin Thirty -six Rooms”, new women continued. Weng Jingjing once saw a lot of clean women’s underwear in his room, and also had a dry cleaning document.

Asked him, Liu Jialiang explained that it was washed by the secretary. Weng Jingjing didn’t believe it at all: How could the secretary take this kind of thing and wash it in the boss’s room? But she did not pierce, opened her eyes and closed her eyes, and went with him.


The old man and young wife, when you are younger, when you have passed the flower armor a year and over a year, Weng Jingjing believes that Liu Jialiang, who has a variety of romantic Liu Jialiang, should understand her …

By 2003, he and Weng Jingjing starred in “Applause” and “Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl”


Leslie Cheung also jumped off the building in April and committed suicide at the age of 47.

At this point, all the “three princes in the Central” died early


(For details, see Wan Xiaodao’s public account in the past: “The Three Princes of the Central Prince”).

Weng Jingjing also starred in “Applause” with these three, and spread the bad reputation of “life hard” …

Frankly speaking, this reputation is not fair to Weng Jingjing. It may be because she deeply appreciates unfair pain and was influenced by Liu Jialiang, so she did that kind of thing later.


After being a lawyer, Weng Jingjing adhered to the principle, adhered to justice, often did not fear power, and spoke for the vulnerable group.


On one occasion, she met a widow who led “comprehensive social security assistance”. The husband committed suicide because he did not want to affect his family because of illness. Widow pulled two young sons, saving 70,000 yuan for money and saving. In the jar under the bed.

When his son grew up, because he applied for allowance in college, he declared that his mother had this money, so the widow was charged with “CSSA”. According to the law, the widow must be imprisoned.

Weng Jingjing pleaded with the widow and said:


“The law is nothing more than human affection. Isn’t this case a time to use?”

She took out a photo of the widow and put it for many years to show the judge and said:


“Widowed nothing, leaning on this photo, all the way to now …” While crying, making the judge and the people present shed tears.

Because of Weng Jingjing’s plea, in the end, the widow did not sentence the prison.

In addition to love the law, but also in


At the age of 42 at the age of 42, he received a doctorate degree in law from China University of Political Science and Law

In addition, Weng Jingjing also likes writing.


She wrote a set of books called “Dangerous People”, which was about Hong Kong’s strange cases. Later, she was filmed into a TV series and has excellent ratings. Because of writing this set of books, Weng Jingjing knew Ye Jihuan, a “Hong Kong Piece”.


At that time, Ye Jihuan was seriously ill and his legs were paralyzed. He has a wife, without formal registration, and a daughter of about 10 years.

Weng Jingjing witnessed Ye Jihuan and his wife in prison, and received his daughter to his home.

Later, Ye Jihuan’s former boss when he worked, Hong Kong, Liu Xiong, who also funded 10,000 yuan to read Ye Jihuan’s daughter every month. Under the common care of the two, Ye Jihuan’s daughter was finally admitted to a prestigious school.

By 2011, the 77 -year -old Liu Jialiang lymphatic gland tumor appeared outside the lymphadenomy tumor. The previous year he just won the Golden Award Lifetime Achievement Award. The 47 -year -old Weng Jingjing took care of him, and the true feelings of Liu Jialiang were moved.

In June 2013, Liu Jialiang’s life entered the countdown. 49 -year -old Weng Jingjing pretended to be calm to prepare for her aftermath. Everything discussed with him.

Even the coffin went to sleep for him himself to see if he was uncomfortable.

After 31 years in hand,

On the occasion of forever, Weng Jingjing said to Liu Jialiang: “If I have not done anything well in this marriage, I hope you can forgive me.” Liu Jialiang replied: “If there is a life, I still want to be a couple with you.”

In the end, Liu Jialiang died in Anran in Weng Jingjing’s arms at the age of 79.

Weng Jingjing arranged for him very well. The funeral was as expected, and it was very beautiful:


Zeng Junhua, the director of the Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, supports the spirit, his disciple Zheng Shaoqiu Dai Xiao, and half of the celebrities in the Hong Kong entertainment industry attended … The nine major gates were tribed, and the nine lions worshiped, showing the sorrow of the Chinese people’s most concerned after death.


After Liu Jialiang’s death, Weng Jingjing didn’t have to pretend to be strong, and she cried at home. She even felt that life had no sense and wanted to die with her two daughters.

At the critical moment, a phone call saved her.




Knowing that Liu Jialiang’s death, Weng Jingjing was hosted by Lingyun Temple of the volunteer in 20 years. He called to condolences and knew that she had the idea of ​​suicide, and let her pack up and go to Lingyun Temple.


At Lingyun Temple, Weng Jingjing followed his family, got up at 3:30 in the morning, read the scriptures at 4:30, and had breakfast at 5 o’clock …

A few days later, her mood changed, and she began to feel:

Instead of delivering love to a person, it is better to give love to everyone, which is also the continuation of Liu Jialiang’s love.

Six years later, the 55 -year -old Weng Jingjing remarried again, and the great -grandson of Hong Kong celebrities who accompanied her for many years with her for many years, and He Yibiao, who was the king family, held a wedding in the St. John Church in Hong Kong.

After marriage, Weng Jingjing and He Yibiao announced: “It will donate all the property without leaving it to the next generation.”

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