In the blink of an eye to autumn and winter, it’s a good season for “wear skin” again



If you want to use a fabric to represent men, Ye Zi thinks it must be



Unlike other fabrics, leather is a strong and deep fabric. An adjective that can be used to describe male characteristics, placed on the leather, is no problem, such as masculine, toughness, sexuality, etc. We have heard bad ears. Words.


Simply, leather best represents the charm of men is

Sexy and fearless


It is a combination of men’s tenderness and perseverance.

Marilyn Monroe once said:

“The most masculine taste is the leather flavor of the leather jacket that has been wearing at least three years.”

That’s right, in the blink of an eye, it ushered in autumn and winter again, and it was a good season for “wearing skin”.

Speaking of leather items, in addition to leather shoes, it is the deepest of all kinds of new leather jackets in various Monroe ports.


But for the leather jacket, we are really familiar with it. We must take it out several times every autumn and winter. The most representative Double Rider Jacket Cavaliers jacket is even more popular.

Therefore, stir -fry the cold rice, it doesn’t mean much.


Just as everyone gathered the classic models, the industry’s interpretation of leather’s fabric became more fresh and diverse, showing a new direction of trend.


If you don’t want a knight jacket with a handman to avoid the embarrassment of being hit, then I believe that today’s content can also give you more “wearing skin” inspiration.


No longer “sexuality” leather

Perhaps because the leather material is the earliest fabric used by humans. In the past, it was not only ordinary people, but even major brands and designers’ understanding of the leather. Especially the items that could be worn on the upper body.

This is also related to the characteristics of the fabric itself. The leather is used to cut the clothes, which is not convenient to “repair and supplement” the details.

It also created the design path of the leather, as well as the design of the design. In addition to the lady’s leather skirt, men are most familiar with the unchanged leather jacket.

This situation did not have obvious changes until the past two years, especially the 2020 spring and summer series of men’s clothing.

Leather shirt

Suddenly became the new pet.


▲ Louis Vuitton 2020 spring and summer series


▲ Jil Sander 2020 spring and summer series

“Is leather shirts recently invented?”

Of course not, Ye Zi is more impressive. Hedi Slimane is still at the beginning of Dior. Dior Homme has a lot of related items, as always, and as always, it has lost weight.

At that time, most people’s understanding of leather shirts still stayed in an alternative impression. It felt very weird, and there was no much choice of upper body. It was a long time of disappearance.


Since the spring and summer of 2018, some brands have replaced the new appearance for leather shirts, and then improved through the later spring and summer, autumn and winter 19 autumn and winter, and 20 spring and summer. Many are uncommon.

▲ Cerruti 1881 2018 spring and summer series

▲ Hermès autumn and winter 2019 series


Different from the past, the leather shirt that reached the show is not so narrow on the version. It is basically no different from ordinary shirts, and even becomes oversize, fitting the current loose trend.


Relatively speaking, Ye Zi personally prefers the current leather shirt style. It is also recommended that when you want to “wear leather”, it is a choice outside the knight jacket.

Because of its loose and trendy style, it does not have too many pioneering rock characteristics, which also greatly reduces the difficulty of the upper body. How can you wear an ordinary shirt, you can wear it.

But at the same time, compared with other fabric shirts, leather shirts are not only warm when turning cold.

The texture is significant, the lines are prominent, and the more hard style is the advantage that ordinary shirts do not have. You only need to add a pair of flat and elegant pants to weaken the “attack”.

Or you can match the upper jeans and turn into a more rough style.

If you still can’t accept that the leather shirt is too close, you can also put on the inside inside, such as T -shirts, high collar, and so on. Take it as a easier leather jacket to wear.


Compared with orthodox locomotives and knight jackets, “leather shirts outside” have no strong rebellious style, but they must be easy to follow.



Leather jacket

In recent years, it has been constantly evolving, and it has also presented

More loose and concise trends

It forms two different styles with the traditional Double Rider Jacket and Racer Jacket.

The classics of Double Rider Jacket and Racer Jacket, which are familiar with the impression, are all short -shrinkable figures. The details may be added with various zippers and rivets. Essence


▲ Left: Double Rider Jacket, Right: Racer Jacket


And now the leather jacket is more from the purpose of comfortable and easy to wear. Like the shirt, it becomes loose, eliminating excess zipper structure, and rolling style details such as rivets. The standard lapel like shirts, the overall structure looks more concise and clear.

▲ MSGM 2019 autumn and winter series


One of the most important one,

Workers (military)

It is also one of the most obvious trends of leather jackets.

More and more, more and more large pockets that can reflect the feelings of military workers, as well as detailed design such as shoulder straps and bands, pushing down the typical appearance of the “leather jacket” in our impression, giving you an intuitive feeling more like “

This is a worker (army) jacket made of leather


“, The exquisite level of fusion of leather fabrics and the tough temperament of the design of the tooling version.

▲ Fendi 2020 spring and summer series


▲ Sies marjan 2020 spring and summer series

Then, in terms of leather jackets, would you choose a traditional locomotive leather jacket, or after evolution?

Frankly speaking, these two styles have their own advantages. The classic Double Rider Jacket and Racer Jacket are short -handed, so they can show their legs and long enough. They are like a prodigal son.

On the contrary, the concise, loose, and outfit of leather jackets. It does not have much bad character. It is very straightforward, but it is lazy and elegant, more like a new fashionable man.


Finally is a leather coat.

In fact, when it comes to leather coats, many people are very resistant, because the understanding of its understanding of it has always been “drawing dragons on the left and the rainbow on the right”.


However, when you see the design of recent seasons, I believe that there is also a subversive understanding of it.

Created with soft leather, the style cuts more loose and slender, the smooth texture is smooth but there is no obvious leather luster, reducing the difficulty of control, and fading the sense of vision of the soil taste.

Compared with the ordinary woolen coat and cotton windbreaker, although the leather coat (trench coat) is thicker and not easy to wear, its delicate and full texture is what they cannot.

It can be seen from the above that the leather items have become tightly attached to the trend from the single fixation of the past, and they have shown a diverse and vivid style. Naturally, we can give us more choices.

But no matter what is good, what does not change is,

Leather can always summarize the complete three -dimensional side of men, and show all its charm

Its deep texture makes your image deeper, and can make you a man who is not easy to see through.



▲ Hermès autumn and winter 2019 series