Six bracelets that are helpful to your health, especially for women’s health pomegranate bracelets


What words do you think about in summer?

Watermelon, ice cream, sun?

Or skirts, shorts, and human characters?

No matter what it is, another word that everyone can think of is -hot! Intersection Intersection


Summer is coming, afraid of hot and irritable? Wearing a bracelet may not be too cumbersome or cool or comfortable. Wearing it on the wrist will make you reach your heart calm.

Recommended material:


① Treasure jade:

Because of its cool touch, wearing it in the wrist will first make you feel a coolness. The effectiveness of treasure jade will also soothe your emotions and no longer irritable.

② Wood:

Wood -made bracelets will be lighter, and it will not have a sense of heavyness. Close to nature, skin -friendly and comfortable.


Recommended bracelet:

Colorful tourmaline

Tourmaline is rich in color and many colors, as gorgeous as a rainbow. It is very popular with female friends, and the effects of different colors are different.

Cool effect: Tourmaline is diverse, so its energy can correspond to each part of the body. It can condense energy and have certain therapeutic effects, which can make people feel comfortable, more effective than ordinary crystals, and can absorb scattered and beauty skin. With a comfortable mood and beautiful skin, the dryness will reduce the heat.

Romantic Hailan Treasure

Hailan Treasure is blue to sea blue or green blue pillar stones. Imagine that wearing Shanghai sapped bracelets in summer and floating skirts. It seems that the sea breeze is blowing by it. Will it gradually relieve it?

Cool effect: With stable energy, it can decompress and relieve emotions, making the surrounding environment more harmonious. It can also promote sweetness and happy marriage.

Women’s garnet

There are many garnet, with charming and touching rose red, vibrant lake green, warm and bright kumquat orange, and the reason why it is called a woman’s stone is because of its effects on women’s benefits.


Cool effect: Improving blood circulation has a certain effect, so garnet can beauty and beauty, make the skin rosy, and improve gynecological diseases. The protective stone of love can make people confident, help women protect love, and find happiness. The cycle is good, the body is smooth, and the mood is comfortable, and it will not be inexplicable.

Mysterious moonstone


Moonstone is milky white or translucent gemstone. It has beautiful cat eyes and can emit light blue halo. It is a moonlight stone treasure in long stone gems. The moonlight is quiet, leaving a touch of moonlight, and feel a trace of quiet and cool in the hot summer heat.

Cool effect: Make the wearer feel romantic and warm. Between the couple and couple, if wearing moonstone, the yin and yang of both men and women complement each other to promote the harmony between the two sides.

Xiaye Rosewood of the King of Wood


Labor rosewood is known as the king of wood. Labor sandalwood is a fine product in rosewood. The rosewood density is large and the brown eyes are small. They are mostly produced in tropical and subtropical virgin forests. As the saying goes, the largest rosewood is only about 20 cm in diameter, and its preciousness can be imagined.

Cool effect: According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Xiaoye rosewood has the effects of town heart, soothe the nerves, relieves blood circulation, anti -inflammatory pain, regulate qi and blood, and balances emotional balance, peace, and help sleep. As the saying goes, the heart is natural and cold. Wearing this bracelet can soothe the irritable emotions, so that you can feel a little comfortable in summer.


Wen Runru

Hetian Jade, also known as Kunlun Jade, is native to the western region Sajie and Yu Yanguo (now Hetian, Xinjiang, China). It is a well -known nephrite variety and a precious treasure of my country. Hotan Yu has a long history in my country, full of culture, and has a deep cultural heritage.

Cooling effect: The warm and beautiful beauty of jade really makes people want to be gentle and humble like jade, not arrogant and impatient.


The bracelet is beautiful and generous, and it is convenient to wear. However, we must not wear it casually! We need to choose different materials according to our own situation!

Sister Bao: In summer, when wearing short -sleeved days, it is most suitable for bringing bracelets, or jade or wood materials, which can make you cool all the way to the end. Do you want to experience it? Find Sister Bao Assistant Jiajia to help recommend the bracelet style that suits you!

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