Lighter and versatile than down jackets! This year, “cotton cotton” is on fire, teach you how to control


2020 is going to pass, the most popular cotton style this winter

Don’t you know yet?

Today, I will take stock of these fashion cotton clothes for everyone, and

Teach you how to control it!


That is, after adding different thick fillers between the two fabrics, the process technique of sewing it up and down with a long needle is used to make the inside

Cotton filler fixation


The most common is the traditional down jackets and the bedding of our families. They all use this technique.

And this year’s fire cotton clothes, also

It’s not justified.

Most of the traditional cotton clothes have a commonality, that is, too thick, and it looks too bloated to wear. and

These problems that happen to be avoided by cotton clothes.


Irregular lines on the cotton clothing, so that the cotton clothing


Cotton wool is fixed closer

, Visually,


The sense of quantity and volume contraction

A lot of it,

More light and versatile,

And also produced a rich transformation

The effect of stereo patterns.

@Tina_ Yuanzi

This is simply

Practical and beautiful coexistence

A fashion item!

However, before, a friend said privately. I said that this kind of cotton clothing is not easy to control.

There are fans asked, how can I not answer? Let me talk about it next

How do ordinary people wear cotton cotton out of fashion?

The more popular styles on the market are the following models.

I will talk about these models first

Which is suitable for everyone to wear! Then come to summarize how to wear it!

After all, the choice of a piece of clothes starts in our wear effect

critical use


, So let’s watch it patiently ~

“First of all, we are looking at the degree of” density of stitching “.

The style with too dense stitching lines is easier to show older,

It is more difficult to control compared to ordinary girls and looks.

Large -area small and dense diamond -shaped plaids will make us

Visual fatigue


Excessive decoration


Instead, the effect of thinness and lightness is not so obvious.

The style of the large rhombus grid is very friendly for ordinary amateur.


Overall makes us wear

More generous and natural


And the style also

It is lighter than traditional down jackets and not bloated.


Achieve a thin effect.

If you want to choose short models, the same is true!

Traditional down jackets are also the same,

The suture with large intervals will be more fashionable, generous, and better.

颜 Then we look at the “color”.

High saturation and low lightness, in popular terms

Deep color,

With diamond -shaped checkered or checkered, it will look old -fashioned.

This style of cotton clothes I recommend choosing some more secure colors,

The three neutral colors of black and white and gray are definitely not wrong.

If you think these three colors are too ordinary and inadequate, then you must try the color below.


Uncle, no restrictions on age skin color,

Suitable for everyone to wear


; Low -key but not losing fashion,

It is also suitable for various occasions.


“Finally, we look at his” material “.

I suggest you choose


Matte texture


of. This reflective fabric is still calculated, it is difficult to control, and it will have a sense of cheapness when wearing it.




in conclusion:

“Slim cotton clothing” is recommended to choose a large diamond -shaped lattice, besy patella, matte cotton clothing.

Then I will take a look at the various ways of wearing “cotton clothes”!


▶▶ With jeans

“Light cotton clothing” lightweight, with jeans, overall capable and advanced!

You can choose a sweater or

Solid color consecutive sweater

As you can, shoes are best echoed the color of our cotton clothes.

The overall match will be more coordinated!

If you choose a dark cotton suit, you can pair it with a pair of black boots. The overall style is handsome and stingy!


▶oft skirt

The cotton jacket is the most suitable for cotton jacket with the skirt.

Because it has a weak sense of magnitude, with a skirt, plus

The waist effect of the belt

Overall wear is very feminine, gentle ladies!

Not bloated.

▶▶ With straight pants

With straight pants, it is very suitable for the workplace.

The overall style is relatively low -key, but without losing fashion.

It will be more gentle with light -colored straight pants, and black wide -leg pants will be more serious. You can match it according to your favorite style.

Light -colored short down jacket with dark pants,

The sense of layering is strengthened to optimize the body proportion

It is also a good match!

▶▶ Stacking and matching

Some friends must think that this style is too light and not frozen enough. Then you must learn this method!

Put “stitch cotton” in the coat.

This dual -warm way of warmth can be left across the Antarctic, keeping warm


We can choose

The color difference is large

Two colors are stacked.

This set of wear is not only kept warm,


Wearing a sense of layering

It is also just right!


We can also choose one

Same color coat


Perform stacking. This method is more insurance and is not easy to make mistakes.

Pay attention to the middle and long sewing cotton clothes,

In addition to the sense of internal and external layers, it is also necessary to emphasize the sense of upper and lower levels.

The length of the cotton and coats must be high, so as to be more fashionable.

In addition to the middle and long cotton clothing, you can wear it, and the short cotton cotton clothing is also possible!

讲 Summary: The main talk about today

How do ordinary people choose “cotton clothes” that suits them;

How to wear a cotton clothes to wear a sense of fashion.

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, And then digest it slowly ~


Learn to wear and become fashionable. It has never been a thing that happened overnight. He has to polish through a lot of knowledge, and the application of these knowledge in your wear, these are in place, and your temperament, vision, and taste will naturally improve.

I am focusing on

Let every ordinary woman find the style suitable for themselves, so as to become beautiful

Clothing matchmaker.

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