Seven -point tight jeans, with high -heeled sandals, girls who are not afraid of cold in winter


Many people expect their lives to be a bit different. To show simple atmosphere, and have their own fashionable charm, girls who will match them are simple. They have formed their own style of matching. Try, just like their favorite colors, they will also try to make their lives a little different taste. Every time I meet a fashionable girl shopping, I will envy her bold dress. Essence


In winter, the girls who go out are much less, because they feel cold, difficult to match, will look bloated when wearing too much, and it will feel a little cold when wearing less, so the number of outbound times has also decreased. Many, when you go out at this season, you have to match themselves with delicate girls. They are worth learning from you to learn, so you need to look at others to wear more in winter. Life has become more exciting.


This beauty is a little afraid of cold. Choose a tight -fitting jeans with seven -point tight -fitting jeans. The knee also has a hole in the knee. The pants and feet are also a hairy and asymmetric style. It is particularly tall, but it is very good at it. I also know how to set off myself. A black shirt with a black shirt and the placket on one side are in jeans. This will appear good. The thin effect is also good.


Wearing a pair of yellow pointed heels under your feet, 6 cm of fine heels, set off your body, and the effect of leaning and thinning is also very good. There are also shoelaces on your feet. With a simple style, we can see that the girl is really afraid of cold in winter when wearing it in winter. In fact, this is related to physical fitness. Some people are not afraid of cold. Some people will be chills. With style, so there is no need to match like this.

A rice -white style, open -minded, is to better display the inside. The matching of the trench coat will look good. The clothes to the calf position also have a very good and thin effect. In fact, it is not difficult, but under the embellishment of a trench coat, it is more refined and wears their own fashion style. For girls who love beauty, they will pay more attention to their own wear, to wear a sense of layering, and they cannot look bloated. If you are not afraid of Cold, you can match less. In fact, you can also choose a long down jacket, which will have a different style display.