Finally know how charming Bao Lei is, a tight skirt with a short fur jacket, and the temperament of the lady


#What to wear today#



For some matches of skirts, girls have deep matching experiences for dress skirts and some large occasions, but for daily skirts, most of them are biased towards the matching

Ordinary style

There are many skirts in daily matching

Be careful with the match.

Bao Lei’s dress shows a tall figure and shows the temperament of the lady.

Daily skirt

The details and thoughts of the match, this article must be collected.

Skirt’s heart combination

Color system

The eyebrows are not bold to choose the color matching. In the skirt, we can use the gradient color and rendering color matching. To create a overall clothing. Choose

Similar color


One color alone.

Expression of different depths is often suitable for middle -aged girls. The color of cold tones is more suitable. We transition with white.

Blue is the main color

The foundation, the final color is mainly black, occupying the position of the overall skirt.

The effect of the overall presentation is

Gradient color

For the upper part, black is the skirt part.

Bao Lei’s figure was so good. The tight gradient skirt showed a tall shape, and her waist and abdomen didn’t have a little fat. In the part of the skirt, the upper body is tight

Style, the lower body

Black hip skirt

The design and fashion show the advantages of the figure.

In terms of color system, we can also change the whole color, so that there will be color

Sense of richness

From white to green to green to blue, finally ends with black skirts. This combination will be more





The design makes the color visually separate

More vivid

It is also unique to design. The beautiful eyebrows are also a good choice for the gradient color of the fresh and warm color.

Fur coat

Finally know how charming Bao Lei is, a tight skirt with a short fur jacket, there is

Terry of a lady

Essence In daily life, if the eyebrows choose the dress with cautious hips and cooperate with


Often we need a coat to match.

Because there is no coat, this kind of dress is in daily


Too exaggerated,

Middle -aged girls can choose fur -style jackets when they are matched with jackets to increase

Precious and luxurious

The style of the fur, we can choose

Gray tone

s color.


Because inner clothing we choose to use a variety of colors, if we want to make a variety of fusion colors more

Advanced texture

Then we have to choose on the jacket

Calm and calm

We choose on fur jacket

Collarless style

The unattended style will not first become too heavy because of the inflation. Secondly, the expression of the necklace style of the necklace style is not the necklace style.

More excellent,

Often the style of the necklace belongs to the auxiliary style.

If we match lapels

Fur coat

Then the style of the necklace will not be highlighted, but it will give people a more one more way.

In the selection of the necklace style, we can choose the pearl style

Diamond necklace,

The style of the necklace can enhance the style of fur jacket.

In the design of the tight skirt, in addition to the exquisite suspender will make people more bright, if we want to be more mature, we can choose the neckline of the round neck, and


Little fairies, match

Round neckline

It will be more suitable.

Because the round neck is even more

Elegant and dignified

For daily matching

Formal sense

Well, on the choice of the length of the lower body skirt, we can choose the style of the short hip skirt.


The color of the skirt is based on

Black -oriented

In the choice of shoes, we can choose

Red high heels


, Instantly control the bright and beautiful aura.

The fashion atmosphere of the skirt

Red shirt skirt

How to make skirts wear more age reduction without lack of lack

Noble value

In terms of skirts, the eyebrows must be integrated into the small fragrance style and the casual style of the shirt. The small incense style will be more expensive, and then the skirt of the shirt style will be more.


Aging and formal sense.

In the design of some pockets, it will be integrated into the girl’s


In terms of color matching, we choose Zhang Yang and grasp the red color scheme, and the black color matching is outlined at the dressing of the skirt to make the redness of the red




We must choose in the style of the skirt

Hip skirt

The style, the lightly mature style can better match the red and gorgeous style.

Gray skirt

In classic colors, the use of gray is often embodied or matching, because gray is with

Calm and cold

The style, gray uses a solid color system, no matter what age girls, it is easy to match the place.


The style, girls want to wear gray

Mature and cold.


We are going to integrate some blue in the hem to improve


, Use the outline of the blue exquisite lace lines to integrate

Gray calm.

Cute wave dot skirt

How can we wear the skirt sweetly and sweet but not greasy. If you want to wear cuteness, we must use the high -level on the color matching

Minimalist style

, Black and white with the elements of the wave dot, you can easily create

The sense of atmosphere.

In the skirt matching, the upper body we use the design of the large wave dot bubble sleeve to express


In the style, we choose the fine pleated style at the skirt to match the exquisite and small

Black and white wave point


Element, even more

Elegant and girl.

The size of the upper body and the lower body is different, and it also has fashion visually

Stitching style.

Do you still consider how to match the fashionable eyebrows, and collect this article.

Gradient color


s color.