“Twelve Money Darts” Gong Baiyu


Chapter 15

Drawing the flower picking female thieves


Yang Hua was humiliated this time, and he didn’t matter how light his feet were, he came all the way on the room and stepped on several roof tiles. Yang Hua never cares about the people below hearing, and passed the four -story courtyard. When he saw the door of the front yard of Huazhai, he turned from the wall and just fell to the street. , Fluttering the two people, shouting to Yang Hua: “Uncle Yang walks slowly, we will give you something, and the road is easy to use on the road.”

Yang Hua looked back at the two children. Yang Hua’s eyes sneered and sneered: “Good, good, your master and apprentice are heroes! I can’t think of me from afar, and I encounter this waiting for inheritance, which is also rare on the rivers and lakes! . “He said in his mouth, took the slingshot to his hand, and ignored the sword whip, he was thrown on the ground; he hurriedly picked up the pocket, put it beside him, and stretched out to take the projectile. The purse has been tied up with rope very strong.

The two children shook their heads and said with a smile, “Please! Well and kindly send you, do you want to give gifts?” When speaking, Yang Hua had pulled the pocket. Two children rolled up early, screaming like a civet cat, rushing to the wall, and suddenly left. Suddenly, the probe looked down.

Yang Hua hated, buckled the projectile, rushed the bow, and drank it steeply: “Take the madness, watch the bullet!” I saw the child shrink back and fell into the wall, and screamed in unison: “Oh, not to be!”

Jade pole Yang Hua took out several pills and was to show the beads. The two children were very obedient, and they couldn’t listen to the laughter away, but couldn’t come out.

Yang Hua picked up the sword whip, faced with the long wall of the Chinese house, and stunned for a while, and said, “I can’t think of my Yang Hua being humiliated, but I have three inches of breath and vowed to report this revenge!” Return to the store, and the time has been closer. Yang Huague’s wall entered the store, and saw the door of the house still buckled. Put the oil lamp in the house and take a look at it; there is another baggage in the old hidden luggage and knife bow in the bed. Yang Hua was very surprised. He hurriedly proposed that it was a gift; it was Yang Huaqiang gave it to Huafeng Tower and now returned by others.

Yang Hua was throwing the gift aside, and put the slingshot, puzzle, and sword whipped on the table, and saw it one by one. Take a look at the bulletbar, but in addition to the hundreds of projectiles, there are three iron lotus seeds and one piece of silver. These three iron lotus seeds were Liu Zhaohong, a father -in -law, at the beginning of the year. When he worshiped the teacher, he was given by Lao Liu, and the lotus petals were engraved on it. It was originally collected in the package. At this time, when I saw it in the pocket, it must be when Yang Hua secretly entered the Chinese house. Hua Lao also sent people to check Yang Hua in the store. (Yang Hua does not know that there are these three iron lotus seeds, so you can solve many suspicions of Hua Lao. Otherwise, you must lose money.) There is also the silver. Always support Yang Hua in accordance with the rules on the rivers and lakes. Yang Hua was even more unbearable, throwing the silver aside, falling his head, and lying on the bed.

Yang Hua rest only an hour, and the sky was bright, so he got up to greet the shop and made a clean noodles. At the beginning, I would like to stay and make a memorial of life -long shame. After thinking, I still threw back to Hua Lao, and I taught him to underestimate himself, but he was ashamed to be ascending Huamen. Suddenly he remembered a wonderful way. He bought this piece of silver and bought a lot of altar rice vinegar and stinky shrimp sauce, and told the shop that he would send the goods to Huajia, Banjing Lane tomorrow.

In the early Qing Dynasty, the goods were cheap. The rice vinegar and stinky shrimp sauce of these four or fifty -two silver are really view of the ocean. It has accumulated a half -house, and it is sent with a truck. There are also two cars. The owner of the sauce house was naturally surprised and said, “What did Mr. Hua buy these things to do? Could you always hear it wrong?” Yang Hua said, “Shopkeeper, you don’t need to control it, this naturally uses special items.” Then he will be led to Take it out of the silver, and taught the shopkeeper to collect the payment first, and then said, “This was set by Mr. Hua Lao’s relatives, but it was put in the Chinese house for a while. You must make it clear when you deliver it. Next. Tell them the money to pay early, it must be tight. “

Yang Hua thought that he had done a lot of trouble and leaked his breath in his chest. Then I went back to the store, calculated the store account, and left Shanyang.

The liberal artist was humiliated. Yang Hua walked alone on the journey, and he couldn’t help but get up his mind in the past. Thinking of Liu’s father and daughter, in the end, he saw herself very much. Father Liu Zhaoxi was very popular with himself and loved it. As soon as he met, he would accept the apprentice, and for half a year, he promised his daughter. Compared with the two, this Huafeng Tower is even more abominable!

But the person who is in a regret is his fiancee Liu Yanqing, who is stubborn, especially when it comes to the words of Hu Yansheng, the heart of the ear, and finally he can’t help but get rid of it. Now that he is in Shaanxi Province, he is unexpectedly humiliated and returned to Zhenjiang without face. Listening to people said that the native of Hubei was the native of Xiaogan, Hubei. But whether this Hu Yansheng fled back to his hometown is not known; but if he did not see this person, he would not be relieved in his chest.

Love is jealous, and jealousy is more suspicious. Yang Hua on this day was a general psychology when Li Yingxia was at Li Yingxia. In short, young men and women often fall in love, and they are distressed.

