There are many low -level mosquitoes. What kind of screens choose are safe and anti -mosquito?


Nowadays, most buildings will choose to leave the open space under the building to build a green belt under the building, and the flowers and trees are lush. In this environment, it is more likely to breed mosquitoes. In this case, what kind of screens should low -rise users choose is safe and defensive. What about mosquitoes?

Xiaobian recommends choosing the diamond screen screen to take into account safety and mosquito prevention.

From a security perspective

Vajrayana screens use high -strength 304 stainless steel window screens. This kind of screen window has a large hardness. Whether it is a knife or preventing mice from destroying the screen window, it has a good effect. On the other hand, high -quality diamond screens generally have the effect of anti -falling. This role has a good protective effect on children with children or pets in the family. The last point is that it is more important for low -level users, which is to pay attention to anti -theft. Vajrayana screens are difficult to destroy it with external forces, even if it is used with pliers, it is difficult to clamp it. For low -level users, it is a very suitable gauze material.

From the perspective of mosquito prevention


The effect of diamond screens in anti -mosquito anti -mosquito is also great. Today’s Vajra screens also have many types of specifications and thickness of silk mesh. Customers can buy according to their needs. The long service life of King is generally just cleaning regularly, and with the advancement of the current technology, the diamond screen window is not available in windproofing while taking into account the windproof. It can be described as the first choice for low -level decoration.


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