It’s the season of short boots! European and American actresses demonstrate the long leg length, and it is very fashionable to wear according to it


The weather is getting colder. In addition to the clothes in the wardrobe, the shoe cabinet should also change the season together! Finally, it is officially reached the season when you can wear short boots. Whether it is flat boots, military boots, handsome high -heeled boots, a pair of short boots can help you change all kinds of shapes, becoming a must -have item in many girls’ shoe cabinets, but how to wear short boots How can you avoid appearing short legs? Today, ELLE takes notes to take a look at Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Emma Roberts and other European and American actors and supermodels and supermodels. Let’s learn fashionable short boots from their styling!

Gigi Hadid


Gigi Hadid, who always captures the major wearing notes, has always been a reference indicator for fashion, and her various short boots are worth taking notes! The eight -hole boots of the white hat T and Burberry sports style trousers are well received by everyone’s favorite Dr. Martens Martin shoes, showing a neutral casual style.


In addition to the relaxed sports style suitable for wearing Martin short boots, the slightly formal suit jacket and Martin’s shoes are not contrary to harmony at all! It can be officially leisure. This autumn and winter can really come to a pair of all -round military style black boots.

Gigi Hadid is wearing a tannin jacket with a waist and a nanny tannin trousers. It uses a low -key dark denim style to show the super bright red short boots, so that the boots will be the main focus of wear, and then with the same color system Handbags, super fashionable! Girls who want to try bright short boots are about to learn.

Gigi Hadid, who puts on the wine red pressure -stressed short boots, seems to be more handsome! With the retro leather stitching jacket with tannin trousers, it is super momentum from head to toe.

Bella Hadid

In addition to Gigi Hadid, her sister Bella Hadid is also a Martin short boots enthusiast. It seems to have a super spicy short version of the khaki suit, which seems to have a work style.


Pink purple that gives people a girl can also mix and match with military boots! Intersection The beautiful and soft hue always gives people a fairy -like feeling, but this suit jacket on Bella Hadid has a tough shoulder -pad design, and the lapel part is very neat. The sense of capable of being capable, so it is also suitable for the boy’s boyish black military boots. Finally, with a baseball cap and jeans, there is a mix and match personality on the street.

Kaia Gerber

Star second -generation supermodel Kaia Gerber uses romantic floral ocean premiums with simple black short boots. The two seemingly conflict products are actually suitable, and it looks more personalized!


Kate bosworth

Maple leaf red is a must -have in autumn and winter! The well -known actress Kate Bosworth is wearing a beautiful orange -red printed dress, with a chloe maple red rough boot with socks and boots, mixing and matching the overall shape with the same color accessories, and walking on the street without looking at it. Disaster!


Irina Shayk


Russian supermodel Irina Shayk is wearing a short dress with a red -bottomed white dot, a neutral black jacket and thick black short boots, handsome and cute. In addition, girls who are afraid of wearing or short skirts can also be easy to light, and they can also put a bicycle pants that are now super popular in the skirt like Irina Shayk. Pants can usually be worn alone, and you can take it out when wearing a dress or skirt. Put on!


If you can’t think of inspiration in autumn and winter, just use sweaters and short skirts and short boots like Irina Shayk! Girls with pear -shaped figure or the upper half of the fat thighs can choose A -line skirts to modify the figure, and at the same time make the waist show.


Irina Shayk is also wearing a suit jacket with a shoulder -pad design. It is the same low -key black as short boots. It feels more mature than just lavender purple suit jackets. It can be used with shorts to make the slender legs appear. Sexy!

Elsa Hosk


Victoria’s supermodel ELSA HOSK uses denim shorts with black short boots, and the proportion of figure looks super good! It is sexy and personalized with a unintentional leather jacket on the outside!

Elizabeth olsen

Elizabeth Olsen, a “Crimson Witch” with a super good figure and tasteful, is also inspired by many girls who can wear them with private clothes. With a suit jacket with red -brown personal leather pants, a pair of black pointed short boots, using simple and medium nature The color matching, the handsome feeling of wearing autumn and winter!


Emma roberts

Emma Roberts is wearing soil yellow pointed short boots with the same color as knitted jacket. The pointed part has the effect of slimming, making the legs look longer and thin. leg!


If you love the characteristics of pointed short boots, then you will love the super thin black pointed short boots! Emma Roberts appears on the street with a casual T-Shirt with Danning trousers. The black pointed short boots on the feet not only slim, but also make the casual wear not too casual.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger, which is also a fashionable student, has a retro hippie feeling, feminine long -sleeved printed shirt, with a neutral plaid vest set, and the rigidity ratio is just right. Red -brown short boots, playful and sweet.


Text / by Afra Ding and Karlie Su Photo / Dazhi

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