2021 classic! Black bag TOP7 face value versatile and both appearance capacity can be opened


For general women, once the boutique bag starts, it is hoped to be the companionship of a lifetime. In addition to those familiar lists, which other black bags continue to watch in 2021, and have become unsatisfactory options for sales, value and practicality? These seven models are definitely worth the first choice!

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

BAG #1: Louis Vuitton #Lockme Chain

As soon as Louis Vuitton’s LOCKME series was launched, it brought rich new ideas with a simple sign of logo and refining experience. The newly hot new bag on this cabinet continues the classic LV to lock and packages. It seems that Founder and actually are round and delicate, making the packets that feel the elegant atmosphere. In addition, the capacity of this bag is super perfect, and the intimate chain belt design is good -looking regardless of shoulder or oblique back.

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

BAG #2: CHANEL #19 Bag

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

In the lower half of 2020, it has been tied with the nicknames of everyone to become the new classic 19 BAG. It has the most eye -catching impression. In addition to the classic leather, the wool oblique texture that is first launched in autumn and winter has an elegant and delicate and charming expression. If there is no coffee 19, the next dreamy product is it!

BAG #3: Dior #30 Montaigne chain chain with handbag

This time, Mengtian captured the woman’s heart with more elegant details. The new Mengtian handbag has a fearlessness and momentum, but the rare shoulder strap is converted into a gentle and intoxicated chain strap. The length of the shoulder is to make the bag have a more feminine temperament impression. Classic black is not worried about the options of greasy eyes anyway.

BAG #4: Celine #Pico Belt

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

Those who have a special love for Celine will have a chance to have it this time! The classic and loved Belt Bag reflected in the eyes of the world with a more delicate and charming size. The small and unique appearance is so cute that it is so cute. Hands can also meet the needs of various occasions on bags on the shoulders, and in addition, it is more suitable for Oriental girls.

BAG #5: Chloe #c Bag

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

For women with a lot of dreaming, Chloé’s C BAG has been the popular king of sales on the brand cabinet since the official release of the brand. New options that people cannot resist, but the black tone of the stitching of suede and leather material is definitely a charming product that is still fashionable after ten years.

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

BAG #6: CHANEL mouth cover

The new style launched by Chanel in the second half of the autumn and winter, with a more rounded package contour with fine highlight elements, has become a classic and new bag. Except for the proportion of diamonds and double C LOGOs, they have quietly moved. The hollowed out metal chain belt also replaces the cortical metal shoulder chain belt recognized by the public. It is a hidden dream bag that is not easy to hit the street on the street.

BAG #7: Louis Vuitton #Twist WOC

2021经典!黑包TOP7颜值百搭兼具 外型容量通通可以

Twist is designed with uniquely refined LOGO buckle, becoming the most worthy versatile style in the minds of the women’s minds. The wear -resistant EPI leather is a very easy to take care of the bag series. There is a design that can be tied to the back of the shoulder, and the back of the bag can be tied with a belt, so in addition to the shoulder back, the bag can be directly carried on the waist, and the practicality is full.