Putting on the children’s bed, don’t ignore the design of the bedside, the designer shares 6 kinds, practical and good -looking


What has always been emphasized is the decoration of the bedside background wall of the bedroom, but have you considered how to install the bedside of the children’s room on the upper and lower shop?

A: What bed is the bedside on the pavement?

B: There is no distinction between the bedside on the pavement, just use a baffle.

I think most of the owners have never thought about the problem of the bedside of the upper and lower paves. If you are careful, there are many ways to do the bedside and head clothes on the upper and lower beds. Talk to you in detail ~

① Wallboard as the bedside

You can buy finished products up and down, but it is recommended to make or customize it, so that the style can be determined by itself, and the security is more guaranteed. Because the upper and lower shops are special, safety is the most concerned about parents. It is recommended to choose a frame -like upper pavement. At this time, the bedside does not require extra decoration. Paint color, which is conducive to protecting the wall and protecting our safety when sleeping.


Of course, a soft bag can also be treated on the wall plate, so that you will be more comfortable to sit on the bed ~


② Create the bedside


The bedside space is not wasted, and the inner concave niches or multi -layer shelf can be installed. Children’s toys or decorations can be stored here. It is very convenient to get it. It also becomes a corner of display. It does not take up space. The children like it very much.


If you want to do the bedside of the object, it is recommended to install the upper and lower pavement by the wall. In this way, it can be achieved without the baffle, otherwise it must be added with an additional baffle.


③ “Window Cave” bedside


On the basis of the first wall board, various styles of window holes, such as rice mice, large round holes, etc., are different in style and fun. If it is not against the wall, in addition to the decorative effect of this window hole, it can also improve the ventilation of the upper and lower paved, and the entire living room environment will change more.


④ Cabinet bedside

A group of wardrobes on the top of the bedside, which is a combination design, so as to create a pavement, and the storage problem will be solved. In addition, the safety of the bedside is guaranteed.

⑤ Divided color wall bedside


Like ordinary bedrooms, you can choose a color separation wall to decorate the bedside. It can be a mountain peak or animation pattern and characters. The decorative effect is not bad.

⑥ Half left empty bedside

The upper and lower beds are installed independently, and half a meter -high bedside shelf is used to use it as a baffle. It is recommended to place a pillow here. The remaining space is left to facilitate ventilation and ventilation. The easiest way to install.


(The picture part is derived from the Internet)