Yang Hua settled in the shop that night, picked the lights after meals, and stuffed the land to calculate his own behavior, and decided to travel south to Hubei. Once the fiancee “Female Man Liu Yeqing” was named in the first two lakes, and she could visit her as a person. Second, I also want to explore the details of Hu Yansheng. Furthermore, if you travel around for a year and a half, you can also frustrate Liu Yeqing’s coquettishness and turn his face.

Yang Hua made his mind and went from southern Shaanxi to the water road and entered Hubei. I did not want Yang Hua’s youthfulness. This love was frustrated, and he was humiliated, and he was also a servant. He was too upset. He was lazy on the journey. Yang Hua finally survived the boat, and fell ill in the guest shop. It was more than two months before he saw his improvement. So he sold the treasures around him. He no longer took a boat and walked slowly from the dry road.

When there was no card on this day, I arrived at Laohekou, Guanghua County, Hubei, and the next stop was Fancheng. This stand is very long, with more than 130 miles. Yang Hua’s illness was healed, he was unwilling to work, and he planned to find a better shop and rest for a day. The place of this old river is not large, but it is a water and land terminal, and it is also very lively. Yang Hua searched all the way. Seeing that there was a large shop in the south of the street, it seemed to be very downturn. Near the shop door, two Jianxi came to the front. In front of the front, a woman was riding a woman with a blue silk head on her head, her eyebrows covered, wearing a green satin clip, there was a long bag behind the saddle, tied to the saddle; Essence Later, a middle -aged man was riding a mundane man, wearing a large hat, covering his face, and it was unknown from the nose or above; he wore a blue gown, green pants soap shoes. The two lames walked in front of the big shop quickly, and the woman turned her head suddenly, looked at the shop plaque, and wrote the word “Juxing Inn” on the plaque. Yang Hua happened to be in front of the shop at this time, only listening to the woman drinking: “Step!”

Southern women have few riding animals, and this woman’s style is quite eye -catching. Yang Hua couldn’t help but look up, watching the woman’s complexion slightly dark, black and beautiful, straight nose and small mouth, eyes waves, another kind of charm. The woman stopped in front of the store, and pushed the whip behind, and actually drove the mule to walk over. The man who rode the mule behind suddenly turned over and took the reins, and stepped into the store. The shop guys stepped forward and greeted: “Is the guest living in the shop? There is a clean room inside.” Then he came to pick up the animals. The man shook his head and said, “The shopkeeper, we are not in the shop, we are looking for someone. Grandpa, can I live in you? “The store said:” But a Taoist master lives here, I will always ask you. “When talking, the shop guys came to the cabinet room, and the guests followed. The shop guys asked the door of the account across the window and door: “Is there a Jade Emperor Pavilion Luo Dao in our store?”

Mr. Si Zhi looked at the shop card and said, “The 6th cross -hospital number, there is a grandfather, but the guest is not surnamed Luo.” The guest asked: “This Taoist is a white fat man. ? “Mr. Si Zhi replied:” No, it is a black fat man, with a high amount of body, and a beard. “The guest asked again,” Is he carrying a sword and a big gourd? ? “Guan account said:” There is a sword, but there is no big gourd. I live in the sixth cross -hospital. Guest, you are old, I will ask you to ask you. “The man made the eyebrows comfortable, Busy said: “Don’t ask, probably not the one I was looking for. What is this last name? Which day came?” Si Zhi said: “Just when I arrived yesterday, the shop was written by a person. . “That humane:” Oh, no, no! Trouble you, I’ll find it elsewhere. “The man hurried out, flying on his body, and rushing away.

The jade rod looked at this guest in a hurry, but ignored. It’s just that this guest is about 30 years old, with a wide waist and round, and Sichuan accent. Seeing that he walked agile and fast, as if he was a person who went out and would be martial arts. Yang Hua said: “This person and the woman are probably all the way?” At the moment, he asked the store to find a single room for himself, which was the western house of Beizhengfang. Yang Huajing had a tea with tea, resting after meals, and the weather was early. He planned to go to the streets to go shopping, so he ordered the shop to lock the door and slowly out of the shop. This Zhendian market is not large. Yang Hua has only walked for half an hour, and he has gone, and he has returned. Suddenly, there were two majestic men behind him, holding wooden crickets, picking luggage, and walking. The pace was fast, and in a blink of an eye, it had come to Yang Hua. The two men were all short -dresses, wearing a blue cloth trousers, but they were brand new, wrapped their legs, sand shoes, and short, and they went into Juxing Inn.

Yang Hua was eliminated after meals and walked very slowly. He came slowly and went to the store. Yang Hua was surprised and took a few steps. When I saw it inside, it turned out that the two guests and shop guys who had just met. The two were aggressive, and they said that the store bullied him as a foreign country. His buds and Mr. Si, and guests in the store came out to persuade. After listening to it for a long time, Yang Hua understood that the two people had to find the No. 6 West Interior Court of Juxing Inn. The store told him: “No. 6 has no such person.” The two did not believe, and said, “We are not fighting. But we are looking for Huang’s account, what do you do to conceal him?” The guest who lived on the 6th had already been Lock the door out. These two are more suspicious, and they have to open the door for him to take a look. The two people said, “We are not taking him, but after seeing it, the people in your shop just follow me. As long Slide. “

Of course, the store did not dare to open the door of the guests. He was making trouble. Suddenly he heard a cough and his voice was loud. Yang Hua looked back and saw a Taoist from the store. He was about sixty years old. His hair was as dark as ink. In the mouth of the nose, a thick sturdy was covered with the chest, and the two temples were raised, revealing a resolute gas from the eyebrows. Wearing a blue path, the green collar, the waist tied the apricot yellow silk, the lantern ears of the two -foot long lantern, the white socks and snow shoes, the knee protective, carrying a sword with a yellow cloth, but walking calmly with the yellow cloth set, walking calmly, walking calmly. Come to the hospital.

At the first sight of the shop, the Taoist came in, and said, “Okay, okay, don’t make trouble for guests, isn’t this the guest who lived on the Sixth? Do you see that people are wooden merchants? We have no injustice. “The two people looked at each other and glanced at each other, and looked forward to each other:” Cough, you really don’t live in Huang Laocai, but we are blind. . I only hid us when Huang Lao was hiding. Since Huang Lao was not here, I went to touch him elsewhere. This is too bad to hide, do you actually hid? Hey. “The two murmured and walked away. The man’s eyes flickered, looked up at the two, smiled slightly, raised his hand and asked: “The two of them walked slowly, what was it?” . “Taoist picked his eyebrows:” Find the wrong person? What are the same related to the 6th No. 6? The owner please come back. “The two guests did not even return, leaving the store, and hurriedly went to go and hurried to go. It’s right.

The Taoist turned around. Seeing Yang Hua, he looked at it, then turned back to visit the back of the second guest. He turned around and asked the shop to open the door. He still asked the second guest why he was noisy. The shop guys said: “He surnamed 6 Huang. We said that there was no surname Huang, and No. 6 lived in a Taoist grandfather. They did not believe it, saying that Huang was hiding, we hid him. When the old one came back, he was naturally not suspicious, but it was nothing. “

The Taoist listened, snorted, and swept away, so he ordered the store to light up, and there was no need to start to surprise. The Taoist covered the door, and then relieved the sword behind him. The robe also took off, meditating on his knees on the bed, closed his eyes and kept his eyes, and put the sword on hand.

On that side, Yu Yan pole Yang Hua looked at it for a while, and returned to the room to rest. After the second more, Yang Hua took off his long clothes, only wearing small clothes, lying on the bed, and gradually fell asleep. I didn’t know when I was sleeping, and suddenly I was shocked, Yang Hua turned over and sat up; at the side of the ears, the room rang, followed by a break, “The mouse was bold, and my mountain people were waiting for you! “The voice was flushed, it was the accent of the man. Yang Hua suddenly remembered, and suddenly he realized: “Oh, yes, let’s take a look.” He hurriedly jumped out of bed, opened the door and walked out. Suddenly, he thought, “Slowly, how can I be so modified! “Pull out the knife whip from under the pillow, touch the slingshot of the slingshot in the black shadow, rush to wear, gently open the door, and quickly vertical. There is no movement in the store.” Yang Hua hurriedly grabbed the No. 6 of the Western Council. Yang Hua took a glimpse of the window. Sure enough, the room was like a bean, and the man was already full of swords. Yang Hua retreated, took care of it all sides, rushed to the roof, and looked out. I saw a tall dark shadow, like an arrow to east. He watched it even more, and he saw the extremely eastward head, and it was slim, and there was a figure. These two black shadows, one after the other, rushed to the end, in a blink of an eye, did not enter the night of the night. The juvenile Yang Hua’s bow whip also immediately launched a flight and followed. It is three more.

It turned out that the tall black shadow chased behind this was not others. It was the guest of the No. 6 room. The two walking passengers who were looking for the wrong person during the day have attracted a lot of attention. In fact, people in the hotel come and go, inquire about people, and find the wrong affairs. It is often in the store. But the four eyes of the two were a bit weird: the two people were beside him, his eyes were so sharp, and when he saw a dust, he showed a timid look. The hurried away and seemed to be more suspicious. And the people of Yichen have clearly seen that all the two are martial arts. Yichen people calmly, entered the store, and clenched their eyes closed. The heart is quiet, in the room, the spirit has long been taken care of outside.

After waiting for the three more, I suddenly heard a slight noise on the room. A man took a sword on his hand, drank it, and immediately jumped out of the window from the bedside, turning the window to plunder the room. He stood on the roof and looked at it. When he saw a few feet, a night pedestrian was black, and his backblade had been inserted from the western cross -hospital room to Yang Hua’s stay on the Beizheng room; and from the North On the main room, the wall of the neighboring courtyard was rushed to the streets from the wall, and the body was extremely strong. Yichen Taoist twisted his hands, and his eyebrows wrinkled slightly: “Well, what is this?” Looking down, he saw the man jumping to the street heart and ran east without looking back. Yichen Taohito: “Isn’t this the two people in the day, is it the night walker?” Then then he came to the street heart, pinched his lips, and gently whistled. That night pedestrian stopped slightly, as if ignored, still walking through the streets and went straight to the northeast. The people of Yichen felt strange and said, “What exactly is this? Could it be to do the case here? … or chased it down.” He immediately stabilized the sword behind him, and his waist was tight tight , A cat’s waist, also performed the night line, such as the arrow off the string, followed by followed.

That night pedestrians can also be, all the way to walk all the way out of four or five miles. I saw the man left the market and rushed to a small village in front. The people of Yichen do not leave, and they thought about it: “It is a strange thing! There are few people in this small village, and there is no rich home. How can you take care of this person like this person?” He thought about it, and only for a moment, the night pedestrian had entered the village entrance. The village house is too sparse, and there is only a belonging to the village at the mouth of the village. The people of Yichen had to peek at this person’s movement, and they hidden in Zhutang without tracking. I didn’t want to stop in the village. As if a slight inspection, they rolled over to the village.

Yichen people laughed: “This thief must not step on the market, he must come out to collide. I want to see him, let the town go without leaving, just patronize this desert village, what is it?” Yichen Dao’s personal law Quickly flew out, walking around the village, and stepped on it before and after. Suddenly, this thief changed his direction again, and he ran northwest. This time, the man’s body was faster than that, and even a dusty man came back, and then looking for the trace of the thief, it was gone. The people of Yichen couldn’t help but lose myself: “Fortunately, I am a boring pastime. If I have to follow him, I only lose people in this district, and it is a big joke.” Yichen Taoism is fortunate. Only the trace of this thief will be relieved. Then he looked at the four sides, chose a center of the place, and gently put on the hat, and he held his eyes on it and looked at it from a distance. The night is heavy and the autumn wind is slightly swaying. Only two or three arrows north of the north, the shadow is dense, and it is the willow forest. Yichen thought: “Could this thief pass through the forest, have you slipped? But I don’t believe that he will take off my eyes.” He was watching, and suddenly he heard a delicate call for help. Burned. The night quiet sound, clearly hearing the word “life -saving”.

Yichen Tao people are unknowingly stunned! The sound of looking down in the hurry, this voice was near, and it came out from a lonely bamboo cottage in the west. The small window, the lights flickered. Yichen Road is humane: “This light has not just now.” Listening to the sideways, there was a crying sound of the woman’s fear, mixed with the sound of a middle -aged man. Yichen Road: “Not good, this must be …” Suddenly, the tender voice raised, shouting “There are thieves, killing! Help”!

The people of Yichen were furious and flew into the ground in a hurry, soaring like Feiyan to the cottage like Feiyan. Three huts, a piece of bamboo fence, a man who really remembers the survey of it just now, and there was no light at first; at this time, the lights flashed, and a high -tech shadow was revealed on the small window. Yichen Dao’s humanity: “Yes.” Gently jumping over the bamboo fence, and it was true that there was a crying woman in the house and heard: “Grandpa Han Grandpa’s life! What are you; just ask you to grow up and spare me! “After listening to the sound of” wow “, a rough man’s tone, making a strange laughter, saying,” Little baby, what I want is you! That thing, uncle, I am not rare. Tell you, you met me, this is your cheap. Uncle, as long as you want your life, do n’t want your life; Happy and happy all night, the uncle not only does not want your money, I also give you a pair of gold bracelets. Come on, baby, Ma Ma, don’t be shy. ” With one sound, it seemed like a tent. The man made a snoring hum, but the woman screamed and shouted, “Help!” You? “The tone is getting more and more unpleasant, the woman gasped and mourned. The voice was low, and it seemed to be shocked by the flames, and it seemed to block his mouth. Between the bed, the unpleasant squeak.

The people of the Dust Dudo rushed into the crown and looked at the window slightly, but saw the three hats with a dark two bright and dark rooms. A dark room was raised, and a high smoke flame had been raised. The old box of the broken table is a poor family. The rear windows are high, and there is an old bamboo bed on the wall. There are shabby mosquito nets on the bed. I do n’t know how many years have been smoked for grayish yellow, and there are several holes in several places. The tent curtain was drooping, but it hung high. There is a young woman with a red lip noodle in the bed, covering a blue scarf, a slightly open -minded, and the lamp shadow seems to be beautiful. She held a half -new red clip with both hands, wrapped her lower body tightly, only revealing two small feet, wearing a big red soft bottom sleeping shoes, and tremblingly struggling with the man. The man stood in front of the bed and turned his head in his head, and could not see his face clearly. In the lantern, but he saw the black silk Baotou, he was leaning in a cyan night, wrapped his legs, and his back was shaking a steel knife. Looking at the person who was thin and long, but not like Yichen’s chasing, he smiled, stretched out one hand to catch the woman’s chest, and grabbed the woman’s feet with the other hand, as if going to the bedside. drag. In the end, the woman was weak, but she was pressed down the bedside. She just kicked a pair of feet and screamed in the mouth, but she couldn’t breathe, and changed from scary to scolding. You kill me! “You shouted again:” Killing, help! “

The man seemed to be afraid of hearing, glanced out of the window, and fought back and sought out his knife. Holding a knife with one hand, a hand -to -hand’s throat, scolding in his mouth: “Xiao Nizi, find death! I teach you to be happy.” The woman suddenly stopped and seemed to lose the power of resistance, and the man pulled off the woman to hide it. The quilt. At this moment of this moment, the Thunderbolt of the Dust Tao also shouted: “The evil thieves dare to pick the flowers, see my sword cut your dog’s head!” Suddenly, a while, the horn handle “啷 啷” sounded “啷 啷” , Cold Sword Out of Sheath. Seeing the two doors cover, a man with a duster raised his feet, “嘭”, the door 闩 “

The “broken” broke, and the door fans fluttered to the ground. A dust flew inside.

The thief looked back at a glance, and suddenly handed the knife in the tent. The woman had a miserable voice, and the bamboo bed ranged. ! “Yingmen stabbed towards Yichen Taoist. The thief’s technique was very fast and unexpected. “Poor rejection of the virgin woman, but was poisoned!” Yichen people gritted their teeth and hated anger. When they saw the thief’s sword, they did not hide, and rushed forward. The cold light sword was around, and the two blades were about to support each other; but the thief knew that the thief was obedient. Yichen Tao people sneered, and they were uncomfortable and chased to the bedroom. The curtains of the bedroom door have been torn off by the thieves, a sword, and a sword, shaking the curtain, the wind fluttering, in the bedroom, on the bedside, the woman who refused to rape rolled in the bed, and the tent curtains were half a fall. Foot chaos. One of the people at Yichen only glanced, thinking that this woman must have a knife injury. Yi Chen couldn’t save people, and he took the sword and took the prostitute.

The kinky thief was so fast that he entered the bedroom and had already come out of the window, but put down the opening of the open sash “呱 那”. A man with a flash of eyes flickered. There was a stool in front of this window. It was known that the thief was prepared to enter and exit. The thief must escape from the stool. Yichen Taoist’s feet tamped on the window sill without touching the ground. In order to prevent the thieves, they fell into a hidden wall, sword on the left hand to lift the left hand, stretched the right hand to lift the rear window, “

The sound of the “shouted, pulled the fan and cut down, and cut the fan fan out of the moment. Then I pressed the window hole and explored it out. Sure enough, I heard the crush outside:” It’s so miscellaneous! ” “Brushing”, hitting a thing from the oblique thorns, a lot of people visioned. A long time I knew that the thief had this, and only a slight face, and then gave the hidden weapon. This hidden weapon passed. One press, when it was waiting for the situation, I didn’t want the hidden weapon outside the window to go from the opposite side, from the side, like the rain point like two roads. Under the window sill, the bottom of the wall, a sharp knife flashed, and tied up. But he was not panicked, flashed through the hidden weapon, swords to his right hand early, swept down, and “噌” cut the blade of the thief.

At this time, the bedside of the bed suddenly sounded, and the people’s eyes were in front of them, listening to the ears, and suddenly felt that the situation in the back was wrong.

But seeing the young woman who was dirty and injured by the thief and the injury to the injury, suddenly rose from the bedside and was shaken by the cover of the cover. Standing up immediately, it was not that she didn’t wear clothes, but it was not unavailable in the whole body. The waist is a green ribbon, the leopard skin of the shoulder, and the left hand draws a bright knife from the bottom. I took a red leather sleeve in my right hand, pinched a thing in my leather gloves, and my teeth bite, and suddenly I fought to the people. The bucket room was small, attacking front and back, and it was an accident. A lot of humanity screamed: “Not good!” Suddenly turned over and rushed from the window sill to the corner of the corner. Where can I do? The young woman was hit, and the man was caught off guard. She had no waiting to land, and it flashed in the air. Because it is a dark device crossing, it is too close to three or five feet.

A man who suddenly realized that he knew a heroic heart, fighting for righteousness, removing prostitutes, and saving virgin women. That woman is the same party of the thief! The woman was so poisonous. I just sent two hidden weapons. The knife was handed in the right hand in the early morning. While a person was cope with it, she stepped into it fiercely. Shang Xitian! “

A person with a cold face looks like iron, anger like a thunder, and hates: “It’s cheap, how can I forgive you!” The ground fell on the ground, and it was a poisonous twister. Immediately, he stepped forward with his right foot. The woman urgently dismissed the knife and planned to use the power of removal to shock the sword of the dust; I did n’t know that Yichen Taoist saw that the woman was very agile, and she could n’t change her. What a powerful sword, stabbing the throat, hanging his shoulders, and “brushing”. The woman shrank down, and the knife also exhibited out. The people of Yichen “stepped on the seven -star steps”, in the place where the abbot was not enough, slipped back from the left foot, the sleeves of the cheese sleeves of the left arm were full of wind, the sword turned around, “sprinkled money”, cold light, cold light, cold light, cold light, cold light A flash, the woman dodged again, where can I do? Just listening to the sound of “的”, the knife folded twice, and the cold sword swept again. The woman “Ouch” sounded, feeling that the cold wind on the top of her head passed, the hair of the silk and the hair was cut off, and the blood was on the blood. She was frightened, and the noodles were yellowish. She tried her best to smash a half -cut knife in her hand, rushed out, and shouted in her mouth, “Come on!”

Yichen was even more indifferent. Side the body slightly, gently dial the sword, and hit the woman’s half knife on the ground. Jianfeng exhibited out, “Meteor Hurry the Moon” style, and pierced to the back of the woman. This trick has just been sprinkled, and he listened to the window and drank: “Play!” The ray of cold light, pushed in the window, and rushed straight to the right temple. It was so dusty, he bowed his head forward, the sword flipped up, and “fooled”, hitting a dart off. The surge of the darts was endless and went straight to the top of the window. The woman escaped from the door. A dusty teeth: “Putty thieves, where can I go!” A feet, followed out without hesitation, chased tightly.

At this time, the people of Yichen had felt that the right scapula was suddenly itchy by the burning, and she knew it badly. She had already hit the woman’s poison hidden weapon. The people of Yichen gritted their teeth and hated. If the injuries at this time, you should immediately give up and make the speed of treatment. It was just that he had always been arrogant, and he had been indulgent for decades. The unintentional gap over the ditch was defeated in the hands of a woman. He was not willing to plant the name of injuries and escaped in front of several unknown juniors. He wanted to bid but the female thief, temporarily leaked the hatred of his chest, then relaxed the rest of the thief, waited for the injury to cure, and then sought the rats to settle accounts. Unexpectedly, the thieves were very evil, and settled the poisonous measures that they had killed early.

When Yichen chased the female thief, the female thief couldn’t think of the injury of Yichen. She rushed madly, with her lips, panickedly, and shouted: “Dark Qingzi fed it, the old people hurriedly gathered on him. I am already throwing Qingzi, hanging the lottery!” For decades old rivers and lakes, what lips do not know? Knowing that this female thief said, “The hidden weapon has hit, and the same party is siege quickly.” He also said that she was “thrown on the blade and was injured.” When a man heard this, he knew that the thieves had a group of party and counted themselves, and became more and more angry. He chased the cold sword, and the rabbit rose fell.

The woman was panicked and fled desperately. A man with a sword and a sword, glamorous, only shadow behind the female thief. The female thief kept snoring whistle and shouted, and her two small feet fled like flying; they ran and pulled out the leopard skin, and fired the poisonous slugs. Can Yichen be able to hold her again? At this time, Yichen was in all directions. Sure enough, the woman came out of the door of the house, and immediately had a man, shouting, and seven verses of whip, intercepted from the door of the door. One of the people flashed with only one sword, a sword, seven verses of whip “Bar”, the five quarters flew on the ground, and there were only two sections left in the thief’s hands. The dust ripped into the crotch, and the man’s “hum” fell straight out of the ground, and fell to the ground. Yichen didn’t even look at it, and only flashed his eyes. Seeing the woman who had rushed to the court. Yichen Taoist was very light, and suddenly he jumped away, surpassing the woman, and blocked the road. This woman looks like a rat, the more scared, the more panicked, the more they can’t run away; the seven or eight poisonous twisters are hit by a dusty sword, which almost hurts herself. The female thief was wrapped in a sword light, and she was so anxious that she wanted to jump the wall to escape, but she didn’t even have a momentum, and she couldn’t stop exhaling.

Although he was wounded, he took a breath, and he still lived like a dragon. The woman screamed sharply and fell back several steps back; her waist flashed and fell to the ground. With a thick eyebrow, the sword wielded the first level of the woman. At this moment, suddenly the wall yelled, “Don’t panic, the thief talked!” Suddenly, the dark rain flew the locust and flew a hidden weapon. The people of Yichen are afraid that these hidden weapons are also poisonous and dare not care about it. The female thief took advantage of this; but her right shoulder had been scratched by the cold sword, and the blood was flowing at the moment, which scared her a dead soul. The two men on the wall released three darts and two sleeve arrows, one made the iron turns, thick back folding iron knife, and the other had a giant ax, which had been flying down and intercepted. The man who made Tieguan scolded: “Miscellaneous, you fight your sword, kill your love, and hate you in the martial arts. Today, the grandfather applies a small plan for the righteousness of the rivers and lakes, You are really fooled by thief. Where is your ghost clever? Tell you to taste the methods of the grandfather, the grandfathers do not take out your wolf heart, dog lungs, and sorry for the death of the dead. ” , And the man with a double ax, to attack the dust.

In the shadow of black, the appearance is unclear, but the gods of the earth are full of light, and they can also distinguish one or two. Although the voice of listening to talk, although the mouth was changed, it was clearly the two short shirts of the person who found a person in the daytime. Yichen knew that there were more than one person who came to the thief party. Although he was injured, he was still not afraid, such as a lion. He roared: “Rats, they are mad, and they have a bold report. Junior. “The two men were about to report the word number, and only listened to the latter Shi Jietian and drank:” One dust thief, your death has arrived! ” Out of that long man, he leaned on his night and inserted a single knife. He was the Tsing Yi man who pretended to pick flowers. At this time, he put a single knife without using it. He changed a forty pound of 齐 镔 镔 他, from behind a dusty man, like Fei to cover it.

All these people have a usual short -selling blade, but they are not used at this time; in order to deal with the cold sword, all three men have changed the heavy blade. It can be seen that these people have worked hard for a long time, and they must put one dust on the ground. What are the origin of these people and how they are with Yichen, and the Dust Taoist is still like the fog of five miles until now. Three people were divided into three ways and attacked. The people of Yichen flickered away and asked: “You have to get revenge on the thief. This is also the duty of a good man, but why do you make this cheap trick? Which one of you is the master, and you can tell the truth. I The mountain people returned you a happy. “

The horizontal eyebrows of the stick scolded: “One dust thief road, you think about it, a person has been killed by you more than ten years ago, and now his heroes are not scattered, come to you! You are a monk! , I must know how to retribute. Today, your retribution is that if you want to escape, it is a delusion. One dust thief, you rely on your cold light sword, cut the blade of the soldier, deceive people, and die in your men’s men. People are not reconciled to death. Now the heavenly road is good, the thief, you can see, the second iron rocker is specially serving you. If you dare to cut it, you will cut it. Here is our grandfather. Several eagle -mouth iron axes, iron iron turning, folding iron and steel knife, you will cut it one by one! Er Tai Ye will cut your dog’s head. According to me, Xie Grandpa bothers, you can hesitate early, Taiye Teach you to avoid much bitterness. “Speaking of the iron rod wave, he hugged his head, and smashed it fiercely. The single -turning and iron ax also swarmed forward.

The words of the thief have been screaming, specially coming for revenge. Between Yichen people’s warehouses suddenly, they still couldn’t figure out the reason and who the enemies were. But seeing these three people was brutal, his wrists were spicy. A man with a eyebrows picked up, and his anger was soaring, but he tried to hold down. He sneered, shot open, and pointed with a sword, and laughed: “The thief lives! You calculate me for revenge, finally you have a mind, and you can feel the original. I am not annoyed, but you and the shameless thief, pretend to be a hero who uses flowers to teach the heroes on the rivers and lakes, and since then, you dare not rescue the martyr’s virgin. Senior, what do you think of the mountain? You can do your best. The junior, teach you to try the greatness of the mountain people! “Yi Chen’s words were not finished, then the thief who made the stick scolded early:” Damn the mixed hair, you still dream, who wants to scare? … ” In the “”, I was unwilling, and the iron stick smashed.

The people of Yichen did not dare to pick up the sword, but only slightly on the side, just let the stick wind. Immediately “white cranes bright wings”, drew sword tactics on the left hand, and one point left, and the right hand sword also exhibited with it. Qiuguang Shuo, to go straight to the thief’s weakness. The swordsmanship of Yichen Dao was strange. It seemed to be slow and realistic. Make the stick of the thief unable to dodge, hurriedly withdraw his left leg, and the stick of his right hand had fallen empty. He quickly reflected back, sitting at the end of the stick, raising the stick, and fiercely collapsed to Yichen’s cold sword. He pointed out that the iron stick was over the cold sword. Yichen accepted the trick, and the thieves avoided the sword. A popular Nadanta field, the gods of the gods, a sword -headed sword -leading sword, using “back to the step”, “Kobaya grabbing rabbit”, and the cold sword slashed down. The thief took a hurry and retracted, a defeat, but Han Guangjian couldn’t tolerate him. With a “scoop”, the sword tip was scratched from the left shoulder behind the enemy to the right rib. The thief desperately rushed out. Yichen Taoist had the opportunity to kill, leaving no room, and the sword in the palm of the palm passed out, trying to stand under the sword. But fiercely felt that a cold wind behind him, a snorted, had already been guarded, and did not remove the move. He quickly slipped his right foot and turned half -turned body. It was the two thieves that made the iron knife and the eagle mouth ax. Their secrets were all empty. However, this saved the life of the thief. The thief who made the stick had a long stagnation, and the blood flowed out. The two thieves of the sword immediately stunned the ax and grabbed the enemy.

The case gradually felt that the right arm was not good. He bite his teeth and suddenly gave the sword on his left hand and rushed back. The secret of his independence, the thirty -six Tianya sword, the 72 swords of the backhand, Huo Ran showed it, and it was like a shock. The left -handed sword was particularly powerful and difficult to fight. The two thieves struggled to attack like a horse lantern. Under the anger of a man, Han Guangjian was like a move. Just now it was the victory of the jealous and evil heart, and I was accidentally calculated by accident; at this time it was the feelings of annihilation and wounds. Han Guangjian became more and more poisonous. For the sake, anti -customers are the main. The thief’s moves came, Yichen Taoist could not hide, and the rapidness of his body, walking first, Jianfeng turned around, every time he was extremely dangerous, the gap cut off the enemy’s wrist of the enemy’s blade. The points that the enemy must be saved must be rescued, and the enemy has to withdraw from the recruitment. In this case, the two thieves were circled into the sword light, and they could not be fighting or attack. Suddenly, Yichen used the “backhand stabbing”, and the left hand sword hurt the right -handed person who made the iron -turning person hurt. The thief of the ax hurriedly blocked. The thief was brave, although he was created behind him, but he refused to stop. He only wrapped wrapped wrap, and the sticks hit the twice. Yichen people turned around and greeted. The Tieguan thief also tied the wound of the right, scolding and rushing up, and the three people rushed around with a whirlwind.

A man with a sword of a sword, a sword of the three pirates. In a moment, the thirty -six Tianya swords only performed six or seven tricks, and they injured the two pirates. There were five people who came to the court, and four men and women were injured. As soon as the thief of the seven verses whip was kicked by a pair of tricks, the thief could not help but be a little daring. The three thief knives slammed up and down, and couldn’t surround the dusty Taoist who was injured and poisoned. Suddenly, the woman who was cut off and the middle sword hurt her shoulders, wrapped the injury, and I did not know where to take out an iron rod, crying to the group thieves, “Jin Sheng, Jincai, you can sell murder and kill! Xiao Dou can teach the thief to kick, do you the second division’s uncle promise you? “The thief who made the ax screamed angrily:” Don’t worry, the thief is not good at the enemy, we will kill him alive! It’s time, and the eyes of the medicine will happen. “While saying that on the one hand, he was stubborn, and he was fighting far away, and he scolded:” One dust thief, you can make your life! Master, you can’t beat you, you can’t consume it, you can’t consume it.你么?太爷们打定主意,今夜跟你打一通宵.嘿嘿,现在让你逞英雄,半个时辰以后,太爷要看看你原形出现.……师姑,你老人家快过来,咱们四个Wrap him one, don’t really fight with him, stumbling him, and time with him. “

This made the thief of the ax call his cunning tricks. The thief immediately panting, fighting and scolding, and said, “One dust thief, you understand, you want to kill you. Doesn’t it hurt? One dust thief, your poison has already developed, you can’t live. “The female thief also grabbed it, waved his stick, and scolded in his mouth:” One dust thief, tell you, there is nowhere to ask you to discuss it The medicine goes, hurry up. Your sword is dedicated to us early. We can use your sword and dug out your wolf heart dog lung to feed the dog. “

These words stimulated a dust, and the angry flames bumped up in a dusty chest. They couldn’t hold it for a while. Dead, I can’t spare you. Putty, I’ll break you first! “The left hand sword waved, with a feet with a meal, and jumped up out of thin air. The sword has come straight to the female thief. The female thief was shocked and rushed to the stick. A man of a man flashed, and the “Golden Bee Play Rui” stabbed to “Hua Gai Point”. The female thief was panicked and turned around and ran. The people of Yichen chased away, and the Tsing Yi thief of the stick was critical at first sight, and he was busy looking at the dust from the back. The two poultry of the sword ax was gone to catch up on both sides. They did not make an appointment, each took out the hidden weapon, and fought behind Yichen. One dust flashed, the three thieves embraced, and the iron rods, steel knives, turbulence, and iron axes in each waved were not attacked. The female thief had run away, stood up, relieved, and joined the battlefield again. The long -body Qingyi thief of the iron rod scolded him very coldly: “One dust thief, tonight is your death, you are quasi -death! Let’s understand, you have a little bit early, you don’t have to earn your life. Leg, just don’t let you go! “

One dust and two eyes were open, anger was like a torch, and the throat of the thunderbolt scolded: “I kill you first.” I changed my left hand sword, rushing up like a whirlwind, and the long -body Tsing Yi thieves hurriedly stood up and slightly slightly thickened. Starting, rushing over and running. One dust chased the sword, and the footsteps were very fast. The second king and the female thief who turned the ax were also panicked in three ways, chasing the dust from then. After chasing and scolding, the blade couldn’t catch up, and hit it with a hidden weapon. A man in the dust turned around, but the male thief of Tsing Yi stood away from a distance, relieved, and joined the battlefield with his stick. The words are annoying, and this group of strong thieves should be used to make a poisonous plan, which must make the “tug -of -type” combat method and live the energy of exhausting the dust alive, and wait for him to die and die. From time to time, they used extremely brutal and extremely ridiculous words, stimulating the emotions of the dust, and shaking his calm mind.

This trick only performed four back and forth, and the people of Yichen couldn’t help but hit a chill, and sighed in surprise: “Oh, I will rest!” When I paused, the right scapula changed from hemp itching to a fierce burning pain, like burning. The red thorns poked around at a time, pulling half of his body, as for Venus. He was chaotic, suddenly defeated, and glanced at him in a hurry, thinking: “How can I be able to schedule the thief? Although the injury is heavy, although the poison is severe, if he wants to earn his life, he will be very fast or difficult. “He sighed, so he had to cut a sword to the thief.

The thief laughed out of the rush: “One dust thief, did you kill me, are you willing?” Yichen anger rose again, and rushed back to kill, and the thief suddenly scattered again. At this point, I couldn’t support it. I rushed out and turned away.

The thief chased closely, scolding ugliness for a while. The female thief cursed: “You can escape from a dust thief! Yichen Taoist in Shilin Guan, Yunnan, was beaten away by a woman!” Yichen was ashamed and had to listen and rushed away. The group thief was angry, but changed his words: “Hurry up on your shoulders, ahi thief can’t do it! Scold him, he still runs. He must be able to support it. In the past, he picked his scoop. Who cut off his dog’s head, who had his sword. “The female thief scolded deliberately:” This thief’s dog head is chopped, the sword is mine, you don’t allow you to fight. “They deliberately deliberately. Stiring his sword, he looked at Yichen as dead. Yi Chen was fighting all over, and he couldn’t help but get back, and the thieves scattered again. Yichen Taoist sighed: “Unexpectedly, I was so righteous that I was so righteous that I was so dead!” I had to struggle to escape.

This group of thieves seeing Yichen is really excited, knowing it is time, and they are happy. Suddenly, he whistled, and he desperately chased over, and started his whole body skills, surrounding the dust. The people of Yichen were poisonous, and the eyes were swollen. He bit his teeth tightly and rushed bravely. At this point, the thief was even more unsatisfactory and tightly fixed Yichen. Three male thieves, a female thief, iron stick, iron ax, iron turning, iron thick back knife, around the head around, pinching a dust. The sweat on the head of the dust gradually came out, the right scapula was injured, and he had a half -body battle. The man of Yichen screamed, his voice was like a cracked, and scolded: “Evil thief! My mountain people can’t think of the hands of mourning rats, and I don’t teach you to go back well.” Suddenly the sword method exhibited, and he tried hard to make a rush, which made that made it made it. Tsing Yi thief was waiting for the fight, but unexpectedly, a man’s sword was all available! It was surprised that the stick was surprised, knowing that Yichen was desperate, and couldn’t help but frightened. Yichen rushed out of the siege and hurriedly defeated. The thief whistled and caught up again.

Yichen escaped the bamboo fence and rushed to the jungle behind the house. Suddenly, in front of the jungle, in front of the jungle, the figure flashed, and the face was intercepted. Yichen shook his head and said, “Dead!” In the suddenly, he wanted to take the sword and seize the way. The thief behind him had arrived and scolded: “One dust thief, you will run into the woods, and the grandfather will slaughter you! You fled back to the store, and the grandfather would pick your scoop! ” One dust bite his teeth, wielding his sword again, suddenly listening to the forest, shouting: “Cough, a group of shameless evil thieves, leaning on a lot of victory, killing all the beads, watching me!”

People who intercepted from Nailin had rushed to the ground like flying. He let Yidichen start with the beads, the ring of the bow string, and the bud, like a sudden rain to fly locusts, hit the thieves directly. In this way, there was a big accident. The thieves scolded up rush, but they couldn’t even play the ping -pong ping -pong. In instant, the group thieves with long -term combat power were injured by two people.

The Tsing Yi thief who made the stick waved: “Where did the rats come from? Dare to destroy Taiye’s major events. Tai Ye and this dust thief, with the deep hatred of more than ten years, it is easy to find him today and meet you. This little boy is too much! … “Before the words, the beads bounced again, making the thief of the stick screamed madly, and scolded:” The juniors leave the name! “The man who made the slingshot sneered: “A group of shameless evil thieves, the four of you killed a monk, do you still have a face to speak to me? Taiye does not change his name, do not change his surname …” I was waiting to register, and I heard a deep and miserable saying: ” Hey, this strong man should leave the name, don’t go to them. Good wicked thief, you look for me to revenge, you have to complain with the people who are unhappy with others! Good vicious thief, watch the sword! “

A man of a man breathed a little, and immediately rushed to the sword. Han Guangjian took the close, and the beads played far away. The three men and one woman and four strong thieves still thought about it. When they couldn’t play the law, everyone was injured, whistle, and hurriedly turned to escape. After chasing a sword, only a few steps chased, and then stopped on the wall. The strong man who made the slingshot bounced his hands into the pocket, whipped the bow, and wanted to catch up, only listening to a stun: “Can’t catch it! Come back!” – This strong man is not another, it is Yang magnificent